What are Colorbond Gates (Costs & Benefits)

colorbond gates

A Colorbond steel fence is a type of decorative iron fence. Colorbond gates are heavy duty and impact resistant as well as great for security.

Colorbond is a brand of building materials metal. It is produced by hot-dip galvanising zinc-coated steel and then powder coating or painting it with aluminium paint to produce a very shiny and durable, long-lasting finish.

The name “Colorbond” was originally inspired by the popular colour range of roofing available under this brand which includes: grey, black, terracotta, dark green and blue.

Colorbond fencing and gate offers an attractive alternative to traditional materials such as cast iron or wrought iron as it offers superior corrosion resistance as well as improved aesthetic qualities. The flat surface also makes cleaning much easier and offers an occasional wash than other materials such as cast iron which often feature deep crevices that are difficult to clean.

Colorbond fencing is available in square perforated mesh panels with standard heights of 2.0 meters, 3.0 meters and 3.6 meters but can be manufactured to any specific height requirement from 0.8 meter up to 5 meters high if required for security reasons.

How Much does a Colorbond Gate Cost?

The installation site, the service provider you choose, Cost also varies depending on how much welding needs to be done. A Colorbond gate at a standard height of 1.8 metres will cost between $950 and $1,100 to install. With extra features such as hinges, latches or a lock the price could increase up to 30%.

The average gate installation can take 2-3 days with a team of two people putting around 10 hours into it each day. If the gate requires installing from scratch this may take longer but still offer reasonable pricing range than purchasing an existing construction from a retail supplier and then having it installed.

Working Out the Price of Colorbond Gate Installation Can Be Done with This Gate Installation Calculator

The Colorbond Gate Installation services Calculator estimates that for an average Colorbond Gates, 1.8m high x 2.4m wide including hinges and latches would cost AU$1545 to install in Perth, Western Australia for materials only (no additional trades). This example Colorblock gates include standard features but do not include any excavation, cleaning or building required to fit the Colorbond Gates into the opening provided.

The Colorblock Gate Calculator takes into account all costs involved including materials, relevant taxes and labour, as well as square metres per m2 treated area, finished surface area which is used to estimate the total amount of powder coating paint required for Colorbond Fencing.

How Long does It Take to Put Up Colorbond Gates?

The Colorbond steel fencing installation process is simple, quick and easy. Gatepost holes should be dug prior to installation as this will make the Colorbond fence install process faster.

The Colorbond fencing installation process doesn’t take too long to install a Colorbond Gate. Each Colorbond Gate takes approximately half a day to complete from start to finish – including digging groundwork or application of concrete if necessary for your specific location.

Colorbond steel is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of metal fences and gates within the construction industry. The company uses high-strength steel called Zintec which has been annealed or treated with heat during fabrication so that color bond fencing or Colorbond Gates will not rust or corrode. Thereby requiring less maintenance and they come in highly recommended.

Colorbond for gates and fencing has been used extensively throughout Australia capital cities such as Sydney and Canberra because Colorbonds Gate or Colorbonds fence installation process is easy and fast to install.

Even prefabricated gates made out of Colorbonds steel can be installed very quickly and easily. Colorbond steel is available in a wide range of standard colours, but for Colorbonds fence installation, in particular, special powder coatings can be applied to Colorbonds Gate using their UV stable base system which is 200 times thicker than normal paint so the Colorbond fencing or Colorbond gates are exceptionally resistant to chipping or scratching when compared with other metals such as wrought iron fencing.

Is Colorbond Steel Fencing Strong?

Yes, Colorbond steel fences are strong.

Colorbond fence carries with it the strength of steel which is why many people like to use them in their homes when building new fences or replacing old ones.

That will depend on how big your yard is if you need gates and what style you have chosen for your fence. Quality fencing products can give you an indication of how long it would normally take someone to install the size of fence that you have chosen, but additional time should be added for all custom features such as gates and corners etc…

Is Colorbond Gate Strong?

Quality Colorbond fence panels and gates are as tough as iron! Quality fencing products, such as those made from Colorbond steel, offer a beautiful finish that is very durable.

Colorbond steel is an excellent choice for fence panels because it can last up to 50 years without rusting or streaking. At Quality Fence Products we have a variety of fence panels available in a range of styles and heights, so you will definitely be able to find the right one for your house. Quality Fence Products’ gate posts are black powder coated with UV inhibitors which helps protect and control discolouration.

How do I Choose My Colorbond Fencing Style?

With a range of styles available, from the contemporary to the traditional, you’ll be sure to find your ideal colorbond fence here.

Selecting a style is a great way to personalise your backyard and increase its overall value while ensuring it remains functional and practical for you and your family.

There are plenty of factors that can affect your final decision including size, budget and fencing environment so take some time to consider all these while comparing each style before making your choice.

Each type of fencing design has its own advantages for installation purposes, however, there are also many other factors that may influence this process too such as local council regulations or existing structures that might need to be considered.

Once you have decided what type of fencing design would work best for your area, read through the overview below to help you choose the right colorbond fencing style for your home.

Once you have decided what type of fencing design would work best for your area, read through the overview below to help you choose the right colorbond fence style for your home.

colorbond gates
Colorbond Fence and Gate

List for the Most Popular Roofing Style


A heritage style that will work well in a quiet and peaceful area where there is plenty of space and privacy and may not require planning permission or any other special approvals. This style works best with large homesteads and grand gardens.

Classic French

For those who prefer something more formal, this traditional design has a strong appearance with box posts mounted on top of brick pillars (or similar) at each corner with added panels set between each post topped off by glazed caps. This style can also be built without panels making it suitable for unique designs such as curved fencing or even free-standing posts which blend into the garden setting instead of enclosing the area.


If it’s a more relaxed and contemporary look that you’re after, contemporary fencing will give your garden an unobstructed view and simplicity. It is also popular with the younger generation as the design does not include panels and features open top and bottom rails to produce a completely different feel compared to other fencing styles.

New Premier

The New Premier Colorbond Fencing style has been designed with strength, style and durability in mind; perfect for those who require complete privacy or high-security requirements for their home or property. This strong new modern fence is suitable for both urban and rural areas as well as all types of properties such as homes, businesses, newly subdivided properties and zoning applications on land.

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