Glass Pool Fence Cost

Glass Pool Fence Cost

There are many reasons why people love to have a pool. You can use it as an exercise machine, you can play with your kids and friends in the water, not to mention that pools just look really cool. But if you’re thinking about getting a pool, there’s one thing you need, a great fence around it. It’s no fun having to worry about someone or something sneaking into your backyard and ruining all of the fun. Most professionals offer top-quality fences at affordable prices so that everyone who wants a pool has one.

How much does a glass pool fence cost? It can be a lovely addition to a swimming area, but the expense may be prohibitive. Glass pool fencing may be costly, but there are ways to reduce the price while still having a glass pool fence. For example, you might simply cover the space between the patio and the pool with glass pool fencing while using the additional fence for the remainder of the pool area. The cost of transparent glass pool fencing may be reduced by utilizing this method, but you can still enjoy viewing your pool through it.

Glass Pool Fencing Cost

The cost is not just about the material, but the installation as well. A cheaper option for transparent glass pool fencing is to opt for only one-sided glass panels. This may lower your initial price because it requires less labour time during installation to attach just one side of the panelling. You may also be able to find a supplier who offers a volume discount if you.

There are three distinct types of pool fence made of glass:

  • Semi-frameless
  • Pin-fixed frameless
  • Frameless glass pool fencing

Each of them is priced differently. You might pay anything from $100 to $3000 for 10 meters of fence.:

  • $1300 for semi-frameless glass swimming pool fences
  • $1130 for frameless glass fencing
  • $1800 for pin fixed frameless

The difference is not in the glass panels. The cost of glass panels is about $66 per metre, as are the other elements: spigots cost around $50, fixing posts (semi-frameless) may cost around $60, and pins cost $14 (Pin-fix frameless). However, the glass pool fence cannot be self-installed. The pane could be installed by experts, who may charge anything from $245 to $300 per meter, including materials, depending on the thickness of the glass and other factors. The cost of installation might be somewhere between $50 and $100 per metre.

Cost of Glass Pool Fencing

The cost of a glass pool fence installed manually might be as much as $300 per metre, while the automatic option can cost a few dollars more. What makes a significant difference in price is the type of installation you choose. If you want to cover your swimming pool with different types of fencing, it may prove costly because an installer needs to come back every time they need to change the panels.

If you choose semi-frameless pool fencing then expect to pay around $1300 for 10 meters or $130 per sqm. This consists of corrosion-resistant aluminium framing and high grade toughened safety glass with comprehensive insurance coverage against breakage together with compliance certification issued by consumer affairs agencies.

Glass Pool Fencing Cost per Metre Australia

When looking at the average glass pool fencing installation cost in Australia, as a guide, you could expect to pay about $300 per metre, including labour and materials. The price for this type of fence can vary from as little as $100 up to just over $1000 depending on the style and thickness of glass used so it’s impossible to quote a set figure for this kind of project.

What contributes to the cost is the safety measures that have been taken around the pool so there are no tripping hazards or any other safety issues. The safety glass option may also contribute to the overall cost but it’s an important thing to have if you’re going to be leaving children unattended in and around your pool area (and who wouldn’t?).

Some factors such as height differences between walls and fences, fences with steps or slopes that leave the pool unguarded, uneven surfaces around your pool can mean that additional costs may be incurred when you’re installing a pool fence. This is to ensure that the area is completely safe for children or pets who might accidentally wander into your swimming area.

Cost of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

At the same time, if you choose frameless glass pool fencing for your swimming area, expect to pay around $1100 or $110 per sqm. This type of fencing is made up of corrosion-resistant aluminium track and 100 per cent polished safety glass. Glass pool fencing has comprehensive insurance coverage against breakage and compliance certification issued by consumer affairs agencies.

Average Cost of Glass Pool Fence

There are many factors that may affect the pool fencing final cost, including the glass pool fencing installation. If you want an exact quote from a glass pool fence installer, he or she is supposed to first check the site for you. When determining the cost for installing glass pool fencing project, they usually consider the following factors:

The Panel Thickness

This is one of the most important stages in the installation procedure since it influences the glass’s longevity. Despite their propensity to shatter, panels as thin as 6mm are prevalent. For semi-frameless panels, they usually recommend 10mm thick glass, whereas frameless panels could have 12mm thick glass. While these are undoubtedly more expensive, they can endure a long time.

Glass Pool Fence Cost
Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Dimensions such as Height and Width of the Glass Pool Fencing

The glass is generally 1,200mm tall, but the width varies depending on the size of the pool environment. Naturally, the thicker the glass, the more it may cost.

The Type of Spigot

Spigots are small peg-like fixtures that are placed in specific locations along the glass fence to improve the overall durability of the building. They enhance the structure’s overall durability and are particularly made for frameless glass.

Extra Responsibilities

If your pool surrounds feature intricate details, bespoke glass panels may be required. If your pool area has a sloping or uneven surface, for example, a deck, garden beds, or walls, expect to pay an extra charge because the installation process becomes more difficult.

Glass Pool Fencing Price

Glass pool fence panels start at about $120 per square meter, while glass pool fence installation costs around $100 per square meter. However, you may reduce the cost of glass pool fencing. The stainless steel components used in glass fence spigots are generally more expensive than the glass pool fencing panels themselves. The style, as previously stated, may have a significant impact on the cost. Using many gates and smaller glass fence panels, as well as employing more fencing angles, necessitates the usage of extra components to build your fence, hence raising its price.

Keeping your fence’s design basic while avoiding the need for custom-made glass fence panels can help you save money on your new fence, likewise, keeping the fence as small as feasible while still meeting requirements. Consider DIY glass pool fencing to decrease the expense of your pool enclosure, but this may increase the risk of failure and someone getting seriously injured by the glass pool fencing.

Glass Pool Fencing Pro’s and Con’s

Good points about using glass in your pool fence are:

  • looks fantastic
  • lets in lots of light so it feels more like an extension of your home than a barrier between inside/outside areas
  • provide peace of mind with no need to worry about people falling over it or hurtling over it if they get too close
  • very easy to clean with little effort
  • not noticeable from the outside means you get the most out of your view any time of day or night providing you choose the right glass for your fencing.

Bad Points about using glass in your pool fence are:

  • can look dangerous especially if not installed correctly
  • requires ongoing maintenance to ensure it stays looking great and working correctly
  • doesn’t provide much privacy so you need to consider this when choosing materials suitable for all areas
  • some glazed fencing looks stunning but may not be best suited to certain areas
  • gets very hot during the summer months making life outside unbearable without good shading so check local conditions before planning anything.

Additional Cost of Materials Associated with Glass Pool Fencing

Aluminium is a fantastic material for pool fencing. It may be obtained in a variety of shapes and meets Australian Standard requirements for pool fence construction. The following are some examples of pricing you could anticipate to pay for ten meters of the aluminium fence:

  • Aluminium fencing with a flat top, including a gate, shrouds, and screws costs $650.
  • Without a gate, a picket fence costs $690.
  • For around $650, you can purchase aluminium loop top fencing with shrouds and screws.
  • The cost of a trellis gate and the labour to install it is not included in this estimate. Fencing that includes a spear top may set you back roughly $1,000, depending on the materials utilized.

These are the base prices for powder coating, which is only available in a limited number of colours. Expect to pay extra for your preferred powder coating.

Pool Safety Instructions for Australia

When you’re ready to purchase and install a pool fence, you could be aware of the Australian Standards and local or state-specific rules. Check with your local municipality to find out whether the pool fence requires its own construction permit or if it may be covered under the pool construction permit. Pool fences need to conform to AS1926, which means that pool fencing:

  • Needs to be at least 1.2 metres high
  • Maximum 100mm ground clearance
  • A maximum gap size of 100mm between glass fencing panels and vertical bars
  • No climbable footholds
  • Has no gaps through which a child can force access
  • Adequate toughness versus heavy knocks
  • A latch locking system on the inner side of the pool fencing and a self-closing hinge

Why Hiring Professional Glass Pool Fence Installers is Important?

Hiring the proper pool fence builder is the most essential element in creating a high-quality pool fence that may be safe and enjoyable. You may ask yourself whether or not the installer is appropriate for your task if you ask yourself the appropriate questions.

Make sure you have all the necessary permits and permissions for your project. If required, request references and photographs of prior jobs. This may offer you a sense of the quality of workmanship you may anticipate. If your area’s building regulations demand it, make sure your contractor has a builders license. Additionally, make sure they are covered by insurance.

Tell the contractor that you’re planning to build a pool fence and need to know how much it may cost. Request a quotation. Quotas are generally free. It may provide you with an indication of how much it may cost for glass pool fencing to be installed as well as the price per metre that the contractor is quoting is comparable with others.

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