Colorbond vs Timber Fence (Costs, Durability)

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When it comes to fencing, choosing the right material is important so give it a good thought. A fencing contractor will give you a lot of options to choose from such as different colour choices, budget fences, timber fencing, colorbond fencing, picket fence and much more. Each choice has pros and cons and it’s hard to pick the “best” styles, so that’s why we’re here to help you make the right choice for your home, to pick the materials you need. 

What is a Colorbond Fence?

Colorbond fencing is made from steel which is pre-painted with a specific colour. This sheet of steel is made to relevant Australian Standards and the colour options are numerous. Zincalume steel gives colorbond adequate corrosion-resistant properties and it’s actually the inner base of Colorbond. Zincalume is a mix of zinc and aluminium, so that mixed in with some special colour coating is used to make the famous Colorbond. A Colorbond fence is usually made up of the essential Colorbond panels along with some fixing posts, caps and other items required for finishing such as gates.

What is a Timber Fence?

A timber fence is considered the oldest and most famous method for setting up the boundaries for your home. Timber fences have a lot of pros and a lot of cons. Any fence builder can confirm that a timber fence gives the best natural look, especially when it’s made from some beautiful wood. A timber fence is a boundary setter for your property, made from either hardwood or softwood. Each piece of timber has a unique look to it along with a certain texture, character, grain and most importantly colour. 

Colorbond Fencing Costs

Like any project and home improvement, the cost is different depending on a few factors. Fencing contractors usually charge people more depending on areas and territory so for example if you live in Victoria it will cost you a lot less than if you live in South Australia, Tasmania and similar. Colorbond fencing price per metre ranges from about $84 up to $100 in total. Each fencing project is different but the price per sheet is fairly similar so we made a table of the most common materials used when making a boundary fence. 

Type of material Average Price in Australia
Standard corrugated iron sheet $13 to $18 per metre
Standard steel clad sheet $21 per metre
Powder-coated Colorbond $22 per metre
Double-sided Colorbond $24 per metre
Colorbond Ultra roofing tiles $37 per metre

Timber Fencing Costs

Timber fencing

Timber fencing is among the affordable and cost-effective fencing options among the Australian people. Timber is durable for the price it costs, so that is why a lot of people choose it as a fencing material.

The average cost for wood and timber is around $700 up to $2000 and this price varies on the type of timber you will choose for your fencing. Since there are a lot of types and styles to choose from we made a table to help you make the right choice for your property.

Type of timber Price Estimate
Hardwood timber paling fence $34-$40 per metre
Butt-Jointed timber palings fencing/picket fencing $63-$97 per metre
Treated pine paling fence $75-$120 per metre
Hardwood Paling fence $80 – $125 per metre
Pre-primed treated pine fence $320 ( 92mm x 18mm )
Hardwood Merbau fence $330 ( 42mm x 18mm )
Additional supplies Price Estimate
Dressed Hardwood Timber Posts $40 per metre ( 100mm x 100mm )
Dressed Oregon Timber Posts $38 – 46 per metre ( 100mm x 100mm )

How Long Does a Colorbond Fence Last?

Most contractors give out a 10-year warranty for a Colorbond fence but it’s important for you to do regular maintenance. Wash it down regularly, remove cobwebs and you can even hire a painter to regain the look of it. If you take care of your fence, a Colorbond fence should last around 20 to 25 years.

How Long Does a Timber Fence Last?

Timber fencing looks great and is a more natural way to add some privacy to your home. The timber requires very little upkeep and with little to no effort a timber paling fence can last up to 15 years. There are homeowners who really take care of their timber fencing and because of that expand the lifespan to 20 years.

Colorbond vs Timber Fencing

Timber fencing is considered to be the most cost-effective low maintenance type of fence style for your property, on the other hand, a Colorbond fence is usually about 30% more expensive but lasts at least 10 years longer than timber. A Colorbond fence style is an investment, and costs more but after that, it has no ongoing costs attached to it. 

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