Benefits of Colorbond Slat Fencing

colorbond slat fencing

Slat fencing is a type of Colorbond fence. Colorbond slats are made from steel sheets with a polymer coating. The Colorbond colour is baked into the steel during the manufacturing process, making it durable and long-lasting.

What Colour can I Choose for My Colorbond Slat Fencing?

Many colour choices are available when you wish to have Colorbond slat fencing or pool fencing installed at your property. You may choose from over 70 different colours so that your new fence will blend seamlessly with your home or business colour scheme. The whole process is completed once you select a colour mentally, according to property owners.

What Colour is Colorbond Slat Fencing?

The colours of Colorbond slat fencing come from the colour coating and is not painted on installation. This means that there is no need to repaint Colorbond slat fencing, saving you money in the long term, making the slat in some ways easy to install.

Where Can I Have Colorbond Slat Fencing Installed?

Colorbond fence panels are ideal for installation around your property, such as by the pool and along driveways and boundary lines. They are easy to install and can enhance tennis courts and carports or provide excellent security for commercial buildings such as schools, universities and shopping malls. You can even install pool fencing for swimming areas.

Is Aluminium Slat Fencing Expensive?

Yes, but in the long term, it is cost-efficient. Installation costs for Aluminium Slat fencing can vary greatly depending on what materials you use and who installs it. For example, using timber posts to install aluminium slats will be much cheaper than digging holes for steel posts at $1+ per metre compared to AUD 4+ per post. Installation costs could range from AUD 1- $6 per linear metre installed, although this does depend upon local store rates, so fees may also include travel costs if not quoted within your local area.

In conclusion, aluminium slat fencing can be expensive compared to other materials such as bamboo or timber fencing. If installed correctly, it has outstanding durability and should provide adequate fencing without any problems for years to come.

How Much does a Colorbond Fence Panel Cost?

Fences start from as low as AUD ~$100 per square metre.

The cost of your Colorbond Slat fence panel will be made up of three main fees:

  1. Your starting point is referred to in the industry as a 500mm x 500mm ‘Grain Sack’. This means a post in a hole, ready to build your fence around.
  2. So you need posts, but how many do you need? That depends on how big your fence will be, the Slat Fences Slats AUS design of the Slat Fences Slats AUS you are putting up, and how high you need to go.
  3. The last part of the cost is the posts themselves. Your posts will vary in price depending on what materials they are made from, which can include, but is not limited to Slat Fence Slats AUS Steel, Slat Fence Slats AUS Timber, Slat Fence Slats AUS Concrete.

You’ll also have to consider your installation costs if you plan on having them installed for you or if you do it yourself.

Number of Slats Required Fencing & Gates

Knowing the number of slats required for fencing is essential before installing, and reaching out to suppliers is critical. 

Determine first what type of material you are planning to use. If it’s timber, you need to know its dimensions that will help determine how many boards will be good enough for your project. If using aluminium or iron, choosing the height and space between each panel will help you determine how many boards you will need for the job.

Fence panels with less than 50mm spacing are ideal for areas where children and pets are playing around. However, if space is too broad, it may affect your fence’s structural stability giving a more insecure feeling to some homeowners, which might discourage them from using their Fences Site.

Determine how high you want your Fences Site to be by taking note of the area’s rules and regulations. Building codes usually state that Fences Sites must be at least 2 feet above ground level, while most local ordinances require a minimum of 4 feet in height. However, if both heights are not met, Fences Sites can assemble temporary guard rails to meet the Fences Site requirements. Fences Sites gates must also be at least 4 feet, and a maximum of 8 feet in height (based on Fences Fences Site Site guidelines), and its opening should not exceed 4’8″

Fencing Requirements and Regulations

Note: Check your local state or territory laws regarding fences, for example, visit the NSW Planning portal on fences for more information if you are located in New South Wales.

Fencing requirements can vary depending on local codes and ordinances. When installing a fence, verify that your Fencing Site has the proper approvals. Check with your housing association or HOA for any homeowner association (HOA) restrictions before you start building a Fence.

If you were installing the fence around your home, follow Fences Site requirements and Fence Site rules and regulations. Gates on residential Fences Sites must be at least 36 inches wide and swing away from home for easy access. Gates on commercial Fences Sites must meet ADA standards and usually require a power operation to open and close them.

benefits of colorbond slat fencing
Colorbond Slat Fencing with a Sliding Door

Gate, Panels & Sliding Gate for Pedestrians

When you need to control pedestrian traffic, our range of gates and panels is ideal for site entrances.

*Gates* are available in many different styles with anodised aluminium constructions that provide exceptional strength and are easy to install at a minimal cost.

The Flat Pack Gate modern design adapts to any Australian building style, and its lightweight offers easy instructions for installation without the need for adding structural supports (with no risk of walls damage), making it the best option for areas where space is tight yet pedestrian

Transform Any Home with Ease Using PVC Fencing or Colorbond Slat Fencing

Fencing is a great way to transform the look of your property. Whether you want to increase security, enhance your garden or improve the overall appearance of your house, adding fencing can achieve this in very little time and for excellent value. There are so many types out there; it can be complicated knowing which one will suit you best.

All Outdoor Fences

Outdoor fences come in three main varieties: Pvc fencing,  slat fencing or timber fencing. Each has its unique appearance, meaning there’s something to suit all preferences and areas of Australia. Make sure you understand each type before you go shopping so that you’ll be confident making the right choice for your property. You can check out professional building services providers for the pros and cons of the different fencing types.

Things to Remember

Safety – As for all types of home exterior décor, safety is vital. You need to be safe while working on your project, and you also want to make sure that the result is not going to pose a danger to anybody, especially if it’s on public property. Make sure that when installing fencing around balconies or stairs, you do not cover any areas where people might stand during their daily activities. In such installation, middle support plastic fittings can be used for additional quality.

Is Aluminium Slats Fence Expensive?

Aluminium slat is an excellent choice if you’re looking to create privacy without blocking out your viewpoints with Colorbond or timber fencing. It also doesn’t require unsightly posts due to its lightweight. The fencing panel consists of spaces, so you can still enjoy the view.

How Much will Colorbond Slat Installation Cost?

After choosing which fencing style works best for you, the installation will depend on the type of fence and your location in Australia.

Note- Always get quotations from a professional even if you want to build yourself. This will save you money.

Fencing and Fixtures Online has a Fencing Installation Cost Calculator that takes into account the type of fence you need, as well as your location and post spacing. This calculator will provide a rough estimate for installing Colorbond Slat fencing based on your needs.

There are different types of Colorbond Slat designs so that it is easy to choose the best kind of fence for your needs.

The cost will depend on many factors, including your location in Australia, the design of the fence and whether or not you want to do it yourself. There’s a breakdown of cost:

  • Posthole depth – If you have difficult ground conditions, such as hard-packed earth or rocks, Fences and Fixtures recommend additional postholes at 50 cm (20 inches).
  • Length of Fence – Fences Unlimited recommends multiplying your overall linear metres by AUD6/m for a minimum cost estimate.
  • Post Spacing – Fences Unlimited recommends that even if you have longer spans between posts, you should still use 4×2″ posts placed every 2.4 m (8 ft). The best option is to keep posts at a standard length and secure slats using screws and bolts.

Note – Prices can change based on slat spacing,  colours for finishing,  gate design,  location in Australia etc.

Related Fencing Products 

Here are some related fencing products that can help you improve your next purchase in Australia.

There are many types of finish styles when it comes to fencing equipment, including: –

  • Black electrostatic spray paint
  • Bright zinc plated with a clear varnish coat 
  • One-sided bright  nickel plated
  • Bright lacquered steel etc.

Professional fencing equipment is the most sought after in many circles of fencers. You can get more of what you want with it and less of what you don’t by shopping online for related fencing products such as:

  • A new mask
  • A backpack to carry your weapon
  • a glove or even knee pads.

There are also some items that you might want to buy from an outside source, but only if they say “professional” on them. If they do not, you should question their quality before purchasing because there is a good chance they will break on you while fencing.

NOTE- All quotations are made in Australian Dollars.

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