Colorbond Fencing Costs and Prices

White & green Colorbond fence

Colorbond fencing costs in Australia depend on many factors and the most significant is the size and style of the panels. Having said that, the Colorbond fence cost can go in the range of $13 to $60 per metre. However, you should always be aware of the ‘hidden’ costs that go along with Colorbond fencing such as the fencing rails, caps, posts, fasteners, lattice designs.

Colorbond fence price is related to the region you live in and they vary all over Australia. As the most expensive part of the Colorbond fencing project is the labour cost, in some parts of the country fence installers charge for their work $75 – $80, while in the other parts $65 – $70 per metre.

To get your Colorbond fencing within the budget you must have clear estimates of the size of the property and the material you want to use. The Colorbond fencing cost can easily go up if you are not aware of additional expenses that may appear at any stage of your project. Update of an old fence with a new Colorbond fence is an investment that guarantees more security of the property. Compared with timber posts and fence, a Colorbond fence panel is a better choice as it is more resilient to weather conditions.

Colorbond Fencing Price Chart in Australia

When calculating fencing panels price, have in mind that one panel is equal to 3 or 4 Colorbond sheets.

How much does Colorbond Fencing Cost:

Type of Colorbond FenceCost of the Colorbond Fence
Regular corrugated iron sheets~$13-18 per linear metre
Powder-coated Colorbond~$22 per linear metre
Steel clad sheets$21 per metre
Double-sided Colorbond$24 per metre
Colorbond Ultra roofing$37 per metre
Table showing all different types of Colorbond steel fence options and their respective prices per metre

Labour Hire Prices for a Colorbond Fence Installation

The more qualified and experienced the installer is, the higher the installation cost will be. But if you are resident in a different state in Australia there are chances to be charged more or less for the same services depending on your living area. 

The most expensive Australian fencing installers are in Victoria and New South Wales, charging on average $75 to $80 per metre. Then goes Queensland with $70 to $75, while Western Australia has the lowest labour costs of $65 to $70 per metre.

Additional Colorbond Fencing Costs

The price for fencing materials and labour is not the only fence installation price to be considered for your home improvement project. There are some additional components that you may want to incorporate to have more durable and attractive Colorbond fences. In that case, expect to pay for the following:

  • $2 to $12 per fencing cap
  • $7 to $13 per fencing rail
  • $12 per post
  • $40 per long lattice

How much is a Colorbond Fence per Metre?

Colorbond fence price per metre with only labour cost calculated for installation can go in a range of $78 – $102 for installing the cheapest material (Regular corrugated iron sheets) all way to $102 – $117 for the sheet Colorbond Ultra roofing. Colorbond can be either more expensive or less expensive on the price than other types of fencing depending on the style, size and shape of the materials and design.

What can Potentially Make a Colorbond Fence More Expensive

The cost of Colorbond steel fences in most cases is affected by the size of the fencing property, the type of material, labour, and installation costs. But, the receipt doesn’t end here. 

  • Adding more decorative accessories and styles (lattice, caps, plinths) will increase the cost of your project;
  • If the state where you live has a higher demand for installers, the labour cost will go up;
  • Should you decide on installing a Colorbond gate, get ready to invest an additional $210 to $260 for this job;
  • Depending on the level of the land where you install a Colorbond fence, prices increase for installation on sloped grounds, as they require more labour and additional materials.

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