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Specifier Australia was started to assist the average Australian in helping them discover new terms in the home improvement space, assist them is connecting to local tradesman who have a good reputation & help them to save money in the process.

We believe there is so much information on the website but not one true resource for almost every niche within renovations and home improvement that has it all. Our aim is for you to find everything you need right here in one place.

We have first hand experience in many of the fields and know specialists working in the space (particularly around the Sydney metropolitan area) where we have all chipped in to make this platform a ‘must use’ destination!


About the team

This website is managed by Australian Webmaster Dejan Mladenovski, find him at (www . dejanm . com)

Dejan have over 15 years in the internet marketing space and is currently the Head of Innovation one of the largest directories in Australia with a strong tradie focus.

Find him running local events in Sydney or learning all there is to know about Sydney Property market via Build Sydney

We have multiple specialists helping out on the website including:

Carpentry Specialist Dejan Mitic – 3 years as a tradesman in Sydney

Formwork Specialist Vukasin Krstic – 12 years as a tradesman in Sydney

Operations Manager of 3D Demolition John Simpson – over 20 years of experience in the space and one of the Australian Leaders in Demolition & Excavation


Editorial Team Fact Checking

We also also recently implemented a fact checking editorial team. Our articles are thorough and detailed but if you do happen see an error that our team has not picked up on then feel free to get InTouch with us at (enquiries @ www.ecospecifier.com.au) and we will make the necessary changes.


Featured Publications

Specifier has been featured is some very large Australian & Internaional publications such as:

  • Architecture & Design
  • Finder
  • Soho
  • Wikipedia
  • Archipro
  • HomeDsgn
  • HouseDigest