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Handyman fixing a nut in place with a wrench

Look for a Handyman on Specifier in Sydney NSW 2000 where we have a range of specialist serving the population of 17252 in the Sydney Local government Area within the Sydney Metropolitan region.

Frequently asked questions about a Handyman in Sydney NSW

How much does a Handyman cost in Sydney NSW?

The cost of a Handyman in Sydney NSW is approx $100/hour+ depending on the exact service requirements and dificulty of the project.

What tasks can a Handyman perform in Sydney NSW 2000

The type of tasks a Handyman, handyworker or handyperson can perform in Sydney are:

– DIY Fixes
– Furniture Installation
– Ikea Assembly
– Fixture Replacement
– Change Lightbulbs
– Install a Wall-mounted TV
– Plus much more, just remember to ask in advance of what services they offer exactly

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