Timber Paling Fence Specifications

timber paling fence

Timber paling is what they call wood for fencing. It consists of split timber, which are logs that have been cut in half lengthwise with a flat surface on the outsides. The trees are then seasoned or dried so they don’t rot. When someone is planning to use these logs for fencing, often they may remove the bark and coat them with a wood preservative.

The fence can either be set in concrete or it can be supported by posts that are spaced every 5 meters apart. These poles need to be at least 15cm in diameter and sunk 20cm below ground level.

Timber Paling Fence

Treated pine paling fence is a traditional timber fencing option used by Europeans, as well as those from some other countries. It is quick and easy to install, without the need for machinery. A one-meter length of 2.3-meter tall paling fence weighs about 50KG.

Split logs are placed on top of each other, with the flat surface facing outwards, and nailed together using galvanized nails that have at least 18mm shanks and 30mm heads. These could be hammered every 75cm apart along the length of the pole running horizontally. The 75cm distance allows for four nails per side so each log has a total of eight nails holding it in place. If you want to add extra strength to your fence poles, you can nail two poles together so they form an X, and then nail through the intersection point. Timber posts can be used to support the poles from within, or wooden gravel boards can be installed onto the inside of the log.

Timber Paling Fence Pros and Cons

There are several benefits to using this fencing option. They are durable, require little effort to install, and because they are natural wood they blend easily into the environment. They are widely available at most lumber yards or hardware stores, which means it doesn’t cost much money to purchase them.

However, there are also some disadvantages associated with the material as well. One is that these fences may eventually rot even if you paint or treat them with chemicals. It may take a long time for them to begin rotting but once they do the poles become extremely hazardous because any type of fence could collapse on top of your children, pets or livestock causing injury or death.

Treated Pine Paling Fence

The other drawback of using a wooden fence is that when the fence posts are positioned too far away from each other they may begin to lean in towards each other, which could cause you to trip or it may even break off. This means that if you plan on buying this timber fencing option you need to be certain of how widely spaced apart your poles could be.

In order to maintain these types of timber fencing properly, it usually isn’t cost-effective for those living in urban areas as the amount needed as well as the time required to carefully paint each pole may likely not be worth it compared to buying a new more modern fencing option for around the same price.

Timber Paling Fence Benefits

A timber fence is a type of fencing structure that is usually made from timber, the wooden material for fencing. It has many benefits compared to other types like metal fences or wire fences. The main benefit of this kind of fencing is the low cost and long-lasting that you can get with a small amount of maintenance.

The first advantage, a timber fence is a very suitable option for your house if you live in a rural area because it costs very cheap compared to another type like metal fence or stone wall. So if anyone who looking for an affordable fencing solution then this one may most likely be the best choice you have available.

The second advantage is its long term effect which means you don’t need to worry about replacing your paling fence frequently due to the fact that this type is very durable, even without much maintenance it can last for a decade or more. But of course, a safety fence would require regular check-ups to make sure there are no broken poles or damage which you may need to do about once every three months.

If you want to enjoy all these advantages then you could opt for paling fencing as it is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to create privacy and security around your home since it provides an economical solution that enhances the overall look of your house too.

Timber Paling Fence Costs

The cost of maintaining a timber fence may depend on how you take care of your fencing system. For example, if you paint or treat the wood to prevent any sort of moisture damage then the annual costs couldn’t exceed $100 to $200. But this figure may increase depending on where you live and how much labour is required for these improvements.

On the other hand, when it comes to the setup costs, they may depend on who installs them and what type you choose so in general, expect to pay as low as 30$ per meter or as high as 300$ per meter. The average price listed here may also cover installation in most cases but be prepared for additional costs if there are excessively steep terrains or other factors that may contribute to increased installation expenses.

timber paling fence specifications
How to Install Fence Palings?

Why Choose Timber Fencing?

From all the fencing materials, a timber fence is very aesthetically pleasing. This makes it a popular choice among many homeowners who like how it adds to the overall look and feel of their homes, especially when there are trees around. There are different types of paling fence designs available to suit your personal preferences as well as your home’s theme and decor.

Timber fencing also has an incredible range because you can buy or order them in many sizes that may suit your needs and requirements perfectly well. So if you need to create a safety zone for children playing around the house then opt for smaller sized pales which may be easier to handle too but remember, they won’t last as long so this isn’t always advisable because it really depends on the situation you face.

The next thing to consider is durability which makes a timber fence an excellent choice for both your home and office. It can last more than decades without any repairs which are perfect if you want something that may stay strong and stable in every condition.

Hardwood Paling Fence

The most common type of timber for fencing is pine, spruce or redwood because they are cheap and easy to obtain. However, there are now many other options with better durability which means you can expect your fence to last much longer even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

One example of the most durable paling types available today is hardwood fences which have a long-term effect that lasts several decades without any additional cost for maintenance so it’s very suitable if you want something with really low operating costs.

Colorbond Fencing

The next type of fencing is steel which gives a modern and stylish look to the house whether it’s a townhouse or a country home. Plus, you can choose from a range of different styles and designs when it comes to Colorbond fence systems with some offering privacy while others are perfect for security purposes.

Another advantage is they don’t need much maintenance which means they won’t add too much to your regular costs so if you want something that may suit your budget then this may be the best option available to you today

In addition, steel fences have been designed in such a way that they blend well with most homes regardless of their architectural style so you couldn’t have any issues about clashing styles or themes when using them in your property. In some areas, a steel fence is considered in the common fencing materials category.

Pros and Cons of Steel and Metal Fencing

When compared to other types, metal fencing is an expensive option but this cost couldn’t come as any surprise because they are highly durable and long-lasting so you won’t need to worry about investing in the same item again soon.

However, one disadvantage is that you can cut through them easily with wire cutters so they might not be the best choice for security purposes especially if your house is in a remote location.

Security of Timber Fencing

This really depends on the type of timber you choose although it’s not impossible for them to be damaged by someone who wants to get through your property unnoticed. Many homeowners opt for secure fencing designs but even these can be breached with some effort so make sure the level of protection matches your requirements.

Apart from that, a paling fence can easily be climb over or broken down if the individual has no fear of being caught in the act. If this is a concern then you might want to consider installing razor wire on top of your fence because this may deter most potential intruders easily.

The Durability of Timber Fencing

When it comes to durability, a fence constructed from pine, redwood or spruce palings may last for many years without any need for maintenance. However, if you want something more durable then opt for hardwood fences which are made up of cedar and other tropical woods that can stay strong and stable even in harsh conditions.

Another option is metal fencing and although there are many design choices available today including ornamental designs. The most common type used by homeowners is steel because they look clean and modern. Plus, they don’t require much maintenance so your costs won’t increase too much overtime.

In addition, some Colorbond systems have been designed specifically to blend with the surroundings so you couldn’t have any issues about clashing styles or themes in your property. Colorbond is considered the most common fencing material in new south wales.

Other Materials Used for Fencing

There are many others available including chain link which is cheap and readily available but keeps nothing out including animals, bugs, rodents and burglars.

Having hardwood fencing for a fence line is also one of the most durable options available today but they are expensive to install so you may want to consider hiring professionals who offer this service at competitive rates. Metal fencing is the best choice for security.

As long as your house or office is getting regular protection then there’s no reason why you couldn’t use timber fencing because it’s very affordable and can be used just about anywhere without having to worry too much about regular maintenance costs. So, if you need an inexpensive but reliable fence system then wood might be exactly what you need.

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