Timber Fencing Costs

Paling fence installed in Australia

Before you start thinking about the fence that you want to install for your yard, you need to know more about the timber fencing costs. Even though the price can go from $85 to $215 per metre, this type of fencing is still one of the cheapest.

What makes this type of fencing so popular is the fact that it is durable and very affordable. The timelessness and beauty of the fencing make it a top choice for homeowners all over the world, but more specifically in Australia. After all, you can never go wrong with this classic timber option!

The different types of timber that can be used for fencing could make a difference in the cost of the fence itself. More durable timbers tend to cost a lot more, but treated pine is one of the most affordable and durable options on the market. Also, timbers that are painted cost a bit more because of the extra materials and labour that they demand.

Nevertheless, the regular picket fence should be one of the most affordable timber fencing options. For those who are looking to spend a lot more on their fence, they can go with treated pine timber and pre-primed treated pine.

Timber Fence Pricing Chart

Here are the approximate timber fencing prices in Australia:

Type of Fence Cost of the Fence
Treated pine paling fence $75 – $120 a metre
Hardwood paling fence $80 – $125 a metre
1.5m Hardwood timber paling fence $34 –  $40 a metre
1.8m Hardwood timber paling fence $40 –  $50 a metre
Treated pine timber slat fence $280 – $350 a metre
Pre-primed treated pine fence ~ $320 a metre
1.5m picket fence $63 – $97 a metre
1.8m picket fence $70 – $105 a metre
1.5 Hardwood merbau fence ~ $330 a metre
Cost analysis for various timber fencing styles (approximation, in $AUD)

Labour Prices for a Timber Fence Installation

If you are already sold on this type of fencing and want to know more about the costs, you should know the cost of labour before anything else. In Victoria, the prices for timber fencing installation can vary between $55 and $75 per metre. For those from Queensland, installing timber fencing usually costs between $60 and $80. The same installation process costs from $90 to $110 in New South Wales. So, you will need to keep this in mind before going to a contractor and making arrangements.

Treated Pine Paling Fence Cost

Having a pine paling fence installed can be quite expensive considering the many factors that are included. In addition to the cost of the material, you would also have to consider the height of the fence, the soil on which the fence is being installed, the contours of the property, additional material that will be used, the support foundation, as well as the removal of old fences. Only when contractors go over all of these factors will they be able to tell you the total cost of the fence.

How much is a Timber Fence per Metre?

Fences made from treated pine and other softwoods tend to be a bit cheaper than regular hardwood used for fences. Usually, the prices for treated pine paling fences vary between $75 and $120 per metre. This is a great price, considering that some of the other fencing options can cost up to $1000.

How much is a Paling fence per Linear Metre?

Usually, higher timber paling fences tend to be more expensive than ones that have shorter palings. If we take into consideration hardwood timber paling fences, the one that is 1.5m high will cost up to $40, while the one that is 1.8m high will cost up to $50 per linear metre.

How Much Maintenance is Required for Timber Fencing?

This type of fencing typically requires a lot of maintenance. Wooden materials can face issues such as deformation and decay, so you will need to take good care of them to make them more durable. Some of the things that you should look out for is mould, cracks, or peeling paint. These are the issues that appear most often with timber fencing.

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