How Much Does A Pool Cost?

a pool cost

Building a pool can be an expensive endeavour, but the cost of a pool is dependent on a number of factors. Make sure you’re aware of all aspects before taking out a loan to construct your dream aquatic oasis. There are three main things that influence the cost of building a pool:

  • size
  • shape
  • location.

The size and shape refer to how big or small your pool may be as well as if it has curves or angles in its design.

Location refers to ground conditions such as the type of soil, loamy or clay, that exist where you want to build your swimming pool. If you have any doubts about whether you could build a swimming pool, use our free online water calculator. It may provide an idea of the costs involved, as well as your potential running costs, and can help you decide if a pool is right for you.

Choosing a Liner

Once you’ve got an idea of the size and shape of your dream pool, it’s time to think about what type of liner you want. The liner is what gives pools their shape and creates the stunning effect we all know and love. There are several different types of materials that can be used to create a swimming pool:

  • Cement/concrete pool (the most expensive)
  • Gunite (a mix between cement and sand)
  • Vinyl liner pools(cheapest option)
  • Fibreglass pool (more expensive than vinyl)

Fibreglass Pool

Fibreglass pool panels are typically used for outdoor applications such as spas, lap pools and small backyard pools due to their durability and resistance to the elements. Fibreglass pools also come with a number of different options such as metal halide lighting which creates an attractive and colourful atmosphere as well as heaters for those cold winter nights.

Gunite Pools

If you’re on a limited budget, gunite pools are the cheapest option due to their long-term durability and relative ease of installation. Unfortunately, this comes at a price. They cost more initially than vinyl or concrete/cement pools and depending on where you live and what type of soil you have, can cause significant drainage issues if not professionally designed and installed. After gunite, vinyl liner pools offer great value for money without comprising on quality.

Concrete/Cement Pool

Finally, concrete/cement is known for its visual appeal but it may cost significantly more than other liner types, while also being more difficult to install. As you would expect, the more expensive the pool is to purchase and install, the higher your ongoing running costs may be. Make sure you take this into account when planning how much a pool may cost you in the long term.

The final factor that affects the price of your swimming pool is where the pool is located. While not a major issue for indoor pools, an outdoor pool needs to have easy access if maintenance or repairs are required by tradesmen. If it’s too far from road access or has no footpath leading to it, this can become problematic over time.

Pool Cost

Small inground pools start from $ 7,000 and go up to around $ 40,000 or more. Larger above ground pools can be purchased for $ 1,000 and installed for another couple of thousand. The average cost of a pool in Australia is approximately $ 20,000 (including installation), but like all things the bigger the project the closer you may get to double that figure.

Swimming Pool Cost

A fibreglass pool can cost anywhere from $ 10,000 to $ 75,000 depending on the installation location. They are extremely easy to maintain and their visual appearance is outstanding. A gunite pool in Sydney may cost you anywhere between $ 20,000 and $ 100,000 depending on the shape and size. It doesn’t require any additional insulation or heaters but the installation can be really expensive.

Cost of Inground Pool

An inground pool typically costs between $ 30,000 and $ 70,000 to construct, the cost can be lower or higher depending on the pool type and material installation costs. This type of swimming pool is created by placing a strong concrete shell around the liner that holds the shape as well as offering additional strength and support. The price varies quite drastically depending on where you live (i.e. city vs rural area), the size of your pool (the larger the pool, the more expensive it may be) and whether or not an existing structure exists in which you can place your new swimming pool.

Concrete pools are also available if you’re looking for something with a bit more flair than gunite or vinyl pools. These types of pools cost slightly more than gunite pools but they last longer if properly maintained. They also require a bit more elbow grease and may take longer to install. An additional factor that can increase the cost of your pool is the local council if you’re required to submit an application for approval prior to installing your new pool.

a pool cost
Swimming Pool Ideas

How Much does an Inground Pool Cost?

Pools start from around $7,000 and go up to around $40,000 (this includes installation). The average cost of a pool in Australia is approximately $20,000 (including installation) but like all things the bigger the project the closer you may get to double that figure. It’s definitely worthwhile considering your options before diving in and dropping big bucks.

Above-ground vs In-ground Pools Cost

An inground pool typically costs between $30,000 and $70,000 to construct depending on the size (and other factors mentioned above). A simple rectangle-shaped pool may cost much less than a kidney-shaped or ‘L’ shape pool. This type of swimming pool is created by placing a strong concrete shell around the liner that holds the shape as well as offering additional strength and support. The price varies quite drastically depending on where you live (i.e. city vs rural area), the size of your pool (the larger the pool, the more expensive it may be) and whether or not an existing structure exists in which you can place your new swimming pool.

The difference in pool prices when comparing an inground and above ground is substantial. An above-ground pool can cost as little as $2000 and as high as $10000. This cost variation is mainly due to the size of the pool.

Above ground swimming pools are generally not customisable in shape or size. They are straight-walled, circular or oval pools that are all installed on top of the ground. This type of pool is typically made out of fibreglass and it can be easy to haul away if you need to relocate the pool at a later stage. For this reason, above ground pools are great for families who are renting their homes and looking for something that is low-maintenance, easy to store and has a lower price tag.

Above ground, pools can be installed in as little as one day however most people choose to wait around two weeks after the installation before using the pool. This time allows for any small surface blemishes or imperfections to disappear and also allows for the pool to chemically stabilise.

Concrete Pool Cost

A concrete swimming pool can cost up to $ 100,000. The type of shape and size of the pool may play a big part in determining this price.

Of course, where you decide to build your pool can also affect construction costs. For example, if you’re building near the ocean or on clay, the ground is prepared to pay more for excavation and drainage. A great pool, that’s built within an unsuitable location often ends up costing the owner far more than they had anticipated because it causes regular problems over time.

The best thing to do is speak with builders who have experience working with pools so they can advise you on how much it would cost based on these details about your site, soil type, slope etc., as well as what the current market is like. Pools are a big investment, so it’s important to get the best advice available before deciding how much you want to spend on your new backyard oasis.

Cost of Building a Swimming Pool

The cost of building a pool may vary depending on the swimming pool builder. Also, the size, shape, depth and extras may affect the price. You can spend anywhere between $15,000 to $100,000 without too much trouble.

If you are looking at having an inground pool built then there are many factors to consider in addition to the above. These include coping type (manmade or natural stone), internal plastering type (textured or smooth finish) and tile selection. The best thing to do is speak with several pool builders about their pricing structures to get an idea of what’s available before committing yourself to anything more than just a quote.

How Much is a Swimming Pool?

When looking at a swimming pool filter cost, you could also consider the cost of running it. It’s not only the initial price tag that you need to take into consideration but any ongoing costs associated with maintaining your pool and the filter.

A pool pump is typically responsible for circulating water through a filtration system. For small pools that are primarily used for relaxing or doing some fun swimming exercises, an energy-efficient 1 HP pump may suffice. Any larger than this requires more powerful pumps to meet water flow demands.

There are varying prices on different types of equipment, depending on your needs as well as what you already own (if you’ve got a motorised pump). Consider all these factors when looking at how much does it cost for a swimming pool builder.

How Much does It Cost to Build a Pool?

Those who are looking for the most luxurious of ways to cool off in summer could think about resort-style pools with features like waterfalls, solar heating, hot tubs and automatic covers for when the weather gets less than ideal. These designs can cost anywhere from $50,000 onwards depending on how extravagant you want your backyard oasis to be. This is definitely not something you want to skimp on as it can make or break your backyard experience.

Do You Research When Building a Pool?

Having a swimming pool built is a big investment and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You can do your research on building companies and speak with your local council, however, the best way to find out how much does it cost for a swimming pool builder is by speaking with several different companies about their pricing structures before investing any more time or money into this project.

The average backyard concrete pool installation may run around $15000 and can be as high as $100000 depending on the size of the pool, features added such as waterfalls, slide etc., extras such as decking or fencing, and accessories such as automatic cleaners.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Prices

A new pool price can vary anywhere from $500 to upwards of $10000 for larger above ground pools. The big difference maker is the size, with bigger pools costing more due to greater pool surface area being affected by temperature loss. A good quality pool costs a lot.

These are just some rough guidelines on pool prices and how much you can expect to pay if you’re having a new pool built in your backyard by professional pool builders. Remember that there are many different types of pools and each one may have its own cost associated based on the features they offer. If you want something simple, it’ll be less expensive than one with all sorts of bells and whistles added throughout. A pool builder can help you decide when choosing a new pool, regardless if it’s a fibreglass pool, vinyl liner pool, compass pools, cement or similar.

Conclusion – Swimming Pool Costs & Prices

A pool cost can be massive. Swimming pools can even be one of the most expensive things you buy when doing up your backyard. If price is an issue, consider building a cheaper type of pool or starting with something small and then adding onto it later. Money could never be the thing that’s standing in your way if you really want to have an outdoor pool built in your backyard because there are ways to get around this. It just takes some careful budgeting before diving into this project.

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