Garden Fencing [The Ultimate Guide]

garden fencing in Australia

Are you one of those horticultural aficionados who spend hours nurturing their garden beds? Have you always been head-deep with the very rejuvenating idea of imitating a pastoral glimpse of the Secret Garden in your garden one day? The sweet-fragranced thought of the lovely trellises mingling with the French roses, as one sits musing in a cherished garden earned by long years of exertion and persistence to build a home someday.

For times unknown, the invigorating relationship between gardening, shamans, and ordinary folks has been envisaged to be an unsolicited magical one, and one can embark on a self-healing journey to meditate on what comes in the various forms of gardening skills.

However, as precious as it sounds, a beautifully nurtured garden always requires the highest standards of protection, and this is exactly what an expertly built garden fencing is based upon. Apart from protecting your preciously built garden from the fear of critters, bespoke garden fencing also plays a role to add a handful sprinkle of personality and character to a house, and the very look of it tells its tale to the onlookers.

Be it be a vegetable garden or a flowerbed, fences are known to incorporate an exotic aura of unrivalled class to complement your sanctuary, your garden. Nowadays, fences are often derived from extremely eye-catching materials such a bamboo or lattice that seem to add those mellow hints of a warm welcome to your piece of land, as well as act as a solid barrier to all unwanted intrusions.

From traditional styles of vintage trellising to sturdy looking panels, the architectural variety of garden fencing is more versatile than the boundaries of imagination, owing to the lifestyle level of competition out there. Let us explore some of the most favourite fencing styles of the millennials in Australia.

What is Aluminum Garden Fencing?

Visually appealing and quite inexpensive as compared to steel fencing, aluminium fencing is one of the best options when it comes to select aesthetically attractive fencing for your garden. It is extremely lightweight, very recyclable, and does not cause you to spend too much whilst you look after the other aspects of crafting the most gardening ideas for a self-owned home.

For years to come, the aluminium fencing grows better as it withstands the test of time, despite the high level of exposure. However, the downside of deploying aluminium fencing is that it can be bent easily unless the free makers apply a strong quality of coating to ensure its durability.

Garden Fencing Ideas & Examples

An ideal garden fencing comprises of an umpteen ideas, and it depends upon the notes of your aesthetic sense, as everyone has different perspectives and choices to spruce their garden and shelter it in the most skilled manner. Let’s read about some of them which are mostly preferred by gardening enthusiasts.

Natural Plant Fencing

Extremely organic and aesthetically intriguing, the natural plant fences are some of the most pocket-friendly ways of creating sustainable fences for the privacy of your garden. A tranquil row of bamboo plants can add tons of grace to your garden, and make it look as natural as anything could be.

You can also try to build wonderful conifer hedges to let the natural aroma surround your garden and add the divine vibes of soulfulness as if you just landed in a slice of paradise!

Natural Wooden Fencing

Do you like those quaint vibes of the old-world feeling when it comes to rest your eyes on your garden? Well, going old school is the best way to get that calming feeling, and this is exactly where natural wooden fencing plays a deep role to allow your creative freedom to deck your garden.

Wooden fences can be easily painted and adorned with decorative planters and baskets to bring a very merry touch to them, whilst they screen you from unwanted guests and anyone you would not want to see. Cedarwood is a great choice, and it is quite durable when it comes to battle the pitter-patter of heavy rainfall.

What is Garden wire fencing?

Garden wire fencing are those classically fashioned barbed solutions to protect and surround your garden from the unwelcomed possibility of intruders, burglars, and all the people you would never want to ever see near your place.

Apart from trespassers, they can also help to protect the small children to climb over them, hence, being very parent-friendly.

What is the cheapest way to fence a garden?

If you want to incorporate an antique yet a very cheap means of fencing your garden, you can always encompass fencing solutions such as fence panels, fence posts, trellis, garden gates, and some charming accessories for extra hints of decoration.

We created a fencing cost guide to help you choose the correct fence for your backyard.

What is the best fencing for gardens?

Depending upon your budget and privacy concerns, you can always oscillate from expensive forms of garden fencing such as feather board fencing that is quite long, robust, and long-lasting to cheaper options such as the larch lap panel fencing that is commonly used for most of the gardens.

Both of the above-mentioned garden fencings are extremely popular and pet friendly, but the latter is not as durable as feather board fencing due to a reduced cost.

If you wish to choose an old-fashioned herb charm, then you can also opt for picket fencing which is crafted from the PVC and hence requires low maintenance costs.

Is garden fencing expensive in Australia?

As the general living cost is quite high in Australia, it’s always a wise idea to select a garden fencing which could be tailor-made to a bevvy of noteworthy factors such as your budget, the terrain, the height and the length of the fence which is normally measured in linear metres, and the requirement to paint a fence or not.

It also depends if you have prior gates to be removed or not, and all these factors can contribute to the selection of the most suitable garden fencing for your garden.

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