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Zincalume is a steel product with an alloy of 55% zinc and 45% aluminium. It was developed in Australia in the 1980s as a corrosion-resistant sheet for roofs, guttering and cladding. Zincalume has been included in the Australian Standard since 2001. Zincalume is a low-carbon steel product.

It is made from recycled, scrap steel and is about half the weight of galvanized steel. This means that it can be used in building systems where its lighter weight is an asset. A roofing contractor might use prefabricated Zincalume sheets in a way that dramatically cuts weight, installation costs and materials costs per square metre.

The Early Days of Zincalume

Incorporating zinc allows the steel to form a thicker coating of corrosion-resistant material than with traditional galvanizing, resulting in a longer life span for the product. Zinc coated products have been attached with screws at joints since 1945.

Zincalume provides protection against atmospheric corrosion, seawater spray and even fire exposure for up to three hours with good design detailing. In Australia, Zincalume has been tested extensively under the Building Code of Australia requirements for external cladding materials.

Zincalume Production

Zincalume is generally easy to fabricate, cut and form with simple tools, making it ideal for one-off applications such as fences or smaller construction jobs. The steel exhibits good ductility, meaning that it can be bent cold to an angle less than 90° without cracking the coating. It can also be painted using solvent-based paints including acrylic enamel, epoxy etc.

Zincalume Australian Standard

The Australian Standard AS/NZS4680:2001 defines 6 grades of Zincalume steel sheeting which are designated by their appearance when zinc coated-the higher the number, the thicker the coating. These thicknesses are 35 microns (grade 300), 50 microns(grade 400), 70 microns (grade 500), and 95, 135 and 190 microns (grades 600, 700 and 800). They can be hot-dip or electrochemically zinc-coated from a commercial supplier.

A Common Use for Zincalume

Zincalume is commonly used for roofing, gutters, building cladding, steel frames for roller doors and window frames. It can also be used as a substrate for metal roofing systems.

Zincalume sheeting could not be confused with galvanized steel which has a coating of 99% pure zinc. Galvanized steel provides protection only against atmospheric corrosion, while Zincalume steel’s thicker coating offers better resistance to weathering due to its alloy content being above the 0.1% minimum for galvanizing.

Zincalume is also known as Zinc-steel in Australia, New Zealand and North America. The average cost of a Zincalume sheet is around $12 per metre and can go up to around $30 per metre. It depends on the overall BMT (base metal thickness).

Zincalume Roofing Price

Zincalume is used extensively in the roofing, guttering and cladding industries to provide corrosion protection for steel structures. The flat sheet product has a strong reputation for its durability and cost-effectiveness when compared with other roofing materials such as Colorbond and terne plates.

Zincalume has many benefits including:

  • Good formability
  • Lightweight, so it’s easy to work with
  • Highly durable against corrosion and weathering
  • Thanks to its alloy content, Zincalume offers much better protection than galvanized steel sheets (which contain only 97% zinc).
  • Easily painted with solvent-based paints such as enamel, epoxy etc.

Zincalume is a popular roofing material that costs more the thicker it is. The average price for Zincalume roofing is around $12 and can go up to around $30.

Zincalume Price

In Australia, Zincalume grades 300, 400 and 500 are commonly used in roofing applications. In the UK it is also known as “Galvalume” or “GAZAL”.

In North America, it’s known as AZ50MC zinc-coated steel sheets. It is a good option for fencing and cladding materials suitable for both exterior and interior use.

The price range of a Zincalume sheet is around $12 per linear metre to around $30 per linear metre depending on the BMT-base metal thickness.

zincalume sheet price
Zincalume Roofing

Corrugated iron roof

The traditional corrugated iron roofing is being replaced with better, more modern materials. But Zincalume roofing provides a good alternative, it’s not only attractive looking but may protect your home for many years to come.

Zincalume can be bent cold to an angle less than 90° without cracking the coating making it perfect for one-off applications such as fences or smaller construction jobs. It can also be painted using solvent-based paints including acrylic enamel and epoxy etc.

A corrugated iron roof is a type of roofing material that is primarily used in regions where the climate is humid, rainy, hot and cloudy. This type of corrugated roofing needs to be replaced every 15-20 years depending on the climate. A corrugated iron roof sheet is not only strong and durable but also very affordable.

Since it’s made from iron, a corrugated roofing panel weighs around a lot. Corrugated roofs are considered to be excellent insulation options. If installed properly, they can keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter making them an important part of any type of home weatherizing system

Zincalume vs Corugated Iron Price

A corrugated iron roof costs between $7 and $10 per meter while Zincalume ranges between $12 and $30 depending on the thickness of the material used. Corrugated roofing can last up to 20 years while Zincalume roofing needs replacing every 35 years.

Zincalume is a good alternative for corrugated iron panels which have been used for many decades in Australia and New Zealand covering homes, sheds and patios with low maintenance costs.

The longevity of the material makes it an ideal building material for roofs. If you are looking to replace corrugated roofing on your house, Zincalume may provide an affordable option that is easy to work with and durable enough to last through most weather conditions, unlike corrugated iron.

There’s no denying that a Zincalume roof provides great value for money-it lasts longer than other types of roofing materials and is also more environmentally friendly, unlike corrugated iron.

Zincalume Metal Roofing Sheets

Zincalume roofing sheets provide a good alternative for homes in areas where humidity is high because the material resists corrosion and lasts for decades making it a worthwhile investment. It’s easy to work with and install plus you have many colour options available so you can choose just the right one to match your home’s exterior.

Zincalume Roofing Sheet Thickness

The metal roofing sheets are manufactured using a variety of different metals including steel, aluminium and zinc-aluminium alloy material. Galvalume uses this same coating metal so it provides the same corrosion protection as Zincalume metal roofing sheets. The only difference is that galvalume doesn’t provide much in the way of design options such as texture and colour selection. This makes Zincalume metal roofing sheets much more popular than galvalume because you also get to choose from many attractive designs and colours to choose from when it’s time to pick out what you want for your home.

Zincalume vs Galvalume

When it comes to choosing between Zincalume and galvalume you’ll find that both of these materials provide the same level of corrosion resistance, they also look similar to one another. But when it comes to selecting a metal roofing sheet for your home there are several issues you need to consider such as design, colour and texture choice plus price range.

Zincalume metal roofing sheets offer many more design options while still providing excellent protection against weather conditions while galvalume has a few fewer choices which make Zincalume metal roofing sheets a popular choice among homeowners who want a variety of design choices available.

Galvanised Steel vs Zincalume

Ask any roofing contractor and they may confirm that Zincalume provides superior protection to galvanised steels. The thicker the coating of Zincalume on the roofing sheet, the better is its protection against corrosion and weathering. This makes it a more eco-friendly option that costs less in the long run compared with other alternatives such as corrugated iron roofing sheets.

Colorbond Roofing

Colorbond roofing is a type of metal roofing that is manufactured from a Colorbond steel sheet that has been coated with a coloured coating. The different colours available include silver, brown, black and green amongst others. It’s used in commercial buildings, homes and other types of buildings. Colorbond roofing is popular because it’s easy to install and offers excellent long-term protection against extreme weather.

Colorbond steel roofing can also be installed in a range of other colours which can be specified at the time of installation. Colorbond roofing is also being used by industries such as warehouses, factories and businesses where the roofs can get a lot of wear and tear from wind or heavy equipment.

Colorbond Roofing vs Zincalume

The traditional corrugated iron roofing is being replaced with better, more modern materials. But Zincalume roofing provides a good alternative, it’s not only attractive looking but may protect your home for many years to come.

A roofing sheet metal is a thin sheet of steel or other metals that are used for roofing purposes.

It’s not only affordable but also easy to install making it an ideal choice for builders, contractors and even homeowners looking to improve the look of their home without spending too much money on the construction work.

Roofing sheet metal is usually made using low carbon steel coated using zinc or aluminium-zinc alloys called galvanised steel or galvalume respectively. The galvanised coating provides long-lasting resistance against corrosion which makes it perfect for use in harsh weather conditions. It can also be painted over so you have a range of colour options available to choose from when it comes time to choosing your new roof covering material.

Zincalume vs Colorbond

Colorbond roofs are made using different types of steel that vary from Zincalume to galvanized to galvalume. Galvanised roofs are not suitable for humid climates as they can break down quickly when exposed to damp weather conditions.

Zincalume is a great alternative because it provides far better protection against rust and corrosion than galvanised steel, what’s more, it’s also much thicker which means it may last longer too.

Australian Conditions

The weather is a lot more humid than in other parts of the world so choosing the right roof sheets building materials that are suitable for this type of weather is essential. That’s why Zincalume can be a great choice as it provides superior protection against corrosion and rust which makes it ideal for the Australian climate, unlike corrugated iron, Colorbond roof steel or similar.

It also looks good as well as being easy to install, unlike Colorbond roofs. It’s also much easier to repair because you don’t have to cut away flaking layers of paint from the surface-the process may damage the steel below which could leave your home open to water damage and mould growth.

The Downside of Zincalume

But Zincalume isn’t a perfect option-it has one downside, it doesn’t come in as many varieties as Colorbond roofing. However, this is not that big of an issue as Zincalume provides excellent protection against corrosion and rust. You also have the choice of painting it over if you want to match the roofing with the colour of your home or other structures on your property.

All in all, choosing Zincalume for a roofing sheet metal is a great option-it may provide superior insulation from heat and cold while protecting your home from moisture damage due to rust and corrosion which can lead to frozen pipes during winter months etc.

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