Super 6 Roof

super six roof

Caution: Super 6 Roofs in Australia are corrugated asbestos-cement that contain asbestos. Ensure a licensed professional is called when handling anything related to asbestos. If you are not sure it contains asbestos then it may be best to assume it does and to get a professional to test it. Asbestos is very dangerous and should be handled by a professional with great care

The Super Six Roof is a patented, lightweight, corrugated asbestos-cement steel roof system. It is made up of six simple components:

The purlins, the T-bar clips, the fasteners, the gable end walls and the vents are all supported by steel posts that slide within rails for quick installation. The construction industry is accustomed to using wood as a frame for their roofs. They think steel is too heavy or requires too much maintenance, but those are misconceptions. In fact, many of those same contractors feel comfortable working with light gauge steel decking because they trust it as a material.

The Super Six Roof is an alternative design that enhances the traditional roof structure by stabilizing and strengthening it with a lightweight yet strong material, steel, and its patented system of components. It provides an economical, watertight solution for residential and commercial buildings, such as:

  • Housing demonstration projects and emergency shelters
  • Emergency housing
  • Residential homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings

This roof system is ideal for constructing passive solar houses with the benefit of reducing construction time by 50% or more. A Structural Engineer’s calculations showed that this roof system may actually reduce long term maintenance costs because the lighter weight steel decking is less likely to warp or sag than the traditional wood roof.

Super 6 roofing

Super six roofing has many advantages of this design that save money, including:

  • The metal roof is resistant to fire and deterioration
  • It is very lightweight so it is easier to work with
  • It has a strong, durable structure with no visible seams
  • Its small size allows for more efficient shipping than other retail materials
  • It actually saves time because there are no joints or seams during installation. The components slide into one another rather than being nailed together. It can also be installed in all types of weather conditions without concern about poor quality material
  • During construction, there’s no risk of nails accidentally puncturing the roof membrane because it doesn’t even touch the decking
  • The unitized system makes it easier to install and the roof structure means that there’s no need for internal supports or scaffolding
  • It can be installed on a wide variety of roofs, including flat surfaces with a pitch as low as 2 inches per foot
  • There are no waste products because everything is recyclable and reusable

In addition, this construction material is manufactured using 20% recycled steel. It has been certified by an independent laboratory, ensuring its quality and safety. In fact, you would have to use three times more materials to achieve the same strength if you were to go with traditional wood framing, not including installation costs. The Super Six Roof uses 38% less energy in production than wood materials. Plus, the roof panels may not splinter or warp because they are made of corrugated steel instead of laminated wood. The result is a beautiful, strong super six roof system that may last for years to come at a reasonable cost.

What is a Super Six Roof Made of?

The super six top flanges are a cut piece of corrugated steel, which provides a lightweight and cost-effective solution for structurally sound roof decks.

The super six top flanges are secured at the open ends and into the metal clips that run along the rafter rails. The super six T-bar clips slide in to cover seams between panels, so there are no visible fasteners during installation.

What are Asbestos Fibres?

Asbestos is the name given to a group of minerals that occur naturally in the environment. Asbestos fibres are often found near deposits of mined products like coal, which is used to make energy and heat for homes and businesses. Asbestos can be released into the air when these materials burn.

The concern with asbestos fibres comes from its long term exposure, not someone being exposed to it for a few hours, days or weeks. The asbestos fibres are so fine that they can be easily inhaled into the lungs where they may remain for years. Because asbestos is resistant to heat and chemicals, its widely used in construction materials like insulation, drywall and shingles. Asbestos is highly toxic and it often causes serious illnesses such as cancer when it is inhaled over a long period of time.

Exposure to asbestos falls into two categories, either occupational or environmental.

Occupational Asbestos Exposure

Occupational asbestos exposure happens when someone works with asbestos on a regular basis, for example in the construction business. While there are strict guidelines around this type of exposure, it is generally safer than environmental exposure which can happen around your home or workplace.

Before 1983, most homes built in Australia used products containing asbestos insulation and shingles. If the asbestos remains intact, these materials are unlikely to cause health problems because asbestos is bound into the material product.

However, if the asbestos is disturbed by renovation activities like sanding or drilling, then the asbestos fibres may be released into the air where they can be inhaled by yourself and your family members. This is why many municipalities have instituted laws requiring professional renovators to remove all asbestos materials.

super six roof
Reapair of an Asbestos Roof

Environmental Asbestos Exposure

Environmental exposure happens when someone is regularly exposed to asbestos fibres in his/her home or workplace without realizing it. The main source of environmental exposure comes from deteriorating asbestos-containing insulating material. Even if you can no longer see the insulation, it does not mean that the product is free of asbestos. Asbestos can be ingested into your body through tiny dust particles that remain suspended in the air for long periods of time after disturbance (like drilling).

Another source of asbestos environmental exposure can come from disturbing painted surfaces or other building products, this causes a release of fine asbestos particles into the air that are then inhaled by you and your family members, especially if they suffer from breathing problems like asthma or lung cancer. If you suspect that your home contains asbestos materials, it is important to have them tested by a professional. This way you may know exactly how much asbestos is present and if it poses a risk to your health.

Limited Asbestos Exposure

Since the likelihood of disturbing the asbestos in your home is low, any exposure that might occur (mainly through environmental sources) would be limited. For this reason, professional renovators are expected to wear respirators when working with products containing asbestos. Some people believe that there is no safe level of exposure to asbestos and this includes some health organizations.

Does Super Six Contain Asbestos Fibres?

The components and roofing materials used in the Super Six Roof System does contain asbestos in Australia.

Is Super Six Roofing Weather Resistant?

The Super six nails are resistant to bad weather conditions and their strong materials make them very reliable in certain situations. These super six roofing screws may provide your outdoor shelter with the perfect finish and the strong grip needed to resist wind or rain. Furthermore, they work great even in wintertime when ice and snow might start creating trouble on your super six roofing surface. The locking facilities integrated into this type of screw are specially designed to improve its security.

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