Concrete Around in-ground Pool

concrete around a pool

Types of concrete around a pool | Why choose concreting to be around a pool? | Stamped concrete around a pool | Polished concrete around a pool | Exposed aggregate around a pool

Concrete pool surrounds are a good idea for inground pools. People spend most of their time on pool decks; therefore, it is only proper to do a good deck.

Nowadays, swimming pools can be made in any shape and size. Concrete is inexpensive and flexible which you can lay seamlessly around the pool regardless of the shape.

With concrete, you inhibit weeds and dirt. Additionally, the possibility of many design patterns allows for a decorative concrete finish.

Types of Concrete Around a Pool

The choice of concrete will impact the look and feel of your pool. There are several types of concrete homeowners can select.

  • Stamped concrete
  • Plain concrete
  • Coloured concrete
  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Brush or broomed finishes
  • Stencilled concrete

All these vary in cost and complexity, but they ultimately provide a high-end feel to your pool. Concrete pool surrounds allow you to tinker with the texture, colour, and shapes.

You can easily decide the pool surround matches your swimming pool. It enables you to mimic various decorative patterns around your pool area.

Why Choose Concreting to Be Around a Pool?

Concrete is a perfect choice for pool surrounds. It is durable, economical, easy maintenance, slip-resistant and flexible. Additionally, when installing a new swimming pool in your home, you have to do pool coping.

Coping or pool capping involves selecting the material that will form the pool edge. Pool edging is critical as it helps protect the pool structure. Concrete is a great material for an in-ground pool but pool copping is needed and provides a great decorative element.

Stamped Concrete Around a Pool

Homeowners prefer stamped concrete pool surrounds if they wish to mimic natural, more expensive materials. You can decide that your pool surround should have the feel of cobblestone, natural slate, bricks, or wood.

Concreters can easily imprint patterns and colours to give the swimming pool area an exclusive feel. Stamped concrete can be used to complement other decorative concrete designs, such as exposed aggregate.

Polished Concrete Around a Pool

concrete around a pool

A polished concrete pool surround is an inexpensive way to spruce up spaces around your pool areas. They are affordable but attractive at the same time.

To achieve a polished look, the concrete is ground once it has dried. A special sealer is then applied to prevent blemishes on the concrete. The result is a smooth and shiny surface that is durable.

Many homeowners fear the risk of slipping on smooth polished surfaces. To solve this issue, honed concrete is used for the finish.

Honed concrete is ground to achieve a certain level of shine and slip protection. Pool surrounds outside the house are susceptible to wetness. In this case, honed concrete is not overly ground. The maintenance of polished concrete is easy.

Exposed Aggregate Around a Pool

concrete around a pool

Just like driveways, exposed aggregate is also popular around pools. Apart from affordability, exposed aggregate is durable, anti-slip texture, attractive and long-lasting.

It is definitely a good choice for concrete around pool. Exposed aggregate can greatly enhance the look of your pool space. It offers incredible choices of customizing, including:

  • Using stones with contrasting colours
  • Ability to combine a variety of finishes on the decorative concrete.
  • Add materials like glass and pebbles while concreting to achieve sparkles.

The price range for exposed aggregate in Australia is $70-$150 per square meter. Note that price will vary substantially based on your location, level of finishing, and labour charges.

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