High Gloss Paint VS Low Gloss Paint

gloss paint

Which is better, high or low gloss paint, or maybe even semi-gloss paint? This question has been asked time and again, with no conclusive answer given yet. Most artists would say their preference is either of the two, some prefer one over the other, while some find both unsuitable.

So what’s the argument all about? And why do some people love low gloss paints while others swear by high gloss ones? Let’s first try to understand the difference between these two types of paint before discussing their respective advantages and disadvantages.

When house painting, you need to be careful of the paint type that you choose. You can either go for gloss or semi-gloss. The difference is the thickness of the shine. A high gloss gives a shiny reflective surface, while a low one provides almost no reflection at all.

What is High Gloss Paint?

High glossy paints contain titanium dioxide which offers more opacity than low gloss ones. So if you are painting something like an exterior of your house with high gloss paint, it may not allow any light to come through and may provide total darkness after nightfall. This makes it suitable for houses where people want little sunlight inside their homes during daytime as well as on nights when they wish to sleep early or even remain undisturbed by outside lighting coming into their windows. On the other hand, low gloss paints are best used when you want to allow more light in your home during the daytime.

Low Gloss Paint

These are also called flat paints. The flat paint contains very little titanium dioxide, giving it a slightly glossy appearance with little reflection. Low gloss paints are often preferred for indoor use since they give better visibility during the day than high gloss ones and help reduce glare if present indoors.

High gloss paints are usually available in shades of white while low glossy ones come in beige tones mostly. On average, high gloss paints dry quicker than their counterparts do though the difference isn’t huge. They cost more but that’s because they have more raw material content than others do. Low glossy paint costs less overall but depending on your choice of brand, it may cost more or less than high gloss paints.

Low Gloss Paint VS High Gloss Paint

Once you’ve decided on the type of paint for your home’s exterior finish, don’t forget to check if they are UV resistant as some are not. You may also need to choose between oil-based and water-based versions depending on what is already present on your walls before you start painting over them.

Once you’ve made up your mind regarding which type of paint suits you best, there is no looking back. Making hasty decisions based solely on the opinions of others is very unwise since everyone has their own preferences when it comes to choosing colours and finishes. Only experience can really guide you in taking the right decision.

How to Get Deals on Low, High or Semi-gloss Paints?

So, how can you get your hands on some high gloss paints for a very reasonable price? Well, frankly, there are no magic formulas to reduce your cost of buying paints and other home improvement material online significantly. There’s no hidden tricks or quick fixes that we can offer you though we may give you a few pointers to help you get what you want at lower than average prices.

Shop around, just like any other product, paints come in different brands and different paint sheen. So instead of walking into one store and walking out empty-handed, search online for more options. This way, not only may you experience greater savings but also get the best deal ever possible. Search for coupons and deals because almost every store online offers exclusive discounts and promos to its customers. Browse around before making your final decision. Sign up for newsletters since many stores send out newsletters that offer special discounts and coupons exclusively to their clients, so be sure to subscribe to those.

gloss paint
High Gloss Paint

Low Sheen Gloss Paints

Low sheen paints are another feature that is available in all brands of paint. If you’re not sure about whether to choose a high gloss or a low gloss finish, then select the lower sheen option. It’s by far the most popular choice for painting purposes and may be best suited for your needs if you cannot decide between a high gloss and a low one. This type allows light to pass through so it doesn’t result in total darkness during the day nor does it hinder visibility much indoors at night when compared to high glossy ones that do.

Oil-based paints are also more durable than water-based ones even though they take longer to dry. They can withstand weather changes well and may retain their shine for years without any chipping off from the surface they have been applied onto. Low sheen paint costs more than a high sheen one though the money you spend on it is worth it. This type of paint is also available in different finishes and can be used for a large variety of purposes.

Durability and Price of Paint

Water-based paints are less durable but dry faster than their oil-based counterparts do. They cost less overall and therefore, are very popular with people who aren’t ready to pay much for them nor do they wish to spend much time waiting for each layer to dry before applying another one. Low sheen water-based paints don’t last as long as their oil-based siblings do even though they look better initially when freshly applied onto surfaces so bear that in mind while making your choice between the two.

Price is definitely one of the biggest factors that affect people’s buying decisions. In fact, it is not uncommon for buyers to throw their budget out of the window while looking for a bargain at all costs. That being said, we cannot stress enough how important it is to know your budget constraints before you hit online stores.

Surface Imperfections of Low Sheen Paint

One of the biggest advantages offered by high gloss paints is that they hide surface imperfections well. That is why they are often used for covering flaws on newly painted surfaces like newly constructed buildings and newly plastered walls. If you’re looking for something to beautifully cover up the uneven surfaces, then you might want to opt for low sheen paints instead which won’t be as effective.

When compared with its counterparts, low sheen paints look far better initially but tend to lose some of their shine after days if not weeks have passed by. On the other hand, though high glossy finishes chip away faster than most other types once applied onto any surface yet they hold on to this gleaming appearance much longer than others without letting go or losing some of that slightly glossy appearance.

Choosing the right type of paint for your walls is no longer a hassle with all this useful advice at your disposal. Now that you know more about paints, their differences and which one suits your purpose best, go forth happily into any store or website to make that purchase. You may surely come out satisfied.

What is Paint Sheen?

Sheen is a characteristic of a paint finish that indicates how glossy or reflective it appears. A healthy sheen may make your walls look like they are glowing and your furniture stand out beautifully through the rooms

The sheen, usually measured on a scale from 1 to 4, depends on how much light bounces off the surface of the painted object once applied onto it. If you choose low sheen paints, then there is less reflection and hence, less light bouncing back towards your eyes. That is why such paints often come across as duller and matt paint than high gloss ones do even though they might look shinier initially when fresh.

If you want to conceal surface imperfections on your walls, or maybe highlight surface imperfections better, then you may probably be better off with high sheen paints, instead of matt wall paint, which is more effective for this purpose. If you want to make the room look bigger and brighter though, opt for low sheen paints instead as they offer a less reflective appearance overall.

What are Flat Paints?

The term “flat” in this scenario doesn’t refer to the paint’s sheen but instead is used to describe its texture. Flat paints are also known as matte finish paints and are often chosen by people who seek a subtle look for their walls. This type of paint does not reflect light easily which is why it has this particular name associated with it. When you walk into a room, don’t expect these types to provide extra lighting neither do they offer any sort of sparkle or shine that would usually attract your attention either.

Which Paint is Stain-resistant?

It is quite normal for walls to acquire dirt over time. After all, there are many materials that could come in contact with your room’s walls including your furniture and even your skin that could leave marks on it if not cleaned properly in the first place.

Since flat paints do not have a shiny appearance, they are often chosen by people who would like their rooms to look more subtle when compared with high gloss paints. Apart from being less reflective than other types, they also allow you to wash off stains with ease due to their good stain resistance properties which are usually provided by special molecules found within the paint itself. This makes them perfect for places where there might be spills of food or drink so bear these qualities in mind before you make up your mind.

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