Paint Colour Consultant

paint colour consultant

Colour consultants, or simply an experienced interior designer can point out that there are several reasons why certain shades of green paint may make your home feel cold, damp and depressing. While this may sound like a questionable sales pitch, there is much scientific evidence to support the claims.

Scientifically speaking, green paint can absorb excess heat and add excess moisture to an environment because of its ability to break down red and yellow light. Green also exhibits characteristics in the electromagnetic spectrum which allows it to scatter more easily than other colours.

Colour consultants are familiar with these particular properties of paint and can apply them to various aspects of daily life. Painters are very familiar with companies such as Dulux and Taubmans. Painters know that with the right colour scheme, products and paint colours a home can become much more vibrant.

Dulux Colour Consultant

Colour consultation is an integral part of Dulux’s marketing strategy. Colour is the fundamental element in the design of any space, whether it’s a home or work environment, and colour can influence moods, feelings and emotions. Dulux consultants are trained to help you choose the right colours for your home or work environment. These are just some of the ways a Dulux colour consultant or qualified Dulux designer has helped Australians take advantage of colour in their homes and workplaces, and make the right colour choice:

  • Helped homeowners create a room concept with three key colours within six weeks, doubling sales.
  • Increased sales by over 400% for one retailer by choosing the right paint shades, coordinating them with accessories and furniture, all while increasing brand awareness.
  • Given an older couple their first makeover experience by painting their lounge room in four hours, increasing sales by 250%. Clients were charged $100 per hour for this service.
  • Organised the relocation process for ex-pats, providing Dulux colour consultation package that included choosing colours for walls, doors and trims, plus interior accessories.
  • Delivered a presentation to groups of women aged over 55 on how to paint their homes with dignity and style.
  • Conducted a colour consultancy in an aged care facility, where residents were involved in the design process from start to finish. The final look was given a sophisticated feel with just three main colours, soft ecru, Monza yellow and winter white.

Dulux Collaboration

Dulux collaborates and focused on colour consultation with well known international designers such as Holly Hunt in the USA, TAF Architect Designers in Singapore and Colours Consultancy in Shanghai China. Dulux also hosted the BBC TV series ‘Colour Confidential’ by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in Australia to demonstrate the power of colour. They are on the hunt for a great interior designer, to exchange contact details and talk about a certain colour scheme and paint colours.

To give a unique experience to its customers it organizes home makeover/renovation events across cities by involving professional interior decorators who conduct onsite colour consultations and give demonstrations on various decorating techniques. Customers who participate in these events can get a free paint voucher worth $150 for every purchase over $250.

Dulux Promotions

Dulux also hosts live shows and online chats on its website and on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to guide customers about colour trends and how to use them effectively. It reaches out to the interactive audiences through customer interaction sessions which include painting classes, etc., where consumers can learn from experts in the interior design industry. Dulux has also launched an application of ‘Virtual Home Colour Planner’ for iPhone users so that they can plan their interiors according to their moods and needs through this app. Dulux then sends the order of the consumer either at their doorstep or provides them with the necessary material to get their home painted on their own.

Through colour consultations, product promotions, consumer engagement events and social media campaigns, Dulux aims not only at increasing brand awareness but also building customer loyalty. Its objective has led it to work towards achieving significant growth in sales revenue by 2020 by strengthening its brand image among the target segments of women between 25-45years.

Dulux Colour Consultant Cost

The colour consultation cost varies from region to region. Dulux colour consultants are available for individual home visits, over the phone or through email correspondence. Payment is accepted in cash or by cheque. The average rate is around $170 per hour for professional consultation with a Dulux designer. A Dulux designer can help with choosing the right shades for your home and come up with a unique colour plan. A Dulux designer may also provide you guidance on choosing paint finishes and accessories to complement your chosen shades.

What is Included in Colour Consultation?

A qualified Dulux designer may meet you in person, over the phone or offer online colour consultation to understand your home’s architecture and decorating style. He/she may take measurements, note down the existing colours used for walls, windows etc., and determine which areas require attention (such as cracks, holes, etc.). With your inputs, he/she might take a colour palette and create a colour plan for your home.

The qualified Dulux designer and consultant may also help you choose the right shades of paint colour for your home’s interiors and exteriors, along with paint finishes (matte, eggshell, etc.) and accessories. They may even offer a different colour scheme entirely.

paint colour consultant
Selecting a Perfect Colour Combination

What does Dulux Offer?

Dulux offers its customers complete solutions covering every aspect of designing including a selection of paints, colours, textures upholstery fabrics that are in sync with their tastes and preferences. They may even offer online colour consultation for their products, service and paint colours. For creative individuals who have ideas to develop new collections, Dulux has framed an exclusive policy under which it allows its associates to work on innovative products that can be used as per the needs of customers. This programme enables them to exhibit their innovative concepts at the international level thereby promoting creativity within India which eventually becomes an important source of inspiration for other designers.

Colour trends are usually seen either at fashion weeks or on some popular TV shows like Project Runway season 3 where contestants were given the task of creating wearable art using paint as the medium. Dulux trend experts understand that giving customers fashion advice need not be confined to catwalk events alone, colour advice can also be availed through fashion-themed programmes on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Dulux Colour Consultants

A Dulux colour consultant is available for individual home visits, over the phone or through email correspondence. Payment is accepted in cash or by cheque. The average rate is around $170 per hour for professional consultation with a Dulux designer. A Dulux designer can help with choosing the right shades for your home and come up with a unique colour plan.

Cosmetic Consultants

Dulux consultants organise makeover parties at homes or workplaces where they assist customers in beautifying their surroundings by creating different looks for spaces, according to themes such as romance, classic, etc. Customers can also participate in such sessions conducted by Dulux designers to learn more about decorating techniques and trends related to colours. People who attend these makeover events organised by Dulux consultants are charged $100 per session. Corporate customers may be required to pay $200 per session. Each price varies so get in touch with Dulux before you hire a colour consultant.

Dulux Home Makeover/Renovation Events:

Dulux also organizes events called ‘Home Makeover/Renovation’ for customers, where leading interior designers conduct seminars and display their works that inspire people to improve the look of their homes. Customers are encouraged to participate in these events by providing them with free paint vouchers worth $150 each when they purchase over $250. These events are held at venues like shopping malls, etc., which can accommodate 50 to 100 participants at a time.

Dulux Home Makeover Events:

Dulux allows customers to get free paint vouchers worth $150 for each purchase over $250 by participating in the events held on Tuesdays at their retail stores for two hours every week. Customers can avail of these offers by showing a voucher given out at the event or by mentioning the offer while placing an order over the phone. The customer may meet the specified terms and conditions of this offer to get the voucher which includes having a minimum shopping amount of $250, etc. Please note that these vouchers are valid only at any one store where they were collected from during the promotional period.

Taubmans Colour Consultant

Taubmans is an Australian paint and decorative coatings company that was initially established as a small shop in Sydney’s inner west. The company has grown significantly and now operates across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, Ireland and the USA. Taubmans offers a special Home Buying Facilitator service, wherein an expert decorator comes to your house and discusses what you want with regards to colours and design. He/she provides different colour options for every room in your home which may appeal to you.

Where You Can Find Taubmans Today?

Taubmans operates mainly in New South Wales with stores across the state. The brand also has stores in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia which offer the service and products. It also operates nationally through selected retailers, including Mitre 10 shops across Australia.

The Taubmans colour consultant service is available for individual home visits, over the phone or through email correspondence. Payment for the service is accepted in cash or by cheque. Taubman’s designer may also provide you guidance on choosing products for paint finishes and accessories to complement your chosen shades.

Taubmans Average Consultant Rate

The average rate charged by a Taubman’s colour consultant is around $110 per hour. Corporate customers may be required to pay more for this service, depending on the location of their premises and the nature of services provided by Taubmans.

You can hire a colour consultant from Taubmans for individual home visits or phone/ email consultations, etc., which are charged at an hourly rate. You can also avail of their discounted rates for home renovation events or group sessions.

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