Glass Splashback Cost

Glass Splashback Cost

A glass splashback is a major issue for those who own and operate restaurants. It can be difficult to find the right glass, as many glasses are not designed to withstand the force of hot liquids being splashed onto them. Glass Splashback Cost can also cause an increase in your food cost by adding expensive dishwasher time and detergent.

If you want to avoid these added costs and lower operating expenses, then invest in tempered glass dishes that may resist breakage from hot liquids and provide years of service without having to be replaced or repaired.

You’ll save money on replacing dishes, dishwashers, detergents, linen services, etc., while still providing quality drinks for your customers with durable glassware that won’t shatter when hot liquids are poured into it. Glass splashbacks also add a nice touch to a restaurant’s overall decorating scheme and can look very elegant if done correctly.

Tempered glass is stronger than other varieties, so while you may pay more for these products, this extra cost may be offset by the added benefits of serving your drinks in dishware that won’t shatter when exposed to hot liquids.

What is Glass Splashback?

Generally speaking, a glass splashback is added to help decorate and add a touch of class to your business. The best option for providing this service is tempered glass, which can withstand extreme stress and heat without shattering or chipping away. Tempered glassware may save you money over time by allowing you to avoid costly replacement expenses and repairs.

Bar glasses come in a variety of styles and sizes, and there are many ways that you can utilize them to give your restaurant an enhanced appearance while also providing customers with durable drinkware designed to last years without breaking down or requiring replacements.

Cost of Glass Splashback

The expense of glass splashbacks is determined by the sort of glass you pick. A pre-cut glass splashback is the most affordable. These may be obtained from specialty stores like Bunnings, and they are available in a variety of sizes suited to 600mm or 1000mm cooktops. If you’re confident about the dimensions of your kitchen, cutouts for power points, especially its height, but also its width, this is the way to go. Expect to spend around:

  • High-quality toughened glass and colour matched, this pre-cut glass splashback costs $149 for a 700mm x 745mm x 6mm size.
  • A higher-quality, bespoke glass splashback might cost you a lot more. 6mm thick toughened glass splashbacks may cost anything from $200 to $400 on the high side.
  • The cost of a 6mm thick toughened glass splashback is around $450 and $600 per square metre, depending on the cuts needed.

At this price, the splashback may have a higher finish and can complement your kitchen nicely. You’ll be able to choose from a wider variety of colours than tile splashbacks, which are usually limited to a colour palette. Starphire glass is another alternative for toughened safety glass with no colour tint. This glass has less hue distortion than clear glass, which might alter the look of your splashback if you paint it. For a painted Starphire glass splashback you can expect to spend around $420 per square metre. Remember, the more cutouts you have, the more bespoke glass splashbacks you’ll need.

Glass Splashback Cost per Metre

Depending on the thickness that you desire and other variables, you may anticipate spending anywhere from $140 to $650 per square metre on average. The glass splashbacks cost may be directly proportional to the thickness of the glass. Glass splashbacks are generally easy to install, but take care when measuring your oven or cooktop for a custom installation. You can also opt to have a contractor perform the installation for you, but expect to pay an additional fee of around $300 to $500 for this service.

The thickness is going to be crucial in deciding the price of your glass splashback. The greater the thickness required, the more expensive it may be due to production costs and demand from buyers. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll still get a longer lifespan from your purchase with unmatched durability when compared with tiles or other materials. This extra value comes at a slightly higher cost than tile and sheet splashbacks but is worth every cent when you consider how much money you’re saving over time on repairs and replacements that don’t need to happen because of broken dishes.

Tempered glass is perfect for this application, offering high strength and excellent fire resistance while also being easy to clean. For a more durable alternative to tempered glass, Starphire glass is ideal. It’s even more scratch-resistant than tempered glass and does not distort the colours or hue of your kitchen interior when painted with water-based paints. To truly set off your splashback, opt for a decorative border that may cover up the cutouts made in the glass during installation. This may give you an extra design element that sets off the look of your kitchen perfectly.

Mirror Splashback Cost

The mirrored splashback cost is somewhat higher than that of regular glass. Still, it is a popular material since it reflects light. It’s a great choice for bathrooms because it reflects light. If it’s installed in a wet room, you’ll need someone with experience waterproofing mirrors, this might influence the price of the mirrored splashback.

Another disadvantage of mirrored glass splashbacks is they are easily damaged. You should avoid direct contact with sharp objects and be careful when cleaning them because water might leave stains over time. They don’t make very good kitchen splashbacks, but they can set off a bathroom beautifully. This material is quite popular in commercial establishments like hotels and restaurants because it looks clean and contemporary all the time. Expect to pay around $450 including installation for this kitchen glass splashback.

Glass Splashback Cost
Coloured Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens

Mirror Splashback Cost per Metre

The mirrored splashbacks cost per metre may vary, depending on the thickness of the material that you choose. This factor affects how much light the glass reflects and the price. A regular mirror is usually around 3mm to 6mm thick while a thicker mirrored splashback could be between 8mm and 10mm. Most small mirrors are 1m² in size which means it should cost between $200 to $4000 for installation plus materials for the kitchen splashback.

Kitchen Splashback Benefits

Kitchen splashback benefits are many. They may provide you with a stylish look that makes your kitchen stand out. This is especially important if your kitchen doesn’t have much natural light because the glass panels installed behind your cooktop and oven can reflect all the necessary light.

‎The glass used for these panels is extremely durable, scratch-resistant and fire-resistant, making them safe to use in high-temperature environments. The best splashbacks are made from tempered glass which offers strength, resistance to heat changes as well as chemical corrosion. It’s also easy to clean up spills on these surfaces should they occur since you just need to wipe them down with water or mild detergents

When it comes to price, tempered glass is more expensive than other types of glass such as regular or mirror, but it’s worth every extra cent. The kitchen splashbacks cost should also include installation and materials like grout, sealants and adhesives. These are needed to make everything look professional and seamless resulting in a complete design without any gaps between the glass panels and cuttings. Keep in mind that special cutouts are needed for power points.

Use of Tempered Glass Splashbacks

Tempered glass can be used for both residential and commercial purposes due to its strength and durability. It is often seen in bathrooms, corridors, offices etc., where it can be installed on walls instead of using costly tiles that become slippery when wet. This material is fire-resistant since it won’t emit toxic fumes if exposed to high temperatures such as those produced by fires or welding works for very long. Tempered glass is also resistant to heat changes and this makes it suitable for underfloor heating installations that raise the temperature of a room within minutes.

The tempered glass kitchen splashback installation is actually quite easy. You can install them on your own if you have some experience in handling tools and materials, but hiring professionals may ensure everything goes smoothly without any problems or complications arising from poor measurements or faulty installation procedures.

If you want to add a distinctive touch to your modern home design with a stylish look then choose a tempered glass kitchen splashback because they may create a sense of depth in your living area. They are ideal for homes where people love cooking since they are healthy, nutritious and delicious treats can be prepared in kitchens with these beautiful glass surfaces installed.

Tempered Glass Splashbacks Cost Australia

When deciding on your splashback, consider what it needs to do. Is it capable of withstanding frequent wetness, as could happen if it’s above the sink? Is it in a showy area of the kitchen that may need to pack extra decor punch? Is it in an area with limited light, so colour selection may be important? If it’s on the wall behind the stove, it may also need to meet stringent government standards, especially if the stove is fueled by gas. It may almost certainly need to be high-heat resistant, dint/smash/chip-proof, and easy to clean, even if you’re scrubbing when things like toffee splutter from a boiling pan.

The good news is that there are no strict guidelines when it comes to how your splashback should appear. However, certain splashbacks may look better in specific types of kitchens, such as pressed-metal ones. Glass splashbacks, on the other hand, might look great in modern kitchens, while pressed-metal ones may be more appropriate for heritage homes. The cost ranges from as little as $100 per square metre to around $500 per square metre. These glass tiles are typically easy to clean, hardwearing and are available in various sizes.

Splashback Material and Types

Currently, there are way too many kitchen splashbacks available for sale, in different colours and made from different materials. Some of the splashback materials include:

  • Toughened glass
  • Hardboard
  • Tiles
  • Acrylic
  • Stainless steel splashbacks
  • Stone
  • Marble

Tiles and Stone Splashbacks

There has been a significant increase in homeowners opting for tile splashbacks. This is mostly due to the fact that tiles come with some advantages that cannot be compared to other types of materials. They are affordable, durable and can be easily cleaned, so they are perfect as kitchen splashbacks. But before making such a decision, you should keep in mind some factors such as:

Weight – if there is an unleveled surface or the wall isn’t strong enough, your tile might fall off. So make sure to check those things first. You also need to know that heavy objects (like stone) require special fixings and reinforcement on walls.

Edges – this is one of the most important things you need to pay attention to. Make sure all the edges are smooth and straight, otherwise, the installation process may be a nightmare.

Pattern – this factor is mostly responsible for making your kitchen look stylish and attractive. Try combining different tiles with each other to create a unique pattern and design.

Tile placement – this is another very important thing you need to pay attention to. Try choosing a place for your tile splashback that may receive the lightest possible. So, choose wisely and carefully.

Toughened Glass vs Pressed Metal Splashbacks

When you are looking to get a durable splashback installed, the two most common materials used in home design are toughened glass and pressed metal. Both of these have their own advantages but if you want to choose one which is more affordable, then go with a pressed metal splashback because they may also help in making your kitchen look beautiful.

If not properly installed, or of poor workmanship, a tempered glass splashback can be dangerous in a cooking zone so when using them in the kitchen it is necessary to ensure that professionals install this safety glass correctly. Check your existing splashback carefully to determine if it is tempered, polished or laminated.

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