Caesarstone Benchtops Cost

Caesarstone Benchtops Cost

When talking about the Caesarstone benchtops cost, there are a lot of variables to take into consideration. Such as the design you are looking for, material or colours. If it’s pure white or taupe-grey because the company only has about thirty other different colours available.

The engineered quartz benchtops have been around since 1987, however, it has only reached Australia recently 2013 after being seen at homes all over Europe and Asia. Today, engineered stone benchtops quickly take over the market.

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a man-made quartz surface. It’s used for surfaces like benchtops, bathrooms, showers and splashbacks. It doesn’t require sealing which makes it very low maintenance compared to other surfaces like stone or granite, this means that you won’t need to reseal it every year or so. The surface itself can be any colour that you feel fits your design theme or style. You also do not have to have a polished finish, just a smooth one, because it comes with a factory-applied coating already on it for an easy no-fuss installation.

Caesarstone surfaces are pre-fabricated before they reach your home, they can be made to virtually any size and shape. They have a 10-year warranty but keep in mind that under this warranty Caesarstone may only cover manufacturing faults so anything like heat discolouration would not be covered.

The surface comes with an adhesive strip for easy installation, it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use, so you could even have it added to your patio area later on if you wish. There are also many different colours of the surface itself available to choose from depending on what type of look you’re after.

Benefits of Having a Caesarstone Kitchen Benchtop

The quality of the material used to make Caesarstone surfaces is very durable and high-quality so there aren’t really any problems with the surface itself. It’s also quite low maintenance and easy to look after because unlike many other surfaces you don’t have to reseal it occasionally. One pro for having a Caesarstone benchtop at home is their ability to sit over an old benchtop if necessary making them economical too.

You may also get a 10-year warranty from Caesarstone so there’s every reason why you could consider adding this to your home. Another pro is that it can be ordered in any size or shape and the surface itself comes in a number of different colours, some examples are shown below. There are also many quotes available for free on various websites if you search around online.

Downsides of Having a Caesarstone Benchtop

The one downside to Caesarstone is that it is a bit more expensive than other surfaces. However, this also means that there are no real disadvantages as such, apart from those already mentioned in the article which you can find under “How much does it cost?”

Caesarstone Prices

Caesarstone surfaces are a bit more expensive than some alternatives, the prices vary depending on size but as a guide an average Caesarstone benchtop costs around $390 to $550 per square metre. It is important to know that this price doesn’t include the cabinets or appliances, which you may need to factor into your overall kitchen renovation budget. You can expect to pay another couple of thousand dollars for those items. Keep in mind that Caesarstone is made from quartz and even though it is man-made it still carries a 10-year warranty so there’s every reason why you could consider installing this surface in your bathroom or kitchen.

Caesarstone Slab Cost

If you’re undecided about whether to go with Caesarstone or natural stones like granite or marble, this is a sample of the cost difference between each material. This estimate is based on a 5-meter length of the slab and a 600mm depth.

A meranti packed wood laminate is often a great answer for homeowners who want to update without spending too much money. A cost comparison of Meranti vs Caesarstone, granite and marble can be seen below.

  • The cost of a wood-look laminate (with rolled edges) is $625.
  • Caesarstone $2800
  • Granit $3300
  • Marble $3500

The choice between either granite or marble usually depends on how flashy you want your kitchen to look but both come with their own pros and cons. For example, marble is soft so it’s not advisable for surfaces like benches where there may be repeated knocks. On the other hand, because it’s soft, marble tends to scratch quite easily so once again if it’s in an area that may get a lot of wear and tear then it’s not necessarily the best material. With modern technology, today you can get a marble that looks like a quartz polished slab, quantum quartz kitchen, laminate benchtops and much more in the standard range.

How Much is Caesarstone

Caesarstone deluxe is a type of Caesarstone that is made with higher quality material. The cost for this premium product varies and can be anywhere from $520 per square metre all the way to almost $800. A deluxe Caesarstone benchtop is made using quality material and is almost impossible to chip while it costs a bit more than standard Caesarstone.

Caesarstone Benchtops Cost
Caesarstone Benchtops in Kitchen

There isn’t really any difference between the two in terms of how you install them or what they can be used for so it’s just a matter of preference and budget if you decide to go with this premium surface. A deluxe benchtop is often very popular because people still think about it as similar to granite even though there are some obvious differences. Caesarstone colours include white, black, grey and pink among others depending on where you’re purchasing from.

The range is actually vast but without doubt, the most common colours are white, grey and quartzite (a mix between grey and brown which looks rather nice by the way). Some of the colours are best suited for bathrooms because of their dark hues while others are more suitable for kitchens. For example, white is great if you have a lot of natural light in your home or you plan on using lots of artificial lighting to bring out the colour variations in the surface. This is why some prefer black over other colours because it absorbs light better whereas some lighter stone surfaces tend to reflect rather than absorb.

Caesarstone Supernatural Ultra Range

The supernatural ultra-range is the latest addition to the Caesarstone range and it’s really quite popular with homeowners because of its enormous array of colours and gloss finishes. These surfaces are so unique and stylish that they can even rival natural stones such as granite and marble. What makes them stand out from other Caesarstone surfaces is not just their colour but also their sheen which ranges from matte, low sheen, high sheen to metallic.

Even though they look like a polished stone or granite counters they’re actually easier to clean than either as these surfaces don’t absorb as much bacteria. They’re fairly resistant to staining but if you do get stubborn dirt on your countertop then simply use some hot water mixed with an abrasive cleaner (e.g. baking soda). Regular use of a disinfectant, however, is recommended to avoid any problems with germs and we wouldn’t recommend using bleach on Caesarstone supernatural ultra ranges either.

When it comes to the supernatural ultra Caesarstone price, the price is around $1200 per square metre or Caesarstone slabs would cost around $5000. The supernatural ultra range is relatively new on the Australian market. Installation costs vary per square meter.

Some Colour Options for a Caesarstone Benchtop

The best way to show what each colour looks like is by showing you real-life images of the surfaces in homes across Australia, or a really good explanation. Some of the options available are,

Celestial Black Caesarstone benchtops have a dark black with metallic flecks running through them. It gives off an elegant look and looks great when combined with white kitchen cabinets and appliances. This would be suitable for any outdoor area because it’s UV-resistant.

Celestial White Caesarstone benchtop is a modern-looking surface that may brighten up your kitchen or bathroom, this colour is also UV resistant so you can have it outdoors if you wish. This colour in particular goes well with wooden tones and grey cabinets to give it a classic look.

Carousel Grey Caesarstone benchtop has dark tones mixed in with lighter ones creating an almost marble-like finish when the light hits the surface at different angles. There are even some hints of pink in this one which makes it perfect for bathrooms or laundries where there may be lots of natural light coming through the window during the day.

Cosmic Stone Benchtop Colours

Cosmic Ash Caesarstone benchtop is a medium wood grain texture that gives off a solid and elegant look that’s ideal for bathrooms or laundries.

Cosmic White Caesarstone benchtop has a smooth matte finish which is perfect if you’re after a modern-looking surface, this would be best suited to any outdoor area because it is UV resistant.

Cosmic Storm Caesarstone benchtop is a sandy textured surface which makes it great as an understated look in the kitchen or bathroom where less is more. It gives off an earthy feel and looks beautiful with dark colours such as navy blue and grey cabinets. This colour is not suitable for outdoors as it isn’t UV resistant so it can fade if left in direct sunlight for too long.

Natural Stone vs Engineered Stone Benchtop

Most surfaces are man-made, which means that they are actually made from various minerals and materials which have been compressed together to form a solid surface. There are some disadvantages of using these types of surfaces because they can be porous, meaning liquids can seep through the cracks after time, causing them to stain. This is normally only an issue with darker surfaces as light colours don’t show up stains as easily.

Another downside is that if you ever want to get rid of it then unfortunately there isn’t any way around having to replace it entirely. However, there are also many pros including that the surface itself may look good for much longer than natural stone surfaces without getting damaged or needing repairs. One big pro is that most people prefer manufactured surfacing because you can get the look of natural stone without the ongoing maintenance. A natural stone benchtop like granite and marble needs to be sealed regularly and sometimes even polished on a regular basis, which requires time and expertise (but not expensive), whereas engineered surfaces don’t need any special care or attention.

A Caesarstone benchtop is UV-resistant so it won’t fade over time if left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. So as you can see there are lots of benefits to using a Caesarstone benchtop as opposed to natural stone benchtops such as granite or marble, however, it all depends on your preference. If you’re after an easy surface that doesn’t require too much effort then choosing engineered stone surfacing may be the best option for you.

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