Glass Pricing (Window Costs)

Glass Pricing (Window Costs)

Glass windows and doors are essential in every house. We take them for granted until they break, at which point we realize that glass and glazing have a cost. What is the cost of glass and glazing? It is determined by a number of variables.

Depending on the sort of glass, glazing and windows might cost anything from $38 per square metre to $320 per square metre. For float glass, expect to pay around $38 per square metre, while low iron glass costs roughly $145 per square metre. Double-glazed window glass costs around $200 per square metre, whereas laminated glass, is considerably more expensive at about $320 per square meter.

Who are Glaziers?

A glazier, of course, performs more than simply replacing broken window glass. A glazier may also perform the following tasks for you:

  • Install or replace glass on various furniture, most commonly a table
  • Shower screen installing and repair, if it’s made of glass
  • Cutting and shaping glass per your needs
  • Weatherproofing and strengthening joins made of glass
  • Applying and reapplying glazing on windows or doors
  • Glass pane repairing or replacement

The cost of glass installation may depend largely on the type of glass you are looking for since there are many types to choose from such as double-glazed glass, laminated glass, float glass, toughened glass, low E glass and much more. However, it is worth having a number of quotes from glaziers before making your final choice “as this can save you both time and money“. You could remember that even if one supplier is slightly cheaper than another, it may be because they have cut corners in some way where quality is concerned.

How Much does Glass Cost

The price depends on a few factors but overall expect to pay around:

  • Float glass at around $38 per m2
  • Low iron glass at around $145 per m2
  • Glass with double glazing at around $200 per m2
  • Low E glass at around $220 per m2
  • Laminated glass at around $320 per m2

When purchasing tempered or laminated safety glass, you could also expect to pay about 10% more than the cost of non-safety glass. The price can vary depending on your location, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to get 3 quotes from suppliers in your area. In addition, remember that there may be slight variations in prices between different suppliers within the same city because not all glaziers charge the same fees for their work. If you think you’ve been quoted an unreasonable fee and find someone who charges less, perhaps try to negotiate with your original supplier since they might accept a lower price.

Whether you go manual or electric makes little difference in pricing requirements when it comes to standard windows. However, in terms of special features, electric mechanisms such as sash lifts and tilting windows make your glazier’s job considerably more difficult.

Glass Prices Australia

There are many factors that may impact the price of glass price per square metre. Some of them are:

  • The type of glass
  • Glass size
  • Glass shape

Glass type

There are several different types of glass in addition to the common sheet, float, and laminated options. The cost of glass panels is determined by their complexity, double-glazed units (two panes), laminated, low-emissions, or tempered. Sheet or float glass is the least expensive type but does not provide any insulation benefit.

Glass size

The cost of sliding glass doors may be greater than that of ordinary windows. The sheer size of the window increases the price of the glass. Glass may have to be ordered separately in order to fit large windows.

Glass shape

Oddly shaped windows may need to be special ordered or glazed by a professional glazier. When compared to a rectangular window, the price may rise.

Glass Cost per m2

As mentioned above, there may be many factors that could impact the final cost for glass per square metre. Here are some average prices that you can expect to pay for your choice of glass.

Sheet glass: Although this inexpensive form of glass is one of the most common, it has a slight green tint that makes many people prefer something else.

Float glass: When compared with treated glass, this ordinary glass is cost-effective since it costs $38 per m2. It’s also cheaper than sheet glass and more durable and temperature resistant.

Laminated glass: A window manufacturer can make a more secure glass by adding a flexible acrylic layer between two sheets of glass. It may cost up to $320 per m2.

Toughened glass: Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass for applications such as kitchen splashbacks that need heat resistance. Precut 700mm x 745mm x 6mm precut tempered glass costs $149, while textured glass costs $299. A bespoke cut, on the other hand, may cost up to $350 per m2.

Double glazing: The average cost of double glazed glass is about $200 per m2. Double glazed windows are the finest glass for keeping heat and air conditioning inside during the winter and summer. It also helps to reduce noise levels. If you want a glazier to install an insulating pane rather than a new window, costs may range from $3,500 to $5,000 or more for a whole dwelling.

Low emission: Your low e glass cost may be roughly similar to that of double glazing, depending on the size of the project. Low E glass filters out infrared rays for your health while also keeping things cooler. Low emission glass costs between $200 to $300 per m2.

Glass Fencing: The price of glass pool fence panels can range around $96. The cost of hardware and glass expenses are included in the price of glass pool fence panels. A 1200 x 1100 x 12mm glass pool fence panel costs approximately $96. Posts start at around $82. Hinges cost around $75 each. While frameless fencing requires less equipment, the cost shoots up due to the size of each panel.

Glass Pricing (Window Costs)
The Panoramic Patio Door System

Glass Pane Prices

You can also save money if you buy glass in bulk. But, if you just want one or two panes, check out some local companies for quotes. Here are some basic prices that you can expect to pay:

  • Glass splashback could cost around $150 to $350 per square metre
  • A glass shower screen ( typical 860mm by 900mm) is around $1500
  • Timber-framed glass doors cost around $160
  • Glass for a typical window frame goes from $150 to $700
  • Glass walls are $300 per square metre
  • Frameless glass pool fence costs $600 to $1000 per linear metre
  • Semi-frameless glass pool fence costs $200 to $275 per linear metre

These are just some of the expensive materials that are often encountered in glass pool fencing.

Cost of Glass Windows

When it comes to repairs, glass cost varies tremendously if it’s not an emergency. Factors such as the type of glass that has been broken, how long the window has been in place, and whether there are other windows nearby can all affect the cost of a window repair.

  • The most apparent expenditure factor is the size of the glass. It’s not, however, the most essential. Always use safety glass that meets or exceeds Australian Standards for window glass. Laminating or toughened glass may reduce future accidents by minimizing the chance of major damage.
  • It is more expensive to replace glass in timber frame windows than aluminium ones because the process is more complex. The old putty and glazier’s points may be removed first, after which the new glass may be inserted.
  • When glaziers replace glass in an old sash or double-hung timber-framed windows, they frequently come across additional issues that need to be addressed. Rotten wood is one of the most prevalent difficulties encountered. On some occasions, the window may be repaired on site, but on other occasions, it may have to be taken away and fixed in their workshop or replaced entirely.
  • Windows that don’t open and close properly, or are difficult to operate, are often due to a sticking window frame. In the most ideal situation, this would be a minor issue that can be resolved with little effort. In the worst-case scenario, both the window and its frame would have to be replaced.

If a window pane breaks, you won’t necessarily need to replace the existing window frames, but you may need a glazier to come out and replace the glass.

What Factors Affect Glass and Glazing Costs?

The type of glass that you need may affect your costs. Glass unit costs more than a polycarbonate laminate for windows because of its high integrity and toughness. If it’s required, wait until dusk or dark before getting cheap quotes from local glaziers so you get an accurate representation of the cost without paying too much on unnecessary lighting fixtures.

Laminated glass offers impact resistance due to two sheets of regular float glass being ‘sandwiched’ between PVB film. This makes it twice as difficult to break, ideal where there are kids or pets around the household. Insulated glass units (IGUs) come with a feature that regulates the flow of heat depending on the outside temperature. There are usually two sheets of glass, an inner and outer layer of low-emission argon gas, and a spacer bar to keep everything in line.

The thickness of each sheet affects overall costs. For instance, 6mm thick laminated glass is more expensive than 4mm because it requires more material to produce, which results in higher labour costs for glaziers. Highly insulated units with multiple panes are significantly more expensive than single or double pane units because they provide better insulation against heat loss or gain throughout the year.

Does My Glazier Need to Be Licensed?

Regardless of where you reside, it is critical to ask for all essential licenses and accreditations as well as references. Before signing any contract, you may want to demand more evidence of expertise.

New South Wales

A business license and a glazing license from NSW Fair Trading are required for your glazier. A builder who is licensed could be in charge of any work that is part of a $5,000$+ renovation or new construction.


There is no need for a license from the Victorian Building Authority. Instead, look for members of the Glass and Glazing Association of Australia (GGAA).


The Queensland Building and Construction Commission requires a scope of work license. Glaziers may be licensed to install glass, glazing, and aluminium windows.

South Australia

Because a specific license is not required, glaziers who are members of the GGAA or have certification from the South Australian Glass Merchants Association are excellent choices. You may also prefer someone with a limited building permit that is expressly designed for windows and doors.

Western Australia

Glaziers only have to be fully insured and licensed if the task is worth more than $20,000. Look for a member of the GGAA or the Glass and Window Association of Western Australia.


Because no license is necessary, it’s a good idea to hire someone who holds accreditation with the Tasmanian Glass and Aluminium Association.

Australian Capital Territory

A Construction Induction Card and a valid business license are required. A properly accredited building contractor could be in charge of the project.

Northern Territory

Look for glaziers who are members of the Australian Glass and Glazing Association. In some regions, jobs that cost more than $2,000 necessitate a Home Improvement license.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Window?

If your window isn’t energy-efficient, you may want to fix it rather than replace it. The first step is to call a glazier for an inspection.

The frame can be repaired or replaced, but the glass can potentially be replaced if it is broken or cracked beyond repair. Cracks are more of a safety issue than anything else so they need immediate attention. A replacement window costs significantly less than double-pane windows with argon gas that have sealed units, low emissivity coatings, and soft-coated glass that minimizes reflection and glare on computer screens.

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