Adding a Second Storey to a House in Australia

two storey house

Is it cheaper to extend or add a second storey? | Is it possible to add a second storey on an existing house? | How much does it cost to build a second storey? | How to build a second floor on an existing house? | How much would it cost to build a two-storey extension? | Can my foundation support a second storey?

Increasing your square footage and having a whole new second floor above the first one can seem like a daunting project but we’re here to help. This is entirely for validation purposes, keep in mind that second storey extension or even ground floor extension does not come cheap but it’s all worth it in the end if the quality was taken into account and built with all the building regulations.

Of course, ripping out your old roof and adding a second storey instead of it may seem like too much but getting much-needed home extensions can never hurt. Having a second storey addition to your home can sometimes prove to be the smartest choice you can make when considering between a ground floor home extension or a second storey addition.

When you finish reading this you’ll know everything related to adding a second story to a brick house, floor addition, living space extension and much more.

Is It Cheaper to Extend or Add a Second Storey?

When considering home extensions you can consider going up, down or out. These are the only categories to consider for any property. Before considering any addition you need to look at your budget, figure out the actual costs for your ideas, get a vision of how much value you’re getting and make the final choice. Usually, the cheapest option would be to simply add a second storey to your home but that might not always be possible since you might not be able to cover the full second storey addition cost, the town might have a policy against building up and much more.

If there are no restrictions then save money and let your newest home additions be on the second storey. If the area you live in has inclement weather then the best way for you to go is to build down. If mobility is an issue then one of the safest ideas would be to out. Always ask for advice from builders, not those who know the basics but those that know building standards, have the right information and can help you with pretty much any enquiry.

Is It Possible to Add a Second Storey to an Existing House?

Not all house styles support a second storey addition and not every home is the same. Start plans on the design for the upstairs addition before you start the construction process. Stairs going from ground level up could change the entire floor plan and not every builder can make this addition.

Stairs can easily take up around 10 square metres so if you’re lacking space it would be best to consider some other ideas that go within your estimated cost. The other problem with this type of investment is that some towns have height restrictions in place preventing you from building up. If this the case adding a second storey for your home is literally impossible.

On the bright side, if there is nothing in your way, home renovation can begin and you can turn your vision into reality since there is nothing stopping you from having a second storey addition and you’re ready to spend your budget on it.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Second Storey?

A home extension such as a second storey is considered pricey in Australia, regardless of design. Whether an extension can cost less or more depends on a few factors. The cheapest second storey addition cost can be as low as $1850 and can go as high as $3300 per square metre. Each family has different needs and of course a different design in mind. The price difference is usually because no two-second storey additions are the same and ask any good builder he can confirm that.

The cost increases the more work needs to be put into your home extension. Homeowners need to see whether plumbing needs to be reworked, wires re-arranged and the biggest factor is where you live and what area the builders are from since the price is impacted by this as well. Sydney has one of the biggest costs per square metre on pretty much anything so keep that in mind. Quotes for a full project can reach a couple hundred thousand dollars and for such a project, it’s definitely much cheaper than moving to a new home. The costs simply can’t outweigh the benefit of having an additional level in your home, especially if your family is about to increase in size.

How to Build a Second Floor on an Existing House?

If your handy additions like this can be found within DIY projects but you will most likely need a designer, a good builder and a vision. Renovation such as this needs quality research beforehand, estimate cost for the quality you need, get multiple quotes, figure out the style and which designs would work best for you, think about the quality of life improvements, consider where the master bedroom should be in your storey addition, talk to a designer about renovation while work is being done on the second floor. Adding the second storey is not an impossible task, you just need a guild builder with extensive knowledge and it will be done in no time.

How Much Would It Cost to Build a Two-storey Extension?

There are a few factors that must be considered before you can estimate the cost for your home storey addition. It’s no secret that home extensions aren’t cheap but it’s definitely cheaper than moving to a new home. Owners need to be ready to move out since usually, most of the house is inaccessible while work is underway. Estimate costs for a full floor addition can cost around $200,000 and even $300,000 but the builder should know the estimate before even starting the project.

There are a few ground floor costs that need to be considered as well such as stairs, plumbing, wires and similar. This can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000, of course, it depends on the design and difficulty. Finally, if you managed to salvage your previous roof, putting it back is much cheaper than making one from scratch since it will cost a lot more.

Can My Foundation Support a Second Storey?

Second storey houses have a weaker foundation so adding a second storey is impossible until the ground floor is reinforced. If that’s not possible, then you could consider extending the ground floor out or down instead of going up. The designer should know best for your design.

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