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It’s a common fact that eventually your home will degrade and will need a makeover. Your home will require a rendering job, but then the question comes how much does rendering cost and what is the best way to render a house. Rendering is most commonly used on a brick home property type.

During rendering the outside surface area is coated with a specific mixture which usually consists of cement or acrylic. This type of rendering material is commonly used for it’s functionality and appearance. Cement rendering is considered the most common in Australia but it all comes down to your postcode and where you live since different materials react differently to the elements.

Cement is the most common material used in Australia but clients have a few options to choose from such as polymer, silicone and even acrylic render. Render can also be painted or it can come as a through-coloured mix although it can be much more expensive but it actually is quite lower maintenance.

Painting on cement is considered easiest but prices vary and everything depends on your walls and what quote will the renderer put for your particular house. All factors are taken into consideration before the job starts on your home.

How Much does Rendering Cost?

A lot of people are wondering how much does it cost, since rendering your home is a cheaper alternative than a complete renovation. In Australia this can set you back quite a bit and the cost is actually higher for a two-storey building. The job price depends on a few factors but most people are expected to pay around $12,000. For a two-storey rendering services you could be looking at around $50,000 price tag.

That comes down to around $30 to $50 per square metre. A lot of people consider DIY rendering which will drastically reduce the final cost per square metre but people rarely possess the know-how to properly execute the entire rendering service all by themselves. Cement rendering is not rocket science but it does have factors that you need to take into consideration and it really depends on your home and the surface area you have to work with.

Cost of Rendering the Front of the House

Renderers have an average price point of around $30 per square metre. A proper rendering service can even cost you up to $50 per m2 so if we’d take into consideration that an average residential home has 400 to 500 square metre exterior walls, at the average price of $30 that would put the average prices at around $12,000 for the job.

You know your home best and in order to answer the question “How much does rendering cost” you will need to measure the property before rates for rendering services can be looked at. It’s important to talk to renderers and consider all factors for your property because you all need to look at cost-effectiveness for your brick house walls.

Check the cost of the materials, what the maintenance costs could be, the type of render you’re looking for and it’s important to ask how much does it cost for a complete project since there are renderers who give quotes without prices for rendering materials. Most people choose cement rendering for their house because of the cheap materials which are used but there are other options to pick, such as polymer rendering, acrylic rendering and even silicone rendering.

What is More Expensive: Render or Brick?

This a simple question with a very simple answer. The main disadvantage of traditional bricks is the cost. It is very expensive, especially for new builds. This is where rendering and using concrete blocks is much more cost-effective than using anything else.

You also need to consider whether rendering will increase the value of your home, especially if you’re planning on selling in the near future. There can be thousands of reasons why one can be more beneficial than the other so it comes down to you and your own choice. Clients always have a different purpose for choosing a finish for their homes, so what is yours?

How Much is the Cost of Rendering Per Square Metre m2?

A professional rendering job can set your back quite a bit but in the long run, it’s definitely worth it. When calculating rendering costs, it comes down to the renderer and the quote he will put on the menu for your particular building. There are a lot of ways to finish the exterior wall and depending on the type of render you could be looking at around $30 to $50 per square metre.

The total expenses could also go way higher if your house is two-story instead of one. Overall, in Australia, people pay anywhere between $12,000 and $50,000 for rendering the exterior walls. Keep in mind that all homes are different and no building is the same so talk to a professional renderer before starting a project so that you know exactly what the cost of the mixture will be before it’s applied on your surface home wall.

Does Rendering Add Value?

In a way, it does add value to your home but sometimes that worth can be so neglectable and small that it won’t even cover a fraction of the rendering service you paid. Most people go for cement render or use professional acrylic finish, but regardless of the surfaces a renderer has to work with property value might not increase enough for the total price to be worth it. This is expensive and can cost up to $50,000 so keep that in mind before hiring a renderer.

Cost to Render a Wall in Australia

Rendering in Australia is expensive. The most common type of cement rendering but people use acrylic-based mixtures as well. It depends on the surface and each rendering process is different. So, if you’re looking to improve that curb appeal expect to pay around $30 to $50 for cement rendering per square meter.

A cement rendering job for exterior walls can cost up to $12,000 in Australia and that can increase up to $50,000 but once the project is done your house will be as beautiful as a painting. Each tradie will gladly tell you everything you’d need to know about the particular project so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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