Yellow Tongue Flooring

yellow tongue flooring

A yellow tongue floorboard is a type of flooring that is suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

What is Yellow Tongue Flooring?

For indoor use in homes and residential structures, tongue-shaped particleboard sheet flooring is structural grade. It’s ideal for platform creation, in which the floor construction is put down before the walls are built. The tongue and groove flooring is manufactured from a variety of different materials for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and coastal regions. However, it is the hard-wearing properties of yellow tongue particleboard flooring that makes it the ideal product for domestic installations in cooler areas. 

Yellow Tongue Flooring Specifications

The particleboard flooring is a new kind of environmentally friendly wood floor, composed of high-density particleboard and bamboo. It’s sheet flooring for use particularly suited to platform construction where the floor is laid prior. It’s an exquisite combination of hardness and softness. In addition, it has true warmth of nature, fashionable sense and nice durability etcetera characteristics. It can be applied to both commercial areas and villas.

Yellow Tongue Flooring Main Advantages:

  1. Non-toxic, colour uniformity, no cracks, corrosion resistance and other characteristics of environmental protection, the natural wood grain pattern is clear and true.
  2. Using high-density particleboard as raw material to ensure that the product has a certain weight and sufficient strength.
  3. Smooth and uniform surface, bright colour, easy to clean.
  4. With the use of high-grade bamboo as raw material, the alloy nails are not deformed, smooth hand feel.
  5. A high-quality hardwood lamination layer ensures good toughness and water resistance.
  6. Waterborne paint layer is put on anionically, wear-resistant and not easy to fade.
  7. Bamboo material has high strength, lightweight, beautiful patterns, good toughness and so on many advantages.
  8. The high-quality hardwood lamination layer has high hardness, wear-resistance and acid& alkali corrosion resistance performance etcetera characteristics.
  9. The tongue and groove jointing have a strong cohesiveness to ensure that the floorboard has good flatness and no cracks.
  10. The surface is coated with water-based paint, bright colours, environmental protection characteristics of a clear wood grain pattern.

Yellow Tongue Main Disadvantages

Yellow flooring is based on wood flooring, which is limited by the availability of raw materials. For example, if it’s raining outside for a long time or there are other issues with the supply of bamboo grasses, then this kind of flooring will not be very suitable.

The hardwood lamination layer has good toughness and resistance to wear. However, for some customers who want more than just a surface coating on their floors, this type of product is not as satisfactory as solid hardwood flooring.

The Average Price in Australia

In Australia it goes from $10 to $20 per sqm, in the United States it is from $9 to 15 per sq ft, and in Canada, it is about CDN$12-17 per sqft.

Yellow Tongue Average Flooring Sizes

The average size of the particleboard flooring produced by Kingfloor is 1220mmx195mm and 1250mmx195mm. The size can be customized as per the customer’s requirement and floor construction size, they can make any sheet flooring for use as per request.

Yellow Tongue Flooring Average Thickness

The average thickness of the particleboard flooring in Australia is 16mm. It can be customized as per the customer’s requirement.

Yellow Tongue Flooring Average Width

The average width in Australia is 1220mm or 1250mm. Installation of particleboard flooring can be customized as per the customer’s requirement and location.

Yellow Tongue Flooring Average Length

The average length of yellow tongue particle board flooring is random in Australia, so it can be customized as per the customer’s requirement.

Red Tongue Flooring VS Yellow Tongue Flooring

The main difference between red tongue flooring and yellow varies the price. Red tongue flooring is cheaper than the yellow variant flooring because it’s made from different materials and has a higher moisture content.

Tongue-shaped hardwood particleboard sheet flooring or bamboo board sheet floor, also named as “yellow tongue” or “red tongue” floor is a new kind of environmental protection wood floor, composed of high-density particleboard and bamboo.

It has the characteristics of a smooth and uniform outer layer, bright colour, no deformation and corrosion resistance etcetera good durability performance.

Alternative to Yellow Tongue Flooring

The alternative is cork floors, laminate floors, HPL floors and solid wood floors. However, the best alternative is bamboo boards because they look just like the original yellow tongues floor but for a much lower price. King floor produces high-quality wooden floors made from 100% natural materials.

Is Yellow Tongue Flooring Waterproof?

This flooring is moisture-proof, so it’s perfect for a location such as a bathroom, kitchen and other humid areas. It provides adequate moisture protection. It’s widely used all over the world, including North America, Canada, Europe, especially in a location that requires additional moisture protection.

Yellow Tongue Flooring Weight

The weight is approximately 3.3lb/m2 (1.5kg/m2).

Yellow Tongue Particle Board

Australian Panel Products (formerly Borg Manufacturing) offers flooring in the structural grade particleboard material of 19mm ( 19 x 3600 x 800mm ). The hardwood floor is available in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of high-density particleboard and bamboo.

Structural Grade Particleboard

This grade particleboard sheet flooring is also known as particleboard, composite wood board or construction lumber is a type of engineered wood. The structural grade particleboard is 19mm thick, which makes it ideal for flooring. The hardwood floor comes from Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Structural Grade Particleboard Sheet

The structural grade particleboard sheet flooring has a smooth surface with a uniform thickness. It’s available in many different colours and sizes. This product is widely used and particularly suited to platform construction ( where the floor is laid prior ) in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other areas.

What is Orange Tongue Flooring?

Orange tongue flooring is made up of bamboo, which is harvested in three years rather than 25-30 years for softwood. For this reason, it’s much more environmentally friendly to use an orange tongue floor.

Bamboo Board Sheet Floor ( Orange Tongue)

The ‘orange tongue’ hardwood flooring is produced by the world’s largest eco-friendly hardwood flooring manufacturer, using 100% natural ingredients.

The hardwood floor is a wood-based engineered floor that closely matches the properties of solid wood. It has been developed to provide an environment friendly and healthy alternative to traditional solid wooden floors.

It’s produced from bamboo, which is harvested in three years rather than 25-30 years for softwood. For this reason, it’s much more environmentally friendly to use an orange tongue floor. The bamboo wood material has a surface as smooth as traditional wooden floors and comes in various shades so as to meet the customer’s personal taste and preferences. Any design or colour that you want can be achieved by staining.

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