What is a Fan Coil Unit?

What is a Fan Coil Unit?

Fan Coil Unit is the unit that is generally used in cooling or heating air. The fan cooling or heating coil units are installed on the wall, ceiling, floor, etc. Typically a fan coil unit is connected to a central unit called an air handler unit. These fan coils are used in split systems and all of them can be operated individually using remote controllers. When it comes to controlling the temperature, the remote controller plays an important role here. Nowadays people did not want to spend extra money on useless things, so they prefer automatic operation features. There are two main types of Fan coil units

  • High Wall Type
  • Ceiling Suspended type

High Wall Air Handling Units

The fan coil unit that is installed on the wall is called a high wall type. This particular type of fan coil unit can be easily fitted into the space that you would like to control temperature. As we all know that every home has its own set temperature and if this temperature goes beyond a certain limit it can cause health issues, so here in such situations instead of changing the place, you can conveniently adjust the temperature using the remote controller.

Ceiling Suspended Air Handling Units

The ceiling suspended-type units are widely used in offices, hotels and other commercial purposes due to their size and shape because it simply occupies less space when compared to other types. It can also provide a better cooling experience. It’s not only beneficial in offices and hotels, but this fan coil unit is very convenient for home use too. With the help of remote control, we can easily control the temperature.

High Wall Types vs Ceiling Suspended Air Handling Units

There are many differences between these two types of units.

Installation of the Fan Coil Unit (FCU)

For the installation of a high wall-type unit on the wall you need to attach it with the walls, but when it comes to ceiling suspended type fan coil unit it can be hung from ceilings or placed anywhere in your house according to your ease. A ceiling suspended type not only this particular unit occupies less space in your room but also does not require any extra effort for installation purposes. You just have to place it at your convenient place.

Cooling Capacity of the Air Handling Unit

A high wall unit offers good cooling capacity when compared to a ceiling suspended type. High wall type fan coil units are generally installed on the walls, so it does not make any noise and you can feel quite comfortable if you like silence while sleeping at night this is perfect for you. On the other hand, ceiling suspended type fan coil unit is mostly fitted in offices, hotels, shopping malls due to its size, shape and noise level. It makes some sound when it operates. So if you are living in an apartment or with your family members then it’s better to use high wall-type instead of that.

Control of the Cooling or Heating Coil

A high wall unit requires more wire connection for proper working. If any wire is not connected properly then it can cause damage to the fan coil unit and later on you may have to face some issues like internal leakage, overheating problems etc. Ceiling suspended units come with a wireless remote control that has the ability to change the temperature accordingly. You can easily adjust your desired temperature and speed control without any interruption.

The Cost of Air Conditioning

As we discussed earlier, about the installation of high type units and cooling capacity I guess now it’s clear why they are more costly than ceiling suspended types. You may need an electrician to install it in order to prevent any sort of internal leakage that may lead to overheating of the fan coil unit. For ceiling type units on the other hand you don’t need an electrician for installation purposes. The installation cost may depend on your budget and place where you are installing it, but generally, ceiling suspended type fan coil units are not very costly.

Maintenance of Fan Coil Units

High wall units are a particular type of fan coil unit that is highly durable, so no doubt it does not require much maintenance, but still, sometimes some technical problems may occur like internal leakage, overheating etc. So you have to change the capacitor after 5-6 years depending upon its running condition. If an electrician repairs it then he may charge extra for his services.

Also, after dismantling it he may again charge you some amount for his services. But ceiling suspended-type fan coil units are not durable, so they need to be maintained properly. For proper maintenance, you have to hire an electrician who can guard your fan coil unit against any internal leakage that may lead to an overheating problem.

Noise Level of Fan Coil Units

Generally, a high wall type of unit creates very high noise when working even the sound is irritating sometimes due to its tappet valve’s noise, but if it is fit in a confined space then there may be no noise at all. On the other hand, a ceiling type unit produces low noise according to its size and capacity.

So I would say it’s better for you if you like a quiet environment while sleeping than a high wall-Type. These ceiling-suspended fan coil units come with an internal silencer that makes very low noise when operating, so no disturbance may be faced by its user during sleep time.

Power Consumption and Energy Efficiency

The high wall type of fan coil unit uses power more than ceiling suspended types due to its size and cooling capacity. It mostly comes in 3/4 ton, 1 ton and above that range according to your room size. On the other hand, ceiling suspended units, as we all know it occupies very little space and does not require extra effort for installation purpose then why it may consume more electricity. It ranges from 0.7 ton to 1.5 ton only according to its size and most importantly they are very energy efficient so it saves electricity during operation.

What is a FCU?

A fan coil unit system is a self-contained, self-regulating heating and cooling device. Fan coil units are the main components of a traditional HVAC system, which is usually made up of an outdoor condensing unit, evaporator coil and fan coil unit. The air conditioner’s job is to cool the air as it passes over the evaporator coils inside the FCU. This cooled air then flows through registers in your home for distribution throughout your home.

What is a Fan Coil Unit?
Types of FCU

The fan coil unit has been designed to fit between joists or studs that support a floor or ceiling. They can also be mounted into a drop ceiling grid system with minimal preparation work to run the refrigerant line and electrical wire connections through existing spaces in between rafters or attic trusses.

FCU’s are also referred to as self-contained air conditioning systems. This is because the FCU contains all of the components needed for both heating and cooling operations. It can be used in small or large applications.

Where is a Fan Coil Unit System Commonly Used?

This air handling unit is commonly used in small and large applications for both heating and cooling. They can be used in:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Retail Spaces
  • Industrial Spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Educational Facilities

How does Fan Coil Air Conditioning Work?

Fan coil air conditioning works by passing warm or cool air over the evaporator coils inside the FCU. This cooled air is then passed through registers within your home for distribution throughout your living spaces.

The fan coil system has been designed to fit between joists or studs that support a floor or ceiling. They can also be mounted into a drop ceiling grid system with minimal preparation work to run the refrigerant line and electrical wire connections through existing spaces in between rafters or attic trusses.

Most Popular Air Handling Unit in Australia

The most popular air conditioning unit brands in Australia are Panasonic, Samsung, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, LG Electronics, Toshiba, Daikin and Fujitsu. The quality is very good with higher reliability. The installation cost of an FCU in a home is also much cheaper than other AC systems. Most manufacturers offer a warranty period from 3 years to 10years in their products. So if you have been searching for a cheap AC or expensive AC then you could definitely go for a fan coil unit system because it’s cheap when compared to others and better when compared to other makes.

Does a Fan Coil Unit Need a Condensate Drainpipe?

Most FCU’s don’t need a condensate drain pipe. However, some models do require one in order to operate. It is important that you check with the manufacturer of the FCU before installing it, in order to determine if a condensate drainpipe is needed and where exactly it may be placed in your home or business.

Most fan coil units have insulation around them for noise reduction and energy efficiency purposes. This insulation can also prevent natural light from entering into your space when installed inside an exterior wall unit like most homes already have built-in. In this case, adding a hole in the insulation may not only let more natural light enter but also allow proper ventilation for the FCU itself.

The installation process of an FCU has always been tricky. It could be installed by a professional so that there are no issues with the air conditioner in future. However, if you are thinking of buying one then you can get the installation done yourself after carefully understanding your unit’s manufacturer instructions.

What Types of Fan Coils are Available in Australia?

There are mainly 3 types of fan coils available in Australia. These are

  • Vertical Cassette Fan Coil Unit
  • Horizontal Cassette Fan Coil Unit
  • Concealed Duct Fan Coil Unit

Are There Different Types of Condenser Coils?

There are many different kinds of fans on the market today. The most important thing is for each homeowner to make sure that they know which type of cooling system works best for them before purchasing one. There are 2 main types of air conditioners, these include split system air conditioner and central air conditioning system.

If you buy online, it is advised to check out for offers and discounts before purchasing any air conditioner online. Don’t forget to check warranty policies as well while making your purchase decision. Many websites provide discount coupons or promo codes that you can use to save some money on your order. So make sure u avail these benefits when making ur purchase especially if u are buying from big brand stores.

Do Fan Coils Provide Fresh Air?

Some fan coil units are designed to allow you to bring in fresh air when needed. This is typically done using a duct that can be installed in your unit, which may pull in air from the outside.

If you are thinking of setting up an outdoor fan coil unit, then it is important for you to consider where the condensate water would drain out. Removing this water is very important in order to avoid any damage being caused by this excess moisture inside your unit. However, if you have an FCU with its own drainpipe then you could not worry about draining the water manually yourself unless there is no other option available.

Common Issues With Fan Coil Units

Some of these common issues include,

Water leakage. Although not very common, some FCUs may leak water from the exterior side causing a mess around your house or office building. You can find out whether this is going to happen by checking the manual beforehand.

The fan starts making noise over time. The blades and other parts inside your unit may start wearing out as they continue to run through the years. If this happens, make sure you get it repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid excess wear and tear.

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