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A split system air conditioner makes a huge impact on your everyday life in Australia. Having split system air conditioners installed in your home will help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. When looking at an air conditioning unit and the overall air conditioner cost we need to ask whether that split system unit is from a brand company, or what type of air con you want and which features you want it to have and most importantly the cooling and heating capacity for that particular unit. In Australia, you can be looking at a price anywhere between $600 and all the way to $6000.

Split System Installation Costs for Labour

An air conditioner installer in Australia will charge you different prices per hour, depending on where you live. For example, people living in Victoria could be looking at prices around $65 per hour but people living in New South Wales and similar can expect prices of around $75. This is the most basic price and it can only go up from there, depending on the overall complexity of the air conditioning system installation, overall service, unit type, whether it’s a suburb area and much more. It’s best to talk to different air conditioning companies and find a suitable air conditioning specialist to help you make the right choice. 

Split System Air Conditioning Cost

Most air conditioner installers tell you their labour cost upfront but air conditioning units can have hidden costs. It’s important to take into account a few factors before deciding and it’s always smart to look up a few price guides such as ours for these types of upgrades. Installing a split system is easy, choosing the right one is the hard part, so we made a table with simple data to help you make the right choice and pick the unit of a split system that will fit your preference.

Room Size Capacity Estimate Cost
10m2 to 25m2 2.5 kW $700 – $1200
25m2 to 35m2 3.5 kW $900 – $1500
35m2 to 60m2 5-6 kW $1400 – $2000
60m2 to 85m2 7-8.5 kW $1400 – $2300
85m2 to 95m2 9-9.4 kW $2400 – $2700

Does the Location Affect AC Installation Costs?

installation costs for air conditioner

It’s always important to talk to air conditioning installers before they start installing a new air conditioning unit in your home because if they have to work in odd spaces, additional cable ducting if the outdoor unit is harder to place, especially if they have to climb ladders or simply put if they have to do anything outside a normal installation, they might and most probably will charge you more.

An air conditioning expert will tell you beforehand how much labour will cost for this particular project. Sadly, not every air conditioning installer is an expert so don’t be shocked by the bill once the service is done. 

Back to Back Air Conditioning 

Back to back air conditioners are a very aesthetic project. This type of method makes the outside unit much less noticeable and usually costs more, but it depends on your home, whether space is available and the air con units themselves.

Second Storey Air Conditioning 

Customers have reported that second storey air-con units cost much more to be installed due to the increased difficulty of the service. The outdoor unit is usually much harder to install so the installer charges more for the installation of the entire system. 

Installation Costs

Installation costs almost always have additional, hidden fees that an installer simply can’t see over the phone. In order to properly install, maybe you will need additional pipes through the roof space, the space might not be suitable for work or needs to be cleared. There are a lot of factors to consider before any head unit can reach the install phase. Always have an expert come and inspect the area.

It’s always important to get a few quotes from different installers in order to find the one which suits you the most. Installation costs alone can set you back a couple of hundred dollars and can even reach $1000. Make sure to get the best estimate before the installation starts.

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