Residential Garage Doors vs Commercial Garage Doors

residential vs comercial garage doors

Garage doors are the doors that separate the interior from the outside of the garage. If you own a garage, it is important to know the difference between residential and commercial garage doors. This may not only ensure that your new or replacement door may fit properly but also helps determine your exact needs as well as what type of door is right for your property.

When it comes to building codes, there really isn’t much of an actual difference between residential and commercial garage doors. However, if you are trying to sell your home and want to include all possible amenities, then you can simply say that they meet or exceed commercial-grade quality inspections bypassing the stringent testing that is required for this classification. If this makes you feel better about spending more money on something that doesn’t really matter in the end, then go ahead and think like this.

Commercial and Residential Garage Code

In Australia, the Residential Building Code applies to residential buildings. The Commercial Building Code, on the other hand, applies to all non-residential buildings. The door may bear a seal that says “Australian Standard” before it can be used in Australia or New Zealand.

The Australian Standards are based on the International Standards of design and construction for garage doors, although there are some variations between them to suit local situations. These standards also form the basis of the NZ Standard, AS/NZS 1906 which is identical in its content to Australian Standard AS 3600-2006 plus Amendments 1, 2 which relate only to batten spacing.

An Important Difference Between Commercial Garage Doors and Residential Garage Doors

If you want to install a commercial door or a residential door, you need to make sure that the hinge is on the left side. This can be done through new construction or replacement and really makes no difference which one of these types of doors it is.

As stated above, there is very little actual difference between commercial garage doors vs residential garage doors apart from just how they are classified. Most manufacturers offer both options but ultimately all suits your needs as long as you have the correct information before making your purchase.

Whether it’s for your home or business, you could never compromise when it comes to things like security and quality. Make sure to invest in high-quality garage doors if you want to ensure that they may last a long time without you having any problems.

What is a Commercial Garage Door?

Commercial garage doors refer to garage doors that are installed in business structures. Commercial garages normally have the same type of door as residential structures, but they can also be customized to accommodate special purposes such as fire protection and weather protection that are required by law.

This type of garage door is a structure similar to that typically used in homes, except it has certain features and accessories that cater specifically for business uses. It is very important to select the correct commercial door because this may help ensure safety for everyone, inside and outside of your building. The reason why you need to take all possible precautions when it comes to selecting a commercial door is that your employees and customers rely on their safety when entering or exiting your building. Make sure there are no obstructions and that everyone can enter and exit safely at all times.

commercial vs residential garage door
Commercial Garage Door

Safety and Security Features of a Commercial Garage Door

Not only do you want your commercial door to look aesthetically pleasing, but also it could be able to provide safety and security for those inside the building as well as that outside of the building such as customers or employees. Taking a few minutes before picking out a new commercial door may help ensure that everything is safe and secure no matter what type of business you run. By selecting the appropriate type of commercial garage door, you are helping protect your employees, inventory, equipment, tools etc. This is why checking with local authorities regarding fire codes is extremely important because they may have additional requirements in place beyond what state or federal regulations require. Here are some additional features to look for when selecting the right commercial door:

Fire Protection

Ensure that your existing commercial garage doors already have this feature or you need to select one that already comes with it. This is something that needs to be considered before purchasing a new garage door.

Weather Protection

Local weather conditions could also be taken into consideration when choosing a new commercial garage door. A special type of weather-proofing may be required depending on where you live. If there are extreme weather conditions in your area, make sure to check with local authorities regarding what types of doors are permitted in certain locations.

What is a Residential Garage Door?

Residential garage doors are mainly used in houses or apartments. These are usually smaller than commercial use garages because these are intended for general living purposes rather than work. However, there are also larger garage doors that come with certain types of residential homes where the garage is big enough to park multiple vehicles inside at once.

There are many different types of residential garage doors depending on what your needs may be. This means you need to choose something that may fit correctly with each part of your home. There are several features and accessories you can include with a residential door as well such as windows or insulation. If you want added security or weather-proofing, then finding one that already has those features included may save you time and money before making your purchase.

Determine the Correct Material Used for Your Garage Door

When considering different materials to use on a residential or commercial garage door, you need to make sure that it is durable enough for your needs. When selecting the right material, there are several things to consider such as climate, seasons and even time of day. Making sure it can handle all types of weather may ensure the longevity of your door no matter what type of climate you live in. Here are some other things to keep in mind regarding material choice:


How strong could a garage door be? This is important because how much weight does it need to support? The three main materials used are steel, aluminium and fibreglass. All three have their own benefits but also come with a certain amount of weight limitations.

Insect Resistant

If you live in an area where there are many insects, insects can chew up your garage door causing it to not function properly or even fall off the tracks entirely. Finding one that is resistant to insects can help keep your door last longer and be able to withstand damages from these pesky bugs before needing a replacement.

When choosing a residential garage door for your home, you might want to consider going with a custom made garage door rather than buying one online or through other retailers. Customizing everything about your new commercial garage doors may put the finishing touches on the doors allowing them to flow with what is already included with your house or apartment such as colour scheme and overall design. A custom-built door may also be able to fit nicely with what is already there and not stick out like a sore thumb.

You need to determine the overall size of your new residential garage door by looking at other similar options that are currently in place. If you are faced with having to replace it completely because the old one has already fallen into disrepair, then you can measure how much room you need for the new one to fit correctly. Remember to also include any overhangs or other parts that may extend past your garage itself when determining how big of a door you need.

The Appearance of the Garage Door

A garage door appearance is also something that is often overlooked. Make sure to check out the latest and greatest options so you don’t have to settle for anything less than what your home deserves.

The Bottom Line between Commercial and Residential Garage Doors

Commercial vs residential garage doors are not stronger than residential garage doors, their only difference is how they are classified. The Residential Building Code applies to all private homes, while the Commercial Building Code applies to all commercial and industrial buildings. While there is no such thing as a commercial or residential garage door, there are several different types of materials that can be used to construct them which correlate with these classifications. This includes steel, aluminium, wood etc., but really just makes more of a difference in price than quality. If you want a strong and durable door make sure it is built from a strong material, regardless of what nomenclature it is labelled as.

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