Pergola Cost

Pergola Cost

A pergola might be a fantastic method to spruce up your yard while also making more use of your outside space. Pergolas were originally timber structures with no roofs that utilized climbing plants to create a shaded area for resting. Today, pergolas can have roofs and may be enclosed or semi-enclosed.

Whatever sort of pergola you pick, it’s critical to have a sense of the cost before you start so you can budget appropriately. Read on to learn more:

  • Average pergola cost in Australia
  • Metal pergola average cost
  • Timber pergola average cost
  • Metal vs timber pergola
  • Other materials for a pergola
  • How to get quotes from pergola builders

How Much does a Pergola Cost

The cost of a pergola may vary depending on its size, materials, and other factors. Expect to pay between $100 and $500 per square metre for a basic installation to $3000 for a bespoke pergola. For a more complicated project, the cost of a pergola might be greater. A flat roof pergola might cost $5000 and one with composite decking may go even higher than flat roof pergolas.

Breaking down the cost of a pergola made of different materials:

  • Concrete made pergolas have an average cost of $5 to $10 per square metre
  • Timber made pergolas have an average cost of $5 to $25 per square metre
  • Stone and brick pergolas have an average cost of $10 to $15 per square metre
  • Metal pergolas have an average cost of $20 to $30 per square metre

Cost of Pergola

A pergola is a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. The expense of putting one up varies based on the materials utilized and any add-ons selected. Despite the many variables that can influence the price, in general, the typical cost of a pergola in Australia ranges from as low as $2,000 to $18,000, depending on the location and size.

You may either acquire all of the supplies in a kit, as previously stated, or you can purchase them individually. Kits are somewhat more expensive than buying individual components. Wood, fibreglass and aluminium are just a few of the materials available. Basic material prices can vary dramatically depending on the type of pergola you want to be constructed, with choices such.

Another thing to consider when creating a pergola is the flooring, which may be another under-appreciated material expense. Pergola flooring costs usually range from $20 to $50 per square meter, depending on the type of flooring you want for the area. For example, a timber pergola kit may help reduce total pergola installation costs but pergola kits can’t help if you want a custom pergola.

Pergola Price

The cost of a pergola is determined by a variety of factors. Such as

  • The materials
  • labour
  • sort of pergola
  • if a roof is included
  • other features


The primary aspect that influences the cost of a pergola is the material. Aluminium, wood-look vinyl, and wood are all options. Steel pergola prices are determined by present steel market rates.


The two most significant elements affecting the cost of a pergola are labour and materials. The expense of putting up a pergola varies considerably from place to place and among contractors. Labour fees range from $40 to $60 per hour.

Types of Pergola

The cost of a pergola may vary depending on the type. There are many different types of pergolas available today, including freestanding and connected to a home. They may either have a roof and sides for an entirely enclosed building or a more open design that provides just enough shade.

Site Preparation

Pergolas are usually made of wood, but you may build yours out of metal or aluminium if your property permits. Before beginning constructing the pergola, check to see what materials are available and whether there’ll be any digging work involved. Depending on the terrain, you might need an excavator or levelling of the site to ensure that your pergola has a solid base.

Roof Type, if Any

The roof of the pergola may have an impact on the price, with Colorbond roofs being one alternative that can help prevent fading from UV rays. The cost of a Colorbond pergola may influence the overall price of the project.

The Shape of the Roof

The structure of the roof may also have an impact on the cost of the pergola. A flat roof is the most efficient and cost-effective. A gabled or arched roof may increase the price of pergola installation.


Extra materials, such as sunscreens, swings, and covered walls, may increase the cost of the pergola.

Pergola Cost
Pergola in Your Backyard

Pergola Installation Cost

The site where the pergola may be constructed may first be prepared. If the structure of the house needs to be maintained while building an attached pergola, adjustments and modifications may be required. The preparation cost for a freestanding pergola is greater, as it involves excavating tasks such as digging and levelling. It may be completed by hand in a small location. However, if the area is larger, machinery may be required. To get an idea of the site preparation required for your pergola installation, obtain quotes from a local excavation expert.

A skilled carpenter with rates ranging from $50 to $80 per hour on average is the ideal person for this kind of work. View their previous projects in particular to hire the greatest carpenter for the position. If you like their past work and have good feedback from previous clients with fair prices, you’ve found your pergola installation pro.

How Much to Build a Pergola

The cost of a pergola is going to depend on several factors. The size and type may influence the price, as different pergolas with different structure costs may be available. You may choose from metal, concrete or wooden construction for your new pergola with prices that vary depending upon material costs.

Material Costs

This variable determines whether you’re having a freestanding or attached pergola installed. If you’re getting an attached one, it may be easier to bear the installation since there’ll be less building work involved with regard to the foundation. On the other hand, if a freestanding one can be put in easily where you want it, you won’t have anything holding it back from being constructed exactly how you need it to be.

Labour Costs

The other variable that may play a part in the final fee is the amount of labour needed for construction. Is there an excavation to be done, or levelling and grading? These tasks may apply to both freestanding and attached pergolas and can increase the final price. If your site has steep slopes with multiple levels where you’re installing the pergola, it’s going to demand more time from labourers who are having to take care of these issues before they begin building. Site accessibility may also have an impact on the total cost of installation. If access is hindered by things such as hills or difficult terrain, this adds more work hours which means additional labour fees paid out by you since the construction company may have to charge more for their labour.

Running Costs

There are different running costs you’ll need to take into consideration when it comes to a pergola. If your pergola has an attached roof, you won’t have any issues with rain damage if rainfall occurs, but this may increase the overall installation price compared to having no roof at all. ClearSpan Pergolas are perfect for areas that receive plenty of rainfall as they are covered, but may still allow wind through. The cost also depends upon the size and material used for the roof structure itself.

Pergola Cost per m2

The cost of a pergola is typically expressed in terms of the price per square metre. Calculate the total square metre of your proposed structure by multiplying its length and width together. If it is to be freestanding, you also need to find the height required for it to be sturdy enough not to collapse under strong winds or heavy snowfall.

You can get an estimate of the final price after you’ve discussed it with two or three different construction companies which provide related services within your area. You’ll want to view their proposals carefully so that you can compare prices, including any extra fees for additional work such as excavation or extensive site preparation if needed, before choosing who may be doing your installation project.

Timber Pergola Cost

On average, a timber pergola cost from around $50 to $80 per square metre, but this can vary depending upon your location. The cost of a steel or aluminium pergola may be higher than a wooden one due to the material being more expensive. If you want a pergola installed that encompasses metal and wooden components, it’s likely to cost more.

Pergolas may be constructed of wood or steel with the price varying depending upon what materials are used. You can expect to spend around $50 to $65 per square metre for a wooden structure while an aluminium one comes closer to the $80 mark. If you’re choosing a combination of wood and steel then your total installation fee may be between $60 and $75 per square metre.

If the site has an obstacle such as a hill that needs levelling before construction begins, this may push up labour costs and thus, final prices. If you have an existing brick paving area on your property and want them relaid too, this may also add to the overall cost of construction. In this scenario, you’ll need to add any extra excavation or ground levelling work to the final installation price.

Pergola Price per Square Metre

Remember that not all construction companies may have their pricing listed online for you to see. Costs may also depend upon your area, so get in touch with a few different companies and compare proposals before making a final decision on who you’re going to hire for the job. The cost of installing a Pergola largely depends on its size, usage and type (freestanding, attached). The installation of wooden structures is much cheaper as compared to Pergolas made from tough steel or aluminium.

While it is difficult to provide an average price without knowing the size, aesthetics and other details, for a basic structure that can be used as a shelter in your backyard, you could be expecting to spend anywhere between $100-$180 per square metre if you opt for wood materials and up to $250-350 per square metre is made from metal. This is the average cost which includes labour costs a pergola builder usually charges in Australia.

Timber vs Metal Pergola

Pergolas made of wood or metal are both lovely and durable, so it might be difficult to choose between them when comparing prices.

  • Pergolas made of wood need to be maintained on a regular basis, but their natural look may be ideal for your garden.
  • Metal pergolas can be a beautiful addition to your yard. They’re available in a variety of powder-coated hues that go well with or complement the paint on your home. A metal pergola may span a larger area than a wooden pergola, so you’ll have fewer upright posts and a more open appearance.
  • If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add shade, a simply constructed pergola might be the answer. A metal pergola with a wood slat roof may provide you with the finest of both worlds since it retains the natural appearance while eliminating the need for extra support.

Wooden structures are cheaper when compared to metal ones. In the case of a wooden structure, you may need to spend around $50-$80 per square metre while for a metal one, it is closer to $80-120 per square metre. If materials such as steel and aluminium are used along with wood then the cost shoots up and it becomes more than $100 or $120 per square metre depending upon labour costs in different regions.

Pergolas provide an inexpensive way to enhance your home and add additional living space at a low cost. The average price for installation can vary but starts from about $30/sqm which includes everything from design work through to construction, membrane waterproofing etc. It’s important that you get quotes from a few companies to compare the total cost as this may vary depending on your choice of materials and if any extra groundwork is required.

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