Laminate Flooring vs Floor Tiles

Laminate Flooring vs Floor Tiles

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Floor tiles are a more traditional and cheaper option if you’re looking for flooring. They have the disadvantage of being heavy, less resistant to impact and scratching.

Laminate flooring is a great alternative because it is easy to install, lightweight, durable and strong. It can also be resurfaced without needing to replace the whole thing.

If you are deciding between laminate flooring and floor tiles, this article will help you decide.

If you are after nice looking and durable flooring, then it is important that you choose one of the best types. One way to get this right is by choosing laminate flooring over tiles.

Here’s how these two options stack up against each other.

Difference Between Laminate Flooring and Floor Tiles

The difference between laminate flooring and floor tiles is that laminate flooring is stronger, lighter, easier to maintain and replaces the whole thing rather than just the top layer. This article compares laminate flooring and tiles in terms of their advantages & disadvantages, installation process, features, durability and appearance.

Here’s the pros and cons of each type.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring vs Tile Flooring

Overview: High-quality look, Easy to maintain, Resists scratches, Resists stains better than tiles, Cheaper than tile options, Lightweight (good for basements).

Disadvantages of Laminate vs Tile Flooring

Installation of laminate floors is more expensive than floor tiling (particularly porcelain floor tiles) total costs.

Difficulty Level: Installation is tricky but not hard. I’d recommend hiring a DIY professional or taking your time if you decide to DIY.

Difficulty level: Easy

Looks: Looks similar to hardwood floors, perfect for any room in the house and can look more premium than porcelain tiles.

Advantages of Floor Porcelain Tiles

laminate flooring vs floor tiles

A major advantage of tile is that it’s a cheaper option than laminate flooring. Tile is also lighter and easier to install as well as more resistant to scratching and impact.

There are some disadvantages to laying tiles though: they can be heavy, not as resistant to scratches or impact, and do need grout or glue.

Laminate flooring also has a number of advantages: it is lightweight, strong, easy to maintain, scratch-resistant and doesn’t need grout or glue. If you’re in the market for attractive flooring that’s easy to maintain then laminate flooring may be your best choice!

Advantages of Installing Laminate Flooring

Overview: Easy to install and repair, Resistant to humidity, water and high heel marks. This makes it very popular for kitchens and bathrooms.

Disadvantages of Installing Laminate Flooring

More expensive than tiles on a per square footage basis – Installation is tricky so I recommend hiring a professional or taking your time if you DIY – Can be harder to fix in the future if there are cuts or scratches.

Advantages of Installing Tile Floors

Overview: Very inexpensive material compared to laminate flooring – Tile flooring is available in many different styles. Great for kitchens but can also be used on wall cladding too!

Disadvantages of Installing Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are heavy, difficult to keep clean (dust and dirt stick to tiles a lot more), and they must be installed with grout or glue.

The best type of flooring depends on your preferences but this article has outlined information which may make your decision a little easier.

The Appearance of Porcelain Floor Tiles vs Laminate Flooring

Floor tiles come in various shapes and sizes, including square or rectangular. They are sold as part of brick packs made up of 3 (7.5cm) x 6-inch (15cm) tiles. These bricks can be used to create borders or even patterns on your floor. This is something that not all laminate floors would allow for.

Although some do offer mosaic designs, there is still a lot more variety when using tile packs as flooring options. So if appearance is the main priority for you and aesthetics are high on your priority list, then tiles would be the best choice. But if you are looking for flooring that can be used in any room or space and don’t care much about its appearance, then your choice of flooring options could go either way.

Easy to Install vs DIY Floor Tiles

Floor tiles will require some professional installation skills along with quite a bit of experience. This is mainly because they are easily damaged during installation and demand attention to detail. With porcelain tiles you will have to contest with grout lines.

Laminate is more forgiving as it comes ready out of the box. Installation is extremely easy and requires less time without sacrificing the end result. You’ll find many laminate flooring products are available for DIY installation.

This is a huge plus when compared to tiles that require professional help. Plus, as laminate floors can be easily attached to each other using the tongue and groove design they contain, it’s also the ideal choice if you’re looking for something easy to fix or replace in case of damage.

Porcelain Floor Tiles Have a Smooth Surface vs Laminate Floors

While tile floors may seem more appealing due to their smooth and sleek look, they are not always better than laminate.

The latter has various finishes available depending on preference, and these include realistic wood grain.

Laminate and tile both make good options for the house. Floor tile and laminate can look good in any house, so in the end, it is all about personal preference.

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