Hybrid Flooring Costs

hybrid flooring cost

Hybrid flooring is a relatively new type of flooring that is made up of both hardwood and carpet. This type of flooring provides the best qualities of both hardwood and carpet. It has the durability of hardwood but can be walked on with shoes on. It has the soft feel of carpet but also has the durability of hardwood.

The costs of hybrid flooring are relatively low when compared to many other types of flooring. The cost may largely depend on the type of wood used for the hardwood parts of the flooring. If you are looking at having your home refurnished, then this is a great solution because it is not very expensive but looks amazing. It’s also becoming one of the preferred options among people who have pets that often play on their floors and damage them easily since it can stand up against heavy traffic and resist scratching.

Hence, hybrid flooring refurbishment projects are much easier on one’s pocket as compared to installations where new wooden floorboards need to be cut up from wider pieces. As part of the refurbishment process, what would happen is that the existing floorboards are sanded down and ready to accept a new coat of finish. The clients can be left with the choice of choosing from acrylic, polyurethane and wax finishes, prior to installation (which is also included in the price). These finishes vary according to durability levels and resilience against scratching, etc.

Hybrid Flooring Prices

The prices vary according to the type of wood (the lighter the wood, higher the prices), thickness and here’s where things get interesting, how much work is required to sand down existing floorboards. For example, wide-planked, solid oak boards are likely to be very difficult/time-consuming to sand down since they might have multiple layers of finish on top of them. Thin floorboards are easier to sand down as compared to thick ones.

In Australia, hybrid flooring materials cost around $35 to $60. This cost is divided into two categories.

  • SPC Hybrid flooring
  • WPC Hybrid flooring

Hybrid Flooring Installation Costs

Hybrid floor installation costs are not very expensive. The measures taken may depend on the type of wood used, how wide the boards are and whether they require sanding or not. For example, if you simply want to lay some trim pieces (for instance) around your home, then this is still likely to require an expert to help out with the actual installation process though all that’s required in terms of materials is simple adhesive and tapered-edged floorboards.

On average, hybrid flooring installation costs approx $30 per square metre. However, if you wish for a full installation service provider to lay down new wooden floors throughout your entire property including removing old ones, this price could easily go up by 50%. Hybrid floorings are also available in a strip-form when installation costs might fluctuate from $20 to $90 per linear metre.

With regards to the removal of old/existing flooring, depending on the nature and width of the boards, this could add extra cost too. Also, professional services outlined by companies who offer hybrid wood floor refurbishments usually include additional services such as repairs and making good/other minor changes that may be required at the time of installation.

Hybrid Flooring Installation Cost

Hybrid wood floors look very close to real wood, yet offer greater durability and low maintenance. Hybrid flooring is affordable, durable and easy to install the type of floating floors, which makes them a popular choice for homeowners who want something modern without compromising on quality. Manufacturers have recently started producing even more realistic looking wooden floorings with their latest innovations in technology.

Today, you can find a huge variety of engineered vinyl flooring planks that certainly look like hardwood floors but come at a fraction of the price. These faux-wooden planks are also much easier to maintain than traditional solid wood floors, simply sweep or mop them regularly, and if they get scratched over time, simply sand down the surface and apply a new coat of finish.

SPC Hybrid Flooring Cost

SPC or Solid Plank Composite is one of the most well-known brands in the industry. Their planks are made from a mix of recycled wood and plastic, making them quite durable, easy to maintain and light in weight. Originally introduced by Tarkett a few years ago, they have become hugely popular because of their low price point which makes them very affordable for even budget-conscious homeowners. SPC floors come with a 15-year warranty against any type of damage such as splitting or warping. In Australia, the average cost of SPC floor installation is $35 per square metre to $60 per square metre.

WPC Hybrid Flooring Cost

WPC or Wood Plastic Composite is another hybrid material used mainly for home flooring. Manufactured by Kaindl Flooring, these planks combine the advantages of real wood with those of waterproof materials like plastic. These floors are very durable and can handle high traffic areas which makes them ideal for active homes. WPC hybrid floor installation usually costs $40 per square metre to $60 per square metre depending on whether you choose their basic or premium product.

SPC vs WPC, What Could You Choose?

Both SPC and WPC offer excellent value for money when compared to traditional parquet or laminate floors. They are easy to install and maintain, so if you want to save some money on your flooring renovation project or you have a tight budget, consider opting for these modern alternatives. Both of these materials can be glued directly over plywood subfloors with the use of an appropriate underlay. All that’s needed is for the subfloor to be free from dust and moisture before installation begins.

Hybrid Flooring Installation Price

Hybrid wood flooring installation may be more expensive if it includes removing the old flooring, fitting underfloor heating or you want a full replacement of all your current wooden floors. If the job is only for installing new plank type floors onto your existing ones, this cost may be much lower. Some manufacturers might offer deals to customers who are interested in buying more than one product at the same time. Finally, remember that if you are not confident about doing it yourself but still would like to save some money on labour costs, most timber retailers/flooring companies have their own installation services so you can hire them for a reasonable price.

Quality and Price

The quality of these types of flooring varies greatly, as well as the price. As a general rule, the more expensive planks tend to last longer and look better than lower-priced ones. The cost is often determined by such factors as

  • Type of material used (wood or plastic)
  • Number of plies
  • Thickness
  • Warranty
  • Installation process
  • Additional accessories you might need (underlay, glue).

Hybrid Wood Floors’ Main Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to having a hybrid floating floor installation in your home.


Many types of engineered hardwood flooring types come with a warranty that lasts up to 15 years and hybrid flooring is no exception. Manufacturers offer warranties based on the floating floors average usage too, so if your home is less active, then this may result in an extended warranty time span. If you happen to live in an area with high humidity levels where the weather tends to be wet, you might consider opting for a waterproof hardwood floor instead.

Ease of Installation

Most engineered wood floors can be installed simply by using an adhesive and a few clamps. This makes this type of flooring extremely easy to install on your own as long as you have the right tools at hand. If you’d rather have someone else do it for you, then this won’t cost much either because almost all products come with a fully inclusive installation kit that includes everything from underlay to finishing materials.

Style Variations

Thanks to new technologies used in their production, today’s hardwood floors come with a lot more style variety than older models did. These include embossed designs, designer stains and different colours.


If you have kids, then our engineered wood flooring types are perfect for you because they offer great resistance to knocks and bumps due to their strength and durability. The top layer can be sealed with water-resistant polyurethane protection. Insects cannot damage them either, so if you live in an area with lots of small beasts running around, this type of material might be best suited for your home.

hybrid flooring cost
Hybrid Flooring Instalation

What is a Floating Floor?

A floating floor is a type of engineered hardwood floor that does not have to be glued down. Instead, it rests on top of the subfloor without any fasteners, screws or nails that are not used in order to install it. The majority of this type of floor is made from strips with two or three thick layers comprising the whole plank.

Floating floors installation represent an extremely easy option for homeowners who want to install new floors by themselves at their own pace, but it’s not recommended. They can be concealed between existing room furnishings too which makes them perfect for project renovation work where there’s no desire (or budget) for ripping up the entire subfloor or if the existing floor is so damaged that it has to be replaced.

Other Types of Flooring Materials Used in Australia

There are many different types of floors used commonly in Australia today.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

Combined with underfloor heating, these typical kitchen/bathroom floors look extremely attractive. The installation process can be quite complicated and time-consuming for DIY enthusiasts, but the end result (a sparklingly clean bathroom floor) is definitely worth it. For those who prefer to hire professionals to do this task, the cost may depend on the space covered by the tiles and whether any demolition or cutting needs to be done beforehand.

Vinyl Flooring

One of the main advantages of choosing vinyl plank flooring is that it can be used in wet areas, so if you want to cover your bathroom floor with a material that’s extremely easy to clean, then vinyl flooring might just be what you’re looking for. Vinyl flooring comes in many different styles and all sorts of colours with textures that imitate natural materials such as wood and granite. Splitting this type of flooring is a very simple process too, so if you want to replace a damaged vinyl flooring tile or two, then there’s no need for worrying that your floor may end up looking odd.

Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber product starts with a low environmental impact because it’s manufactured from recycled wood. Engineered timber is also made from thicker planks than traditional solid timber or hardwood floors which means its lifespan is considerably longer, usually about 15-20 years. The installation process can be tricky for beginners, but the overall result is well worth the effort.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring stands out thanks to its realistic designs which give your home a truly luxurious look. Laminate flooring is fairly easy to install even though you might need the help of an expert if you decide that this is the best solution for your home’s entrance or hallway areas. Laminate flooring is extremely durable but cannot be used outside because they attract insects’ attention easily, especially termites. The price range for a laminate flooring floating floor installation varies depending on the thickness (typically 4mm) and the warranty afforded by the manufacturer.

Heated Flooring

Electric heating mats are often used in conjunction with other types of flooring materials to create aesthetically pleasing heated floors. Their installation is fairly easy and the mats are usually cut into small pieces that are then simply placed next to each other at regular intervals. They are energy-efficient because they require very little power, but bear in mind that this may result in a slightly higher price tag. If you opt for an underfloor heating system, then you’ll also need insulation materials that could be laid out first before the floor is installed over them.

Porcelain Tiles

These can be durable if properly fitted and installed using adhesives free from harmful chemicals. Some adhesive brands might not resist moisture well enough, so make sure yours comes with a guarantee if you decide to go for this type of flooring. The only downside is the price, which is quite high even for basic models, so hiring professionals to do the job might be your best option.

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