How to Unblock a Drain?

unblock a drain

How to unblock a drain using the plunger method? | How to clear a block drain using the bucket method? | Is a blocked drain a common problem? | How to unblock a kitchen sink drain? | Common plumbing problems around the house | How to unblock a bathtub drain? | How to unblock a shower drain? | How to unblock a laundry sink?

Sometimes there might be some blockage in the sewer pipes and drainage system. To unblock the water flowing through it you just need to use a plunger or bucket method. This would help clear any kind of drain clog that is present inside the pipes. The steps given below should help you know how to unblock the drains in your house.

Firstly you have to look for the source of the blockage or any other kind of drain clog at your place. If you are unable to resolve it, then contact a plumber and get an expert opinion/opinion from him. After you have found out where the clog is located, try to find a plunger.

How to Unblock a Drain Using the Plunger Method?

Try the plunger method first at this place, as it is the easiest and most common way to unblock drains. If that does not work and you are still having trouble with your blocked pipe then you might need to use a bucket method. For using a plunger follow these steps:

1. You have to find the exact place where there is a blockage. Unscrew any caps or covers at that point if necessary.

2. Place one end of the plunger over that spot and cover it with the cup part of the plunger. Make sure that you leave some space between the opening in the cup and its surface, so when you pump air into it, it will come out through this hole and not spread all around like a spray from a nozzle would do. By leaving an opening in this way, ‘the force of air pressure’ can be concentrated on a small area so as to remove anything inside easily without disturbing everything else else around it. This will help push objects blocking your pipe right back up to the surface where you can unblock it out.

3. Now, pump air into the plunger by pressing down on its handle and then pull up sharply. This action is called ‘vacuuming’ inside your blocked drain, thereby forcing whatever accumulation of solid materials or grease that are blocking your pipe to move out through the open end in the cup part of your plunger. This should free any blockage located a few inches below your sink or tub connection point, if not directly under the sink itself as well. Allow the water/liquid to flow normally after this. If it does not work try again but with more force until you clear all blockages fully.

4. If the plunger method does not work then try to use a bucket method.

How to Clear a Block Drain Using the Bucket Method?

1. Pouring liquid/detergent into the drain would help to some extent to clear a blocked drain, because it might make solid materials softer so that they can be pushed back up through the drain and out of sight. Another advantage of pouring detergent down the drain is that it will form a barrier between the pipe walls and any kind of grease or trapped food particles.

2) Then pour hot water at once so that all of the previously poured detergent mixtures may get scoured with hot boiling water and thereby loosen any kind of blockage. This should start moving solid substances in the pipes since they are now softened by the soap suds you’re poured in there earlier; if not then repeat this step again until you clear all blockages fully.

3) Then pour cold water at once so that it may go down the drain and through the hot water layer you created with your previous step and all other channels present between the solid substances and pipe walls. Cold water is helpful because since it is colder than boiling water, it would also help to melt any kind of grease or oil sticking on the pipe walls as well as soften substances that are blocking your pipes; if not then repeat this step again until you clear all blockages fully. If the problem persists then consult a professional plumber for more advice/guidance.

Is a Blocked Drain a Common Problem?

unblock a drain

A blocked drain is a common problem among people living in cities and towns. Block drains are also common plumbing issues among certain commercial properties.

The city life has its own perks like you get to experience different lifestyles as well, but it also causes many problems for us humans including blocked drains. If you have already tried using your plunger and hot water with the cold water method to unclog the drain blockages and still nothing has changed then it may be time to call in professional plumber experts, which we suggest be the first option in instances of drain blockages.

How to Unblock a Kitchen Sink Drain?

Following are the steps that you can follow to unclog a kitchen sink drain blockages and make it run smoothly again:

1. Try placing your plunger over the spot where water is clogged and using it for an extended period of time (and especially if you have tried a hot water technique or the same as that). This will help move any solid materials blocking your drain back up through the sink and out of sight, so get ready with a bucket or other container to catch them in case they do come up with this method. Remember that these types of drains work better when liquids are present in order to loosen any blockage by breaking down trapped grease or solid mass so try pouring some liquid detergent into your pan first before plunging it for best results. Also, cleaning out any grease buildup within your drain may also help your sink to flow more freely again.

2) Once you have cleared the clogged drain, run hot water down it for a couple of minutes to ensure that any remaining material is flushed away down the drain and not just lodged further in the pipe itself. This step should be done after using your plunger technique already so that you can flush all loosened materials into the outside sewer system if there are any left. After this turn on cold water to rinse everything out as well and try running some warm water through it as well which should cause no problems at all since you’ve already cleaned out whatever was blocking it earlier.

Common Plumbing Problems Around the House

If you have tried plunging and pouring hot water with cold water down the drain but nothing comes out through then something is still stuck there. You might want to try using a snake or auger on your clogged drain line by passing it down into the pipes; this should be done after unclogging any material that may be stuck in the sink itself first though by sprinkling some baking soda down it which will soften any grease or hard mass present on the inside of your pipe walls if there’s any. Also, ensure that you don’t pass anything sharp like an actual knife through your piping system at all since this can definitely cause even more damage to your plumbing system in general; just use a blunt object like a broom handle, wooden spoon or anything else that’s made of plastic and can be easily passed through the pipe itself.

How to Unblock a Bathtub Drain?

Blocked bathtubs or showers can be a real pain to deal with, but thankfully if you’re able to locate the actual source of your problem and figure out how to unblock it then fixing this issue should be really easy; using all that is needed for this kind of task involves first inspecting the drainpipe itself from inside the bathtub which can either be done by looking directly through the drainpipe if possible or by trying to look into it from underneath. Once you have done so, try pushing a wire hanger down into the drainpipes themselves; if there’s any material caught on its way in then use some tape to secure one end of the hanger onto it and pull that piece back out with needle-nose pliers since it should be a lot easier to pull out then it is to push in.

If you’re not able to fix your clogged sink with the above methods then it is time to call a professional plumbing technician in. In some cases, plumbers may try using chemicals such as an acid solution, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide or lye (which are also known for dissolving solid materials) if there are no other options left, however, these chemicals can do damage if they get into any other part of your piping system so this should be kept in mind.

How to Unblock a Shower Drain?

If your shower drain is clogged for whatever reason then there are a couple of DIY methods before you can call in a professional plumber or even use the services of any home improvement store like Mitre 10 or Bunnings to help you unblock it.

The first method involves using a plunger so try filling up the tub with water, push and plunge as hard as you can down the drain that nothing comes back up through it whatsoever so if this does not work however then repeat the process again only instead of fill the tub with boiling hot water which should fix any problems with no problem at all.

If neither of these methods works, then you will have to resort to more drastic measures by passing an auger down your pipe (make sure you let the water out first and that it does not break) or in some cases break your pipe to re-route it; if you are not confident doing this yourself then, of course, call a professional plumber to do it for you.

How to Unblock a Laundry Sink?

If your sink is too clogged with a blockage such as food particles, hair or even something much bigger like an entire drain snake then try plunging them down your drain followed by pouring boiling hot water over the top; there are also some natural remedies that can be used if none of these solutions works as well such as sprinkling baking soda down your sink followed by vinegar or lemon juice which will definitely help dissolve whatever is causing the problem with no doubt. Ensure there is no residue left over by pouring boiling hot water down the drain followed by cold water to finally clear away anything that might be blocking it.

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