How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

Garden landscapes for your home

Landscaping is a process in which you can enhance the beauty of your home with the help of outdoor settings. Through landscaping, you will have the chance to turn your yard into a place that can be enjoyed by all guests and family members. The benefits of having a beautiful lawn do not just end there. In fact, many homeowners have claimed that they have been able to improve their home’s value through landscaping. In this article, we will cover how much does it cost in Australia and what landscaping usually covers.

What is Landscaping?

Landscaping is the practice of preparing your outdoor space to be more pleasing visually and environmentally. This means that landscaping can involve many things, such as planting new plants, installing new paths for people to walk on, building sidewalks or patios, creating garden spaces, etc. You can choose to do certain tasks while others are left out depending on your preferences.

Landscaping Cost

This may vary from one project to another depending on the number of plants and trees involved, as well as where you live (ie: whether you reside in an urban or rural setting). A simple backyard makeover may only require $2000, while an entire backyard landscaping project could range anywhere from $5000 to $25,000. Expect to pay top dollar for a beautiful setting.

What does Landscaping Include?

Landscaping can mean many different things, depending on the space you start with or what you want to achieve for your home. A landscape plan may require lighting, turf, bushes and trees, flower beds, rockeries, sand traps, irrigation systems or even building retaining walls.

How Much will It Cost?

This can vary greatly depending on the size of your project and how elaborate you would like it to be. The simplest backyard makeover projects typically range between $1000 and $4000, while an entire yard-makeover could cost anywhere from $10000 to $20000+.

Garden Landscaping Cost

The cost of garden landscaping is typically based on the amount of work that has to be done including the type of plants, soil quality and overall design. The traditional backyard makeover may only require $3000 while a garden-makeover can range anywhere from $20000 to $30000+.

Patio Landscaping Cost  

This can vary greatly depending on how intricate you would like your patio to be. If you want the whole yard to have an outdoor theme, it might also include steps, paths, retaining walls etc. which could drive up its price even higher. The minimum cost for simple stone or concrete patios is approximately $2000 but this could increase significantly depending on other factors such as drainage requirements and additional elements involved in the design.

Landscaping Costs per Square Metre

This can vary depending on the type of landscaping you are looking to have done. This includes whether you need asphalt, paving or gravel work done as well as edging and planting options. The average cost per square metre for this type of work is approximately $5-$20, with prices increasing per square metre depending on its rarity/availability in your area.

Garden Makeover                              

A garden makeover will typically include all types of landscaping work including laying rockeries, adding fencing, installing an irrigation system etc. The minimum cost for a simple backyard makeover is approximately $2000 but this could increase significantly if changes are required such as drainage requirements and additional elements involved in the design.

garden landscape idea for your home
Garden Landscape Idea for Your Home

Garden landscaping Costs per m2 in Australia

The average cost per square metre for landscape gardening of work is approximately $20-$50, with prices increasing per square metre depending on its rarity/availability in your area.

This can be different depending on the type of work that has to be done. This includes types of plants, soil quality and overall design. The minimum cost for simple stone or concrete patios is approximately $2000 but this could increase significantly if changes are required such as drainage requirements and additional elements involved in the design.

Landscaping Before Selling?

Most people spend money on landscaping works before they sell their homes because it typically increases the property’s value. To ensure a quick turnaround, you want to have any work completed at least 6 months before putting your home on the market.

Even if you are not selling your home, landscaping is still important because it increases the value of your property and adds to its overall aesthetic appeal. A new lawn, patio or garden can turn your home into an outdoor oasis.

Finding the Right Landscape Designer?

If you are not sure what to do or just don’t have the time for this kind of project, then find someone who can help you. This could be a landscape architect, garden designer or landscaper depending on your needs and how much you want them to design/build according to your requirements.

Difference Between Landscape Design and Landscaping?

Landscape design is about more than just adding plants to your backyard. It is a process of planning out how you want to make use of all available space in your yard with regards to plantings, walkways, seating areas and play equipment for children etc. A designer can work within any budget or garden layout no matter its size or shape. Try and find the best garden design service for your home.

Landscaping is about turning your design into a reality. It involves creating the different features you have laid out in your design to turn it into an outdoor space that can be enjoyed by both family and friends.

Landscaping Costs in Sydney

Sydney is a competitive market in terms of landscaping. If you are looking to get a backyard makeover in the city, expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 -$60,000 including all installation costs. It can be more if your design requires specific types of work such as drainage requirements or additional elements involved in the design. Your best bet is to get rates from a range of companies working in your area.

Costs Throughout Australia

The cost of landscaping varies greatly depending on where you are located. For example, Perth can be far more expensive than Adelaide or Brisbane. Getting good quotes for all work required will help you find the most affordable price.

As with all jobs, you get what you pay for so only look at getting a cheap price if the company is offering a high standard of work. Otherwise, they may still try to charge more later on in the project when extra work has been required due to poor quality or inexperience in that field.

Backyard Landscaping Cost

Most of the time you get what you pay for. The quality of a landscaping job can be very different depending on who you go with so finding the right landscape designer and company is key to gaining beautiful, functional outdoor space at an affordable price.

Before getting any quotes from a landscape designer, try to lay out all requirements in writing so that potential contractors know exactly what you need so they can give an accurate quote for your home. This will help them determine if there are any other elements that should be included in the price and allow both parties to decide if working together is the right option.

Your home backyard can come with its own set of problems depending on size, shape and slope so a contractor may need to use a range of different techniques in order to get the job done. Is a retaining wall required? What about drainage? Knowing where the space will go can help you find a company that has experience working with your type of project before.

Finding the Right Contractor?

Finding a good contractor can be difficult and many people end up paying far more than they initially expected. While you are looking around at the rates, ask the following questions in order to find a company that can meet your needs.

There are various methods that can be used to complete landscaping work. Depending on the design and materials required, a company can use one or combine a few different methods in order to get the most out of your space.


This includes moving around soil or earth around your garden by hand or machine. This can be used for filling in low areas, adding raised beds and making retaining walls.


This includes applying a protective membrane or tubing around your garden to ensure it stays dry/protected from the weather.


A type of ground cover, grasses are laid down into lawns, seating areas and play equipment for children etc. To create an instant green effect without the wait for seeds to germinate.


This includes adding man-made items to your space such as bricks, concrete or rocks. Appropriate for seating areas, paths and creating privacy around different areas of the garden.

What is Involved in the Cost?

After settling on a design, getting quotes can help you determine what each element of the job will cost. Make sure you get quotes for every element that needs to be done, not just the overall price of the whole project.

How do They Plan on Completing the Work?

Different companies use different methods in order to complete landscaping projects. For example; some may prefer to dig out and replace soil while others will just place new soil on top of the old. Costs can vary depending on what is required and some companies may even choose not to complete certain elements if they believe it will be more costly than just improving an aspect such as drainage or grading.

When will Work Begin?

Not all companies are ready to start at once so finding one that has availability for your preferred project start date is important.

What Happens During the Project?

Some companies will require full access to your home or property during construction while others may just need access to certain elements on certain days. Make sure you know what tasks will be carried out and when so that both parties are aware of any disruptions that may occur.

What are They Required to Clean up After Work has been Completed?

Depending on the type of project, there are usually elements that need to be cleaned up by either the company or yourself. If it is unclear what will happen at the end of the job, how long you have to tidy everything up and who is responsible for disposal can all affect cost so make sure you ask questions beforehand to avoid any add-ons after the project has been completed.

What is Included in the Landscaping Quote?

Be wary of quotes that are too good to be true because they might not include fees for removing trees, laying drainage or installing irrigation systems.

How Long will It Take Them to Complete the Work?

Some landscapers are extremely busy on other landscaping projects so you may have to wait 2-4 weeks for them to start your project.

Are There Extra Charges?

Some companies require a percentage of the final cost before they begin work. Ask beforehand how much does it cost, including labour costs and how much does landscaping cost. Others will charge for using specific types of materials or even moving large objects on your property. Ask about all costs involved in the landscaping job so you are aware of what to expect at the end and how much you’d expect to pay.

What Type of Plants will be Used?

Some plants cost more than others depending on their rarity in your area and how much work is involved in growing them. It’s best to go with local designers who already know which plant species grow well in your location, soil type and irrigation system.

What is the Process of Getting a Deposit?

As with all projects, you need to pay a deposit before spending more money on soil work and plants. Make sure you get this request in writing and find out what conditions need to be met in order for that amount of money to be refunded if necessary (e.g. does the job have to be completed by a certain date?).

Fencing Landscaping Cost

Installing fencing around your backyard limits how much strangers can see into or even enter onto your property. The minimum cost for a wooden fence is approximately $2000 but this can increase significantly if changes are required such as drainage requirements and additional elements involved in the design.

What does Landscaping Mean?

The words landscaping and garden design can be used interchangeably even though they describe different types of work. Garden design is more about planning how you want to utilise the space you have available, whereas landscaping is about creating your design into a reality.

What Types of Plants should I Use?

This depends on how much maintenance you want to do and what the weather conditions are like where you live. There are many different types including hardy local native plants to frost-tolerant low water requiring plants. You can also choose from mature trees to smaller plants, depending on your requirements and the space you have available.

Who does Landscaping?

There are many different types of companies who do this work such as landscape architects, garden designers and landscapers. Landscape Architects tend to be more aesthetically orientated and involved in the whole design process, whereas garden designers focus on the plans and landscapers are all about building your design into a reality.

How Long does It Take to Landscape?

This depends on the time of year, what is already there, how much work needs to be done, drainage requirements etc. A small lawn area for example could be finished in a week but adding a new patio, walkway or garden could take many months.

Retaining Wall Landscaping Costs?

A retaining wall is a vertical structure that prevents soil from eroding and keeps it in place. This requires a different design process to a normal fence or garden wall so you should look for landscape designers and companies who specialise in this kind of work. Depending on the retaining wall size, materials used and access required for landscaping projects such as this one, this could cost between $5000-$7000. A retaining wall also requires additional soil and landscaping. A retaining wall landscaping cost can vary greatly depending on the size and scale of your project.

The above article is just a summary of what you need to know when thinking about landscape design, starting a landscaping project, how much does it cost.

How Much does a Stone Wall Landscape Cost?

Stonewall landscaping costs vary depending on what kind of stone is being used and how big it is. An average-sized wall in an area with good access will probably be somewhere between $800 to $1000 to put in place. For a bigger one, you could expect to pay well over $1500 if not substantially more, especially if it has been handcrafted from natural materials such as rocks or boulders which increase its value. A professional landscaping company should be able to provide a more accurate quote based on your specific requirements and location for your retaining wall landscaping project.

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