How Much Does Cladding Cost?

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Cladding your home is a simple process of adding sufficient thermal insulation and also appropriate weather resistance and overall it’s used to improve the appearance of buildings.

It’s the process of applying one material over another and cladding can be made of a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, brick and even composite materials which including aluminium, wood and blends of cement.

There is also rain screen cladding which is designed to protect against the various elements but it also provides sufficient thermal insulation. It’s also very useful for control of element for noise, regardless whether it’s entering or escaping. The biggest downside is the potential fire risk it poses. There are couple of categories that we will cover today.

How Much Does Exterior House Cladding Cost?

In Australia specialists for cladding have different house cladding prices. The cost is usually much more affordable in Victoria and Queensland where wall cladding cost per hour is around $50. But, a cladding expert in New South Wales can charge you around $55 per hour.

The most expensive is Western Australia where exterior house wall cladding can cost up to $60 and even $65 per hour. The labour costs vary greatly. In short the price range for wall cladding goes from around $30 up to $65 per hour. Then, consider the total material cost which will be needs.

Timber cladding or wood cladding is considered the most common because it’s the most cost-effective but it requires regular maintenance. Stone veneer cladding provides an actual stone finish without too much total labour cost.

The final material choice is vinyl cladding, which is a very durable material that withstands any weather condition and the best part is cladding installers can offer up to 50 years warranty for vinyl cladding.

How Much Does Weatherboard Cladding Cost?

Weatherboard cladding prices can go from as low as $3 but of course they depend on a few factors. It all depends on the shape and size that it comes in. HardiePlank is the most common type of weatherboard in Australia, but the most common question is how much does it cost. It depends on a few factors.

  • A smooth HardiePlank which is 4.2 metre long and 230 milimeter wide is around $28.75 .
  • A woodgrain HardiePlank with the same diameter of 4.2 metre length and 230 mm width costs around $18
  • The final one is $3.20 for a linear metre of baltic square edge with a width of 175 mm and it’s the cheapest one money can buy for cladding

There are also scalloped, notched and notched with grooves but these comes at different prices and vary from supplier to supplier. Prices for these cladding materials mostly depend on brand and type of weatherboard.

How Much Does Aluminum Cladding Cost?

Colorbond is considered the most popular aluminium cladding product in Australia. This type of material comes in a few different profiles and has a lot of colours to choose from. Some people use Colorbond roofing for cladding their home.

  • A simple basic one metre long sheet costs $14
  • Powder coated cladding costs $21.50 per m2
  • Corrugated cladding has an estimate price of $30 per m2
  • Colorbond Ultra has an estimate price of $36 per square metre

Each supplier has different prices so keep that in mind that house final house cladding prices will vary. The second popular option is Zincalume cladding material but it doesn’t come in as many colours as Colorbond does.

How Much Does Vinyl Cladding Cost?

Vinyl cladding is quite common and is considered to be the least expensive. Vinyl house cladding will have estimate costs around $30 all the way up to $100 per square metre. This type of cladding is easy to wash clean and doesn’t require any painting. When choosing vinyl cladding make sure to factor in a few things.

The quality of vinyl cladding is very important and after the cladding project this material should have at least 10 to 20 years warranty given by a cladding expert or company. To receive the best possible vinyl cladding it needs to have proper UV and flame resistance and of course, it must be easy to wash.

The cladding installer should be able to tell you whether your materials meets these standards. Vinyl cladding has a a huge variety of colour options to chose from and can even have wood grain or a smooth finish.

How Much Does Colorbond Cladding Cost?

Colorbond is considered the most popular aluminium cladding product in Australia. It has a huge variety for both profiles and color. Some people use Colorbond roofing for cladding their home.

  • A simple basic one metre long sheet costs $14
  • Powder coated cladding has a price of $21.50 per square metre
  • Corrugated cladding costs $30 per square metre
  • The Ultra variant from Colorbond is recommended for coastal areas and is priced at $36.50 per square metre

How Much Does Timber Cladding Cost?

Timber house cladding and comes in a variety of timber looks and prices. Any timber can get the job done.

  • Tight knot pine has the biggest price gap due to the width of the timber, it can cost from $3.25 to $6.25 per linear metre.
  • Australian beech will cost around $6.45 per linear metre
  • Blackbutt has estimate costs of $7.25 for each linear metre
  • Spotted gum will cost around $8.30 per linear metre
  • Blue gum will cost around $8.50 per linear metre
  • Tallowwood $8.50 for the standard grad and $11.75 for select grade

How Much Does Hardie Plank Cost?

  • A smooth HardiePlank at 4.2 metre length and 230 milimeter width costs around $28.75 .
  • A woodgrain HardiePlank at 4.2 metre length and 230 mm width costs around $18
  • The final one is $3.20 for a linear metre of baltic square edge with a width of 175 mm

How Much Does Cladding Installation Cost?

Installation costs vary from home to home. House cladding in Australia averages at around $55 per hour but it can cost a lot less and a lot more. In some places wall cladding prices range as low as $30 and in some up to $65 for the same job and the same size home.

Whatever the cost of cladding a house turns out to be make sure that the company is reputable and has a good history of cladding your area. Not every company can provide quality home improvement and all houses are different so that’s why renovations such as these require work from professionals.

This is why specialists have different installation prices and may even work differently depending on the agreed cost of cladding.

What is the Cheapest Exterior Cladding?

When comparing the prices in our cost guide, PVCu comes out as the cheapest house cladding option that gets the job done for your home.

The material comes in white, coloured and even has timber effect versions which are all made from cellular PVC made by a process that makes two layers. They usually go for $30 per square metre but the most expensive versions can set you back by $100 per square metre.

How Much Would It Cost to Clad a House in Australia?

House cladding cost varies a lot and depend on a couple of factors. House cladding installers have different house cladding prices which depend on the size of your home, the material used, which features are included in the work, installation and renovations, and most importantly where in Australia you’re located because depending on this, prices vary from as low as $30 all the way up to $65 for the same job.

Factors Impacting Cladding Costs

There is a number of important factors to take into consideration before preparing the final budget for cladding your home. Some of these categories include the building type, complexity of the project, whether it’s a recladding job, overall building quality, overall building size and shape and even the location can impact the cost.

Talk to a specialist and make sure the quote you receive is final and no surprise “features” are waiting for you. Knowing how much does cladding cost, how much the labour costs can seem like an impossible task but that’s why talking to specialists will help you get the proper information that you need.

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