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Wanting to get Ducted Air Conditioning Installed Lately?

Have you ever wanted to have full control over your heating or cooling systems? Well then ducted air corns is exactly what you need. Ducted air is an effective and low profile system that allows the entirety of your residency to have consistent or interchanging temperatures depending on everyone’s preferences. 

“Why should I trust ducted air?” you may ask. Well, ducted air is a central heating system that has the feature of flexible zones that allow an individual or collective to have higher or lower temperatures in different rooms, at the same time. Unlike other air conditioning systems, ducted air can be cheaper in many circumstances whilst increasing the properties value. For smaller residencies ducted air conditioning can cost between $9000 to $10,000 and can increase depending on scale. 

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Cost in Australia

You may be considering installing or replacing your ducted air conditioning in your home. Apart from the cost of the air conditioning unit, you also need to be aware of the installation cost. Most homes are different, so the total cost of air con unit installation will differ depending on your air conditioning needs.

Before determining the installation cost, the technicians carry out a site inspection. Part of the job will include assessing the roof space, the size of the rooms, and the level of difficulty of installation. Please note that the quote should be free, and it should list all billable activities, hours, and requirements. Air conditioning installers will charge between $600-$5400. The installers will determine the pricing based on the type of unit and the complexity of the installation. For smaller split units, expect the installations to range between $600-$800. The larger split systems and ducted air systems will cost between $600-$5400.

Ducted Air Conditioning System Price

Ducted air conditioning costs vary depending on various reasons, chief among them the brand. Standout brands with years of experience with the Australian climatic condition include Mistubishi, Daikan, and Fujitsu. Expect the cost to range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand. The major brand offering ducted air con system in Australia include:

Model Name Prices Power Rating

Model Name Prices Power Rating
Fujitsu  Costs includes supply and fixing the ducted split AC $4,400 7.1kw
Samsung Offers a ducted reverse cycle AC $5,400 8.0 kw
Daikin Offers a ducted inverter split AC $7,000 14kw
Olimpia A portable air con for cooling only $749 4.1kw
Fujitsu Offers a reverse split cycle $899 2.5kw
Mitsubishi This offers a reverse split-cycle ducted air $2399 8.0 kw

The cost may not include installation services. Therefore, before ordering, ensure to get clarity on cost, service, and how many zones may be supported. Before purchase, look out for warranties for the product.

Ducted Air Conditioning Cost Calculator

When installing a ducted air conditioning system in your home, it is paramount that you get it right the first time. A cost calculator gives a rough estimate based on your input. Have in mind how many Kilowatts are needed for your home, the zones you require, and the number of outlets before using the calculator.

Ducting air con sizes have significant variances in rating. The kilowatt rating of an air conditioner gives you the output of that system.

Calculating the air conditioner size for your home requires you to calculate the total floor size of your living area. It includes the size of your living areas and hallways. More so, you need to get the ceiling height which you multiple by the daytime living area. Houses with a higher ceiling will require air conditioning with a significant cooling capacity. Here is a link to a ducted air conditioning cost calculator from the industry experts. Calculator: https://abc-air.com.au/calc/

Ducted Air Conditioner Price vs. Split System Price

A ducted air conditioner is entirely hosted in the celling of your home. On the other hand, a split system differs by having some parts outside the building. Air conditioning prices and energy efficiency play a vital role in how homeowners choose an air condition system.

The initial cost of ducted air conditioners is higher than a split system. When the costs of installations are added, the price of putting up a ducted aircon far outstrips that of a split system. Installation takes longer because it involves many parts. However, ducted systems allow the demarcation of your home into sectors which makes the running costs inexpensive. With a ducted system, you can easily select which room you want to heat or cool at a particular moment. The split air con units are more cost-effective in terms of acquiring and set up. It is a perfect option for people on a budget. Split systems are preferred for small houses. A split system has lower energy demands; therefore, they do not affect your power bills as much. In terms of repairs, split units are cheaper to service. Servicing and parts of ducted air conditioning units are more expensive as well. Split systems become expensive to purchase and run once you scale up the system.

The Average Installation Cost of Ducted Air Conditioning

Companies across Australia offer installation services. Some use fixed charges while others do it hourly. Installation costs depend on the difficulty, level of expertise, type of air conditioning systems to be installed, and the job’s magnitude. When planning to install ducted air conditioning, knowing the average price you will pay for the installation is critical. It will assist you in getting a cost estimate for better negotiations.

Installation Cost Estimates Per State

Air Con Labour State AC Installation Labour Cost Hourly
Queensland $80
New Sales Wales $55
Western Australia $60
Victoria $76
South Australia $89
Estimated Hourly Rate of Air Conditioning Installation Costs

Apart from these estimates, you can get referrals and recommendation from neighbours, and by contacting your local air conditioning professional.

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