Cost to Tile Bathroom in Australia

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Ready for a bathroom renovation and it’s time to tile a bathroom? If you are thinking of new ways to improve the look of your bathroom renovation project, consider tiling it. Tiles are an easy way to make a bathroom more attractive without having to call the bathroom tillers. This will reduce the bathroom renovation cost.

If you’ve never tiled before, there’s no need to worry. This guide will show you how to tile a bathroom for your bathroom renovation project and reduce overall bathroom renovation costs.

How Much does It Cost to Tile a Bathroom in Australia?

Tile prices vary depending on the tiles you choose. But it’s possible to tile a bathroom on any budget. For example, many discount stores have low-priced wall and floor tiles. Other types of tiles can be quite expensive, but even high-end bathroom tiling isn’t too costly per m2. So the cost of bathroom tiling isn’t directly related to your choice of tile style or colour and how much you can expect to pay.

It’s important to remember that there are other costs involved in tiling a bathroom, including grout, adhesive and tools. So, your total bathroom cost will likely be higher than just the price of the tiles.

How Much does it Cost for a Medium-sized Bathroom?

For a typical medium-sized ensuite or main bathroom (around 3m²) expect to pay $100 for wall bathroom tiling and another $100 for floor tiles. That’s around $10/sqm for both types of tile, which is average across the country for bathroom renovations.

Tile prices vary depending on where you buy them and what type of tile you choose. It’s possible to find good deals at discount stores or end-of-line sales, but it might be worth buying from a bathroom tiler shop because your chosen person can help you make the most of every available centimetre in your bathroom.

How Much does It cost to Install Tiles?

Tile installation costs depend on several factors such as how many bathroom tilers are working on the job, whether the tilers are working full time or part-time, if the tiler rates include GST or not and the eventual size of the finished bathroom tiling area.

If you have a small bathroom, say 2x2m², you might be able to tile it by yourself in a day. But if your bathroom is quite large or has difficult access, think about finding bathroom tilers who can install your tiles for you. Talk to different tradespeople and ask how much you’d expect to pay for a bathroom renovations project. Then add $500-$1,000 on top of the bathroom tiling total cost for miscellaneous expenses like grout and tools (not forgetting GST).

How do I Attach Tiles to Existing Surfaces?

Before installing new tiles on your old floor or wall, make sure they’re level and free from bumps and ridges. If not, read this guide for advice on levelling old surfaces.

It’s also important to inspect the walls and floors for dirt or moisture damage. Repair any cracks in the wall with filler, let it dry and apply a tile adhesive primer according to the manufacturer’s instructions before hanging your tiles. The adhesive will bond stronger if you give it a chance to get tacky, so don’t rush the job.

If your floor’s looking a bit worn, give it a good scrub with an abrasive cleaner. Then sweep or vacuum the surface to remove any dirt or dust particles. Moisture damage will need to be replaced because tiles can’t really take direct contact with water over an extended period of time.

Cost to Retile Bathroom Floor

The cost of bathroom tiling depends on many factors. These include whether you can do it yourself or hire help from bathroom tilers, the size and shape of your bathroom, what type of tile (colour, style etc), if existing surfaces require levelling, how much grout is required and whether you need equipment.

If you are doing it yourself, you can expect to pay around $20 per square metre for wall tiles and $10-$15 per square metre for floor tiles. For this example let us assume the job would cost about $300 in total. If you are hiring a professional tile layer it will cost more, maybe twice as much or more.

Cost of Tiling a Bathroom Wall?

As a general rule, the cost of tiling a bathroom wall for small bathrooms is around $20 per square metre. For larger bathrooms, this cost would be more expensive because the area covered by tiles will need to be increased accordingly. The more intricate your chosen tile, the higher this cost will be.

Cost to Lay Porcelain Tiles on the Bathroom Wall

The cost to tile a bathroom wall will depend on the size and depth of tiles you choose. Larger tiles, for example, cost more than small ones because they require more grout and materials. Here’s a rough idea for the bathroom renovation with porcelain tiles:

Small bathrooms: $100-$150

Medium-sized bathrooms: $200-300

Large bathrooms can cost anywhere from $500-$1,200 depending on the complexity of your chosen tile work.

How Much to Retile a Bathroom Entirely

This will depend on what size your bathroom is, what type of tile you have chosen, how much grout is needed and the intricacy of the design, according to the bathroom tiler. The cost can range from as little as $20 per square metre for simple ceramic tiles, modern style to up to $200 per square metre if tiles are intricate and difficult to place by the bathroom tiler.

If you are looking to retile your bathroom floor, this will vary depending on the size of the area. A small bathroom usually takes between $100-$250 for a basic job, while larger ones can range from $200-$500. If you have tiles that are intricate or unique in design, then it is likely that your tiles will cost more to lay.

Types of Bathroom Tiles

There are many different types of tiles available for a home bathroom renovation. Some, such as ceramic and porcelain, are both hard-wearing and easy to clean.


Travertine is a beautiful stone material that is often used in bathrooms. It has a lovely natural finish and looks great as floor tiles in your home, wall tiles or as a splashback. The cost of travertine bathroom tiles varies depending on the size, but for an average-sized bathroom, it will range from $20-$40 per m2. Each tiler has different quotes per tiling job so keep that in mind.

Brick Tile

Brick tiles are available in various shapes and sizes, so it is important to take accurate measurements before you purchase the material. The cost of brick tiles can vary widely depending on your chosen design or pattern. The costs vary from the tiling job and the quotes from the tiler. Brick tile costs can range from $30-$60 per m2 for a smaller bathroom remodel, up to $80-$100 per m2 for larger bathrooms.

Marble Tile

Marble tiles are beautiful and elegant, but they’re also very fragile. They can be quite costly to maintain because abrasive cleaners can damage the surface of the tile. For this reason, it is important to choose an appropriate grout colour that won’t scratch or discolour the marble.

Marble tile cost per square metre can range from anywhere between $50-$80, depending on the size of the tiles and what type of marble is chosen. An expert tiler is usually required for this job.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are available in a range of different materials, such as travertine and slate. They are extremely hard-wearing and can last decades if they are properly maintained. The cost of natural stone tiles is high because the material costs more than other tiles. It can range from $40-$100 or more per square metre.

Ceramic Tiles

These are very durable and easy to clean but can be susceptible to damage if they come into contact with liquids regularly. For this reason, ceramic bathroom tiles usually come as smaller pieces than floor tiles. The prices for ceramic shower-proof wall tiles start at around $15 per square metre for plain designs or patterns, while more intricate designs or textures can cost upwards of $50 per square metre for standard-sized tiles. Glass tiles There are different types of glass tile available, including frosted, etched and mosaics. Glass tiles are easy to clean and maintain, but can be expensive because they tend to be delicate. The cost for standard-sized bathroom glass wall tiles starts at around $40 per square metre for simple designs.

Mosaic Tiles

While bathroom tiles can cost as little as $7 for a small tile, the more intricate your chosen design or pattern is, the higher this price will be. Mosaic tiles usually come in large sheets and can be quite expensive depending on the intricacy of your chosen design and pattern. Glass and mosaic tiles often require professional installation to ensure they are fixed securely. The cost for mosaics starts at around $15-$20 per square metre, while glass starts at around $40 per square metre.


The size of tile you choose will affect its cost. For example, larger tiles such as brick or ceramic wall tiles tend to be cheaper than smaller-sized ones such as or glass wall tiles because there are more of them. Glass, mosaic and travertine tiles are more expensive than standard ceramic tiles because of their special finish.

If you have an intricate design or pattern in mind, or if you want tiles that are custom-made for your chosen location, then these will also affect the cost to tile your bathroom. Tile depth may also vary depending on the type of material chosen. For example, porcelain is usually available in 3cm thickness while marble is available in various depths ranging from 2cm to 10cm.

The size of the bathroom will also determine how many materials are required for tiling. For example, tiling a large bathroom would require more grout and adhesive than tiling a small one This can affect the price of labour because it may take longer to lay tiles.

Bathroom Tiles Price in Australia

The cost of tiling a bathroom can range significantly depending on the size, type, tiler and intricacy of the design. These factors are also relevant to the tile itself, with more intricate tiles costing considerably more than plain or simple ones.

For this example let us assume that you have chosen standard sized tiles for an average-sized room. Materials required would be around $500-$700 in total for materials, grout and labour costs. This would include flooring as well as walls, but not fittings such as taps or basins. For bathrooms with difficult shapes, it will take longer so expect higher costs if this is the case.

How Much does It Cost to Retile a Bathroom?

First, calculate how many square metres your project will be. Estimate this by measuring the length and width of the bathroom walls, then multiplying them together to find the square metres.

Let us assume that you will be tiling a small bathroom (3m x 2m) which means it is roughly 6 square metres in size. For most jobs we would recommend using standard ceramic white tiles with a matching grout colour, so for this example, we’ll choose a basic tile at $10 per piece and a matching grout colour at $15 per 10ml pot:

For floor tiles: When determining how many tiles you need, measure the area and divide by the total number of pieces required. In some cases, there may be extra leftover as tiles rarely have an even edge or if they are cut to fit around pedestrian doors and windows.

For wall tiles: To determine how many tiles you need, measure the length of the wall and multiply it by its height. Divide this number by the total pieces available (usually 10 or 12), then add extra for any breaks such as doorways or window sills that will need to be covered.

Small bathroom (6m2) : Use 160 floor tiles at $10 each = $1,600 + 150 grout pots at $15 each = $1,850 Total = $3,450

How Much does a Professional Cost?

Professional tile layers charge an hourly rate so it is best to find out what your chosen renovation will cost per square metre before calling them in. This way you’ll be able to estimate the total cost and avoid any surprises in terms of high hourly rates or additional materials that may not have been in your initial budget. Prices vary so check your budget once you get the rate per hour and compare quotes from different tilers for the same cost of a bathroom renovation job.

Having a bathroom renovation professionally done will set you back around $25-$50 per square metre depending on where you live, whether labour costs are included and what sort of finish is required. Some tilers charge per hour and prices and overall rate vary.

The price difference in Australia for the overall cost of a bathroom renovations job and labour rates are fairly similar across the entire country. Some areas in Australia are more expensive, such as New South Wales. The same goes for the cost of tiles, plumbing costs and overall surface preparation work.

Once you hire a professional for any house repairs or renovations, make sure to do proper research and ensure that they meet all the legal standards such as insurance and licenses required in your state/city.

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