Concrete Tiles [Complete Guide]

Concrete Tiles with a stamped look in Australia

Concrete is the type of material that is made from fine and coarse aggregate that are combined with cement paste and hardened over time. It is used to create many things, including a type of tile that is very popular.

In Australia, people use concrete tiles to design everything from their backyards to all rooms around the house. With all the new designs and modern options, they are becoming a very interesting option for designers and homeowners from all over the world.

One of the reasons why concrete tiles are a great choice is because they are quite durable – in fact, more durable than most hardwoods or ceramic tiles. Another reason is that they do not require much maintenance – an occasional sweeping or mopping will do the trick.  They are environmentally friendly, can be used in heating sources, and are easily refinished.

Since there are so many different concrete tiles, you will be able to find the ones that will fit your living space most and not have to settle for an option that you do not like that much. They are truly a great choice for all those who want to make their homes seem like a unique artwork.

Polished Concrete Tiles vs. Painted Concrete Tiles

Polished concrete tiles are a great flooring choice. These tiles go through a process of mechanical grounding, honeying, and polishing that changes their appearance. They come at a great price, are very easy to install, and most of them have amazing designs that can fit any space.

On the other hand, concrete tiles can also be painted. This process takes some time and money, but the result makes everything worth it. You can choose the colour and the design of the tiles to make them fit your style, while you can also do the painting yourself with the help of the many tutorials online.

Difference between Bathroom Concrete Tiles & Concrete Tiles Outdoor

Concrete tiles can be used in bathrooms for bathroom or shower floors, they can also be used for shower walls or in steam rooms. Probably some of the few shortcomings would be that they can get pretty cold and that they require additional measures to keep them from absorbing water.

On the other hand, concrete tiles can be used outdoors but they are not the ideal choice. If exposed to low temperature, they are known to crack and become distressed. So, if you live in a place where there are drastic temperature changes, you should look into your other options for outdoor tiles.

What is the cost of Concrete Tiles?

The prices of concrete tiles can vary between different countries or even cities, and the labour costs are something additional to be taken into consideration. Overall, the price of putting concrete tiles is around $9000 to $13000 for a typical home.

Concrete roof tiles cost anywhere from $40 to $60 per square metre, but that can also change between the different concrete tiles – like Contour (NSW), Limestone, or Elabana. Make sure to do proper research and check all the prices before you commit to one type of concrete tile & remember that all concreting work over $5,000 must be completed by a licensed professional according to NSW Fair Trading and note that this includes the price of both materials and labour-hire.

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