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Price of a bulkhead air conditioning system in Australia | Is a bulkhead air conditioner expensive? | Cost to install a bulkhead air conditioner | What is a bulkhead air conditioning unit? | What is a bulkhead air conditioner used for? | How does a bulkhead air conditioner work?

If you are redecorating a property in Australia and still thinking of which type of air conditioners to use, the bulkhead air conditioners are certainly a choice to consider. They are a great choice for all homes because they do not take up a lot of space, they look quite discreet, while they are also quite silent and easy to use. With this type of air conditioners, the unit is installed in the ceiling space behind some long grilles. There are two options to choose from – you can either have a unit with rear or bottom suction, while the unit itself has the optimal speed to perfectly fit any temperature. Probably the best part of this AC type is the fact that it will help you save a lot of money with its energy efficiency. What more would you want from an AC unit?!

Price of a Bulkhead Air Conditioning System in Australia

In Australia, the usual price of a bulkhead air conditioning system is anywhere from a thousand to a couple of thousand Australian dollars. The prices vary depending on the manufacturing company, the cooling capacity and heating capacity, the products that come with the AC – like a drain pump, the pipes, and so on. With that being said, chances are that you will come across some ducted air conditioning systems while searching for a bulkhead system. The difference between the two is that the bulkhead system has a cooling or heating capacity that is sufficient for one room only, while the ducted air conditioning system is designed to cool or heat up several rooms or larger business spaces. This means that you should consider the ducted systems as well but be prepared to find them at a bit higher price.

Is a Bulkhead Air Conditioner Expensive?

Installing bulkhead ducted air conditioning in your home can be expensive, depending on the units you ultimately decide to purchase. However, it is worth it to get such a unit for your home in the long run because it is one of the best air conditioning solutions, it has amazing performance, installation flexibility, compact form, and reduced energy consumption.

Cost to Install a Bulkhead Air Conditioner

It can cost quite a lot to install this type of air conditioning in Australian homes or business spaces. It can be anywhere from $5000 for a smaller house or an apartment to $30,000 for an entire two-story home with multiple bedrooms. The price will vary depending on the products themselves, the brand, the total power input, the cooling and heating capacity, the size of the property you are installing them at, the pipe length needed, as well as the complexity of the installation process.

What is a Bulkhead Air Conditioning Unit?

Bulkhead ducted air conditioners are units that have discreet installation – the unit is installed into an overhead or wall space and the only visible part is the discharge grilles. It helps not only with the aesthetics of the room but with the acoustics also. The unit is easily manipulated with the use of a remote controller that comes with the unit itself.

What is a Bulkhead Air Conditioner Used for?

The type of AC unit is used for cooling or heating places where there is not a lot of room to install a regular AC unit. It is the best type of unit for property owners who want to be discreet with their AC units.

How Does a Bulkhead Air Conditioner Work?

Bulkhead ducted air conditioning consists of suctioning the air from the room and allowing cool or warm air to be discharged through the grilled directly into the room. You can use the remote controller to easily turn the unit on or off, set the operating temperature range to whatever you want it to be at the moment, regardless of the outside temperature range, while also set the other options to fit your needs at the moment.

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