Adding a Room to a House Average Cost Australia

adding a room to a house

There are many reasons why you might want to extend your home, but before you start work it’s important to do some research. Home extensions, whether they’re single-storey extension or two-storey family homes may require planning permission. If you’re not sure where to turn for a Home Extension Cost guide, find someone who has undertaken a similar project themselves.

What You Need to Know About Extending Your Property?

If an extension is permitted by your local council if there are no special circumstances that apply (such as overlooking neighbours) if it does not exceed the permitted development rights for the property.

How Much does It Cost to Add 2 Bedrooms to a House?

The average cost to add 2 bedrooms to a house is $11,500.

This is just an estimate and may not be accurate in all situations. Home renovations can range in price and it’s hard to pinpoint an exact number without doing some leg work or visiting a building designers website on your own project.

House extension projects can be expensive but they do add value to the home. If you’ve been thinking about how to create space or perhaps even creating another living space like a sunroom, home renovation might just be what you need. Average costs for renovations vary based on what you want to achieve. Keep reading as we will go into these costs later in this article.

How Much does a One-room Extension Cost?

The average price for a basic one-bedroom house extension in Australia is around $30,000. Average costs can vary depending on location, size and other factors. More complex floor extensions or renovation projects will cost more.

How Much does an Average Floor Extension Cost?

A basic floor extension that includes adding another room to the home might add an additional $25,000 onto the original cost of building your new house. This includes building materials and fees such as council approvals and design plans. If you were hoping for a larger area added – say an extra bedroom or bathroom- then this could add up to $40,000 to the final cost. Other costs can also include demolition costs, which should be factored into the total cost of your home extension.

How Much does It Cost to Build an Extra Room?

If you’re looking to add an extra bedroom or den to your home, this could add $35,000 to the average price of building a home. However, if you require special tiles or finishes – such as imported materials – then this could push up the price by another $20,000. You may also need to consider whether you will be adding one bathroom facility or not; in some cases where there are no facilities in that part of your house, this could also require expensive excavation and lead to higher costs. The type of flooring required to save money or not; carpeting, for example, will cost more than tiled flooring.

How Much does It Cost to Build a Garage?

If you are looking to adding a room or space built onto your home but don’t really have the spare cash, you may want to consider having a garage conversion.

This type of conversation is less stressful. You also do not require a building permit or a building designer to embark on the change.

Most homes already have a garage space, so you’ll also be cutting on house extension costs and saving building costs money too.

Floor extensions require more work to build than just adding another room to the house. A floor extension goes under the house, meaning that much of the groundwork, demolition work costs and other expensive costs will be factored into the price.

Whilst you might only be adding a single bedroom or guest room to your home in terms of square footage, it could include plumbing infrastructure for hot water services and waste disposal lines as well as an air conditioning unit.

If you wish to add multiple rooms onto your existing structure instead of just one, floor extensions cost more than single rooms. Floor extensions require more access to the underfloor and therefore need more room to accommodate this process. Building a full-size extra room will be much cheaper than building an additional full-sized bedroom and bathroom with all of the necessary infrastructure and access points.

Can I do My Own Floor Extension?

Can you build your own house extension, According to statistics most people tend to pay for professional help when it comes to home improvement projects such as these – in fact, some figures suggest that around 90% of homeowners opt for expert assistance over DIY plans.

Quick advice, do not attempt home extension on your own unless you have extensive construction knowledge and experience behind you.

adding a room to a house average cost
Adding a Room

How do I Get a Reliable House Extension Cost Estimate?

Questions like;

  • How long will your construction project take?
  • How long do you need it for? etc.

Should be considered when seeking an accurate home extension cost. For example, if you just provide a rough floor plan and ask for an estimate, we can’t accurately give you a quote based on your square metre from the plan.

Factors that should be considered for an accurate quote for a house extension plan includes;

  • Your budget
  • Type of Extra space needed
  • Soil report testing (for floor extensions)
  • Council approval fee
  • Ground floor extensions permit
  • Another cost such as tile design… (usually at the discretion of your building designer based on client preferences) etc.

Is It Worth It to Add a Room to a House?

Adding more space to a house is always an attractive idea, but there are many factors that need to be considered before making the decision. Adding another room to the house means adding onto the foundation, which adds more expense. Adding a room can also change how energy efficient your home is, as well as make it harder for you to sell the house if you decide you want or need that extra space later on. You should think of all these things when you’re thinking about adding on to your house.

Additionally, there are some times when it may not be practical or even possible to add on to your house. If your lot doesn’t have enough space for an addition, then it won’t do any good to put up walls and hope they will stay. Adding on to an otherwise unchanged house is also a bad idea if you want to sell the property later on since it will have a negative effect on the resale value of the house.

In order for adding space to your home to be worth it, there are some things you should consider before going ahead with construction. First and most importantly, do the math and figure out all of your costs. Building materials can be expensive, especially in areas with high housing costs or land prices.

Adding a room that requires extending the foundation can add a lot more expensive than just a few extra dollars per square foot of usable space added inside the existing structure of your home. Also, think about how much energy is used each year by heating and cooling the extra space you are adding to the house.

Add up all of your costs and revenues, including any money that you will receive when selling the property later on. If it turns out you’re spending more on the new construction than you’ll ever recover in resale value or rental income, then think again about whether it’s worth it.

However, if after doing the math you find that your renovation project is worthwhile, adding a bedroom or whatever you have in mind might just be beneficial for you.

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