What is a Bath Hob?

bath hob

Common bath hobs are hotplates that are installed at the base of your bathtub and are used to heat the water for bathing. They are seen as the most convenient way to heat water for your bathtub.

They are made up of low voltage electricity and plugs into a nearby socket through a wire, which is connected to an electric outlet or switch at an out-of-reach distance away from the tub so that you do not have to manually pull on it while bathing.

A bath hob heats the water by either using resistance heating (old models) or by immersion of its element in water (latest models). The latter can be used for both warm and cold water baths whereas older hobs use resistance heating for hot water baths only. Both types of hobs come in a variety of sizes and shapes suited for the different styles of bathtubs; namely: single plate hobs, dual plate hobs and corner hotplates.

Bath hob vs Shower Hob

A bath hob is similar to a shower hob in that both are used for heating water. The main difference between the two, however, is that a bath hob is solely used for bathwater whereas a shower head can also be used for other things such as watering plants or rinsing off after exercise.

A shower hob is also similar to a bath hob. However, it is less known for its applications in bathrooms and is mostly used for industrial purposes such as rinsing off chemicals or steam baths.

Can a Bath Hob Be Used on Tile?

Yes, you can use a bath hob on tile.

However, it is important to ensure that the space the bath hob will be installed in meets all safety requirements and regulations. It is also important to follow instructions very closely when installing a bath hob.

Is Adding a Bath Hob Common in a Bathroom Renovation?

No, installing a bath hob is not common in bathroom renovations.

A plumber/electrician should be called to install the bath hob, which is unusual for the average homeowner to do themselves. There are also many factors that need to be assessed before installing a bath hob.

Common Bath Hobs Tips

In order to maintain your bathroom bathtub and its hob in good working condition, always keep the following precautions:

Do not use cleaning agents that are acidic. The bathtub may be coated with a layer of clear enamel or another similar protective coating which will dissolve when it can come into contact with cleaners containing acids.  Use only mild soaps or detergents without any additives. Chlorine bleach should also be avoided as even small amounts left behind on the surface may eventually erode the glaze (which is what protects your bathtub). Do not leave standing water inside the bath for long periods of time. This may cause erosion of some components including the ceramic cover on the hob.

What is a Bath Hob and Riser?

Bath hobs are often used in conjunction with a riser. A riser is mounted underneath the hob, just above the floor where the pipes of your plumbing can be accessed easily. This allows you to connect a hot water cylinder or central heating system into your bathtub and makes filling it much easier than if it was directly connected to the pipes.

You can get bath hobs that are combined with risers, these are often known as “bath hobs and risers” or “bath hobs with riser”. If you want to buy a stand-alone riser, separate from the bath hob then they are referred to as a “standalone riser kit”. Both types of bath hob and riser kit have exactly the same features. They just vary in their design and how they fit together.

A “standalone hot water cylinder/tank” is also very similar but differs in that it doesn’t include any integral connection for your central heating system or bathtub. Instead, it connects directly into your home’s plumbing usually via an outlet at the side of your bathtub.

Some plumbers can install the riser kit or standalone hot water cylinder/tank for you but if you’re good with DIY then the best place to buy bath hobs is on eBay where it’s easy to find a cheap, used one at great prices. Bath hobs are generally available in white and chrome finishes from most major brands such as Pibem, Ideal Standard, Grohe, Duravit and others. It’s always important to check your dimensions before buying as they often only fit certain baths so make sure that you know this prior to purchase.

How Else Can I Use My Bath Hob?

As well as using it for filling up your bathtub with hot water, a bath hob can be used for a variety of other things.

How High Should a Bath Hob Be?

A bath hob should ideally be positioned at a height that allows an adult to comfortably reach the top of it and put their hands in underneath. This may typically be between 60cm to 90cm off the ground, depending on the model and your own personal preferences.

Where is a Bath Hob Usually Situated?

A bath hob can be fitted to either one or both sides of your bathtub. It’s generally designed to fit against a wall, so if you have enough space it’s best to position it in line with the edge of your tub and leave room on the other side for placing your bath supplies.

If you have a very small space available then you may find it more practical to place the hob at right angles (and in line with) your bathtub instead.

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