Tree Removal Cost

Tree Removal Cost

There isn’t a single solution to the problem of “how much does tree removal cost?” The correct answer is, rather, multifaceted and highly reliant on the specific circumstances of the tree, as well as the surrounding environment. In reality, the cost of removing a tree is determined by how long it may take to do so. Although it may appear to be, calculating how long trees need to be removed is not simple. To calculate how long it may take to remove a tree, a qualified tree expert may be on-site to assess the tree, the terrain, the risks, and even the weather.

In this post, we’ll tackle the subject of how much it costs to remove a tree by unpacking all of the many variables that influence how long it takes to cut down and dispose of one. We’ve spoken with several expert arborists across the country to learn more about the expenses and difficulties associated with tree removal. This article may not provide you with a precise estimate for tree removal. Instead, it might look at the most important variables that may influence the cost or price of tree removal. This can assist you in evaluating the pricing structure of tree removals and locating the best bargain.

The expenses of tree removal are determined by a variety of criteria, such as the height of the tree, the kind of tree, the number of branches, the diameter of the trunk, and accessibility to the tree.

Tree Removal Costs Australia

The price range for tree removal may vary from $350 to over $8,000. In the “drop zone,” tree limbs and branches are particularly dangerous because of their vast size and weight, as well as the potential for tiny branches falling from a low height to cause damage to homes, buildings, and most importantly pets or bystanders in the area.

When you’re looking for a tree removal company, make sure they’re properly insured and have the appropriate arborist qualifications, as well as an experienced crew. It may come as a surprise to you that not all tree lopping businesses are required by law to keep this standard, so do your homework thoroughly.

Tree Services Cost Australia

The cost of tree removal is primarily determined by the size of the tree. Removing a big tree takes longer and necessitates the use of a chainsaw and safety gear. You may expect to spend between:

  • Small trees cost between $250 and $950 for a 5 to 6m tall tree
  • For a medium tree 6 to 9 meters tall, expect to pay between $650 and $1500.
  • For trees 9 to 20 meters tall, prices range from $1000 to $3500.
  • Large trees with a diameter of more than 20cm, such as elms and oaks, can cost anywhere from $2.50 to over $10,000.

Tree removal may be hazardous, and it demands the use of specialized equipment and expertise. When you obtain estimates, keep this in mind and ask for an itemized breakdown so you can see exactly what you’re getting for.

Factors That Increase Tree Removal Cost

In this chapter, we’ll go over several of the most critical cost components that may influence your tree removal estimate.

Climbing Arborists and Ground Staff

Tree removal involves a technical partnership between tree climbers and a ground crew to safely remove a tree, regardless if it’s large trees or small trees. Tree felling is a rare procedure since there generally isn’t enough space in city areas to drop the tree. As a result, arborists may frequently employ ropes and pulleys to ‘block down’ the tree segment by segment. A team of 3-4 bodies is required for each limb or trunk removed. The tree can then be lowered to the ground safely and in a controlled manner. A crew of three to four people is necessary for a big tree. They are often compensated well and are therefore a major expenditure factor because they are skilled tasks that are physically laborious.

Tree Size

It’s straightforward and self-evident. It all comes down to the tree site itself, the longer it might take to dismantle, the more debris that might need to be removed. In this situation, the tree removal cost is determined by factors such as additional personnel and time, equipment wear, and green waste disposal.

This is among the major variables influencing how much it costs to remove a tree. The more complicated and difficult the greater the price, obviously. There may be considerable costs in equipment and labour that go into removing a huge or difficult-to-reach tree, for example, If access is restricted due to electrical lines, properties and so on. If there’s construction close by and they’re unable to use heavy machineries such as cranes or trucks because of safety reasons.

Climbing arborists experienced in climbing very tall trees or with dangerous lean angles may be needed to safely reduce the height of a tree if the ability is available nearby. They’re not on call 24/7 and they might need more time to trim your tree.

Tree Species

The tree removal cost may be determined by the species of the tree. This implies that the woodchips from this vegetation are not recyclable, therefore it is more expensive to remove them than if they were made from agricultural waste. As a result, because these resources may be disposed of and these expenses have to be passed on to the tree owner, most likely hiring a tree removal firm may necessitate expenditure in addition to any fees levied against him or her as part of an environmental infraction conviction.

Tree Removal Cost
Big Tree Removal

All trees are not created equal. In the same way, the cost for removal may vary depending on which type of tree needs to be trimmed or removed. In general, pruning is less expensive than complete removal. But only if the correct procedure is used in conjunction with experienced arborists who know exactly what they’re doing so no harm is done when tree trimming. For example, there’s a difference between professional pruning and an unqualified hack job.

Location of the Tree Removal Job

The chances of having simple access for machines and tree workers are excellent if the tree is planted close to a road, in front of a home on a residential street, and at ground level. On the other hand, if you have an extremely large tree that may be cut down with trucks, cranes or both, you can expect your quote to rise significantly. When there is no other choice, the tree may need to be chopped into manageable pieces and carried by hand to the street when processed by a wood chipper. This would necessitate an increase in manpower and time.

If the tree is a large one with a lot of woody debris, it might need to be cut down at ground level and then towed away on a truck before being chopped up. This may cost as much as $5-6 per load for the removal and disposal of tree waste from the back to the front. In areas with steep slopes leading to bodies of water, tree removal waste may be difficult for a crew to carry manually up the hill. In these situations, a barge is frequently used to transport the truck and woodchipper to the water’s edge, making waste removal much easier.

This would save you some labour costs, but it may also add the price of the barge to your quote. Ropes are used by an arborist to remove tree branches from powerlines safely. This can only be performed on healthy trees.

Health and Condition of the Tree Removed

To safely climb and cut down a tree using ropes, the limbs and branches may be in good condition. This implies no sickness or significant deterioration, allowing for secure rope anchor sites. In many cases, trees are being destroyed because they have died, have diseases, or are hazardous due to illness. In this case, the arborists may require a crane, cherry picker, or other types of elevated work platform to safely access the tree’s trunk and branches with a chainsaw.

The arborist may not be secured to the tree structure, and no branches would therefore be lowered. External work platforms may cost anything from nothing to several thousand dollars depending on their type and size, however, you can reasonably expect a minimum increase in expense of around $1000.

External Factors That Increase Tree Removal Price

The price of tree removal may go up if the work is done at night without prior permission or during wet, windy weather. Stumps may be ground deeper than usual if there is a risk of the new stump sprouting or resprouting. Some of the most common external factors for removing trees could be:


Weather conditions do not usually have a major influence on the cost of tree removal, however, they may substantially complicate or even prevent the completion of a task. The wind is a problem. When the weather is windy, it might take longer to remove a tree because the climber may need to wait for lulls in the wind to prune certain branches. Because of bad weather, a qualified arborist might not be able to do it, so they need to cancel the job.

Extremely hot days, as well as wind, rain, lightning, and storms, can endanger or make a task impossible. However, even lovely summer days might affect the cost of removals. If it’s a scorching day, the crew may have to take more water breaks, which may add to the overall time it takes to finish the work. Getting a tree removal quote and planning for this might be useful.

Time of the Year

The season of the year may have a huge impact on not just the procedures for removing a tree, but also how busy the tree service is. During the summer and spring months, tree services are frequently very busy, but it’s during autumn when you’re more likely to save money on tree removals. It’s a lot easier to prune a deciduous tree in the fall when the leaves are off than in the spring when they’re on. It is said to cost between 25 and 50 per cent more to remove a large tree species full of leaves than one without, owing to the extra weight and difficulty of the foliage.

Tree Stump Removal Cost

Not nearly as much as tree removal, in any case. The stump of a tree that has been cut may typically be ground flush with the earth surface. Stump grinding is the quickest and most cost-effective approach to get rid of an undesirable tree stump. Most tree removal firms provide this service, which is made easier with the use of a stump grinder.

This machine has a spinning wheel with teeth at the front that pulverizes the remaining tree stump into sawdust while also ground down below ground level. Stump grinding, like most tree services, is expensive. The cost of stump grinding may vary depending on the size of the task, but an average job would take 1 to 3 hours and cost between $150 and $600.

How to Hire a Tree Removal Company

To get a fair idea of tree removal costs, get quotes from 3 arborists near you. Make sure your quotes all come from qualified and insured professionals. On-site quotations are the most accurate way of getting an idea of how much your tree removal cost is likely to be. To help tradies give you accurate quotes, describe your tree and other information about it in as much detail as possible.

A tree in the middle of the yard that poses no danger to your house or a nearby property may cost less to remove than a tree whose branches overhang your roof. Details like that may make the difference between an accurate initial quote and disappointment when the tree is inspected in person. Cost and prices in this article are indicative and could only be used as a guide. They also vary locally and are subject to market forces. This article is based on AU rates and all tree removal costs are average.

Some companies offer a tree removal calculator to help you get a ballpark cost to remove trees.

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