Soundproof Fence (Complete Cost Guide)

soundproof fencing

Soundproof fencing | Is soundproof fencing effective? | Cost of soundproof fencing in Australia | Installation cost for a soundproof fence | Outdoor sound barrier vs soundproof fence | What is a noise reducing fence?

Each homeowner should get the privacy that he needs and getting acoustic fencing to reduce traffic noise and act as an overall noise reduction is very important if you live in a noisy neighbourhood. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the noise barrier fence.

What is Soundproof Fencing?

Soundproof fencing or as it’s commonly referred to as acoustic fencing is a type of fence that reduces the sound and noise level. These noise barriers help with noise reduction and stride in removing it completely. It prevents sound waves from coming in regardless of the noise source. Acoustic fences work by reflecting, conducting or refracting the sound waves from outside. It’s a system that’s put in place primarily for road noise and is becoming a very sought after fencing solution for homes.

Is Soundproof Fencing Effective?

There are a lot of noise reduction solutions out there and this barrier fence is exactly that, a noise barrier but it will never completely block out sounds. There are materials that can do this but it’s almost never a good idea to make your home completely soundproof. 

How Much Does Soundproof Fencing Cost in Australia?

Fencing a residential area is very important. Along with providing adequate security, privacy and beauty it also can work as a noise barrier fence to help reduce traffic noise coming into your property. Most roads outside the city have a noise wall barrier but that simply isn’t possible inside the city, that’s why you should focus on getting acoustic fencing. 

soundproof fencing

We made a table that has the most common kind of fencing in Australia and their estimated material cost per linear metre and the cost of professional installation.

Type of fencing Estimate cost per linear metre
Colorbond fencing $65-$100
Treated Pine paling fence $75-$120
Hardwood Fencing $80-$125
SlimWall modular fencing $190+GST
VogueWall modular wall $280+GST
Treated pine slat fence $280-$350
EstateWall modular wall $360+GST
Brick wall $550-$800
Frameless glass fence $600-$1000
Rendered brick and steel fence $750-$1000
Sandstone and Timber fence $800-$1200

Installation Costs for a Soundproof Fence

When it comes to fence installation not everyone has the know-how, will or simply put the time in to install their own fence. That’s why there are professionals who would be more than willing to help you. Each contractor has different pricing for this type of system so getting the right quote for total installation costs is difficult. It depends on a lot of factors such as location, marking, digging and much more. A typical project where they cut fence panels, install them along with post top caps, install posts and make the entire acoustic wall can cost around $4000 to $5000. Get the right quote from a professional.

Outdoor Sound Barrier vs Soundproof Fence

The outdoor noise barriers are exterior structures made out of soundproofing material to help in sound absorption while working as adequate sound barrier walls, not just there to reduce noise. It’s a system usually placed around busy highways. A soundproof fence works in a similar way as the outdoor sound barrier, except that you’re the one paying for it to be built around your backyard. This is to reduce noise and act as an acoustic wall system. The sound reduction is achieved by both methods but sound barriers are not typical for homeowners since they usually opt-in and build a fence.

What is a Noise Reducing Fence?

Noise-reducing fences are fences that are made tall enough to help knock off decibels of noise coming from outside your home. The type of material used in the fence also helps greatly in noise reduction but overall the height is the key factor. If you want a proper acoustic wall for sound reduction in your backyard consult with a professional and get a quality timber or colorbond fence.

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