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Acoustic soundproofing panels, comprised of recycled glass suitable for internal or external applications. Non-combustible and suitable for use in all commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects including swimming pools.








Pyrotek REAPOR acoustic panels are a unique soundproofing panel- made from a patented recycled glass method, these products are inherently resistant to damage and deterioration. Produced in Germany, it yields a very low weight panel with high mechanical strength.

The one-sized panels are durable, unaffected by water, easy to clean and repair, fibre free, non-combustible and recyclable.

Manufacturer claims the panels are naturally free of VOCs due to the fusing process removing the need for binders which often generate VOCs and smoke (in the event of fire). The lightweight material is purportedly workable with conventional tools and easy to clean and repair.


Information last verified: 31st August 2012


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