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A range of systems for enhancing water through mixing and aeration.









Living Water Flow Forms have a variety of different systems, of different sizes, for residential, commercial or industrial use.  Applications include polishing and aeration of grey water and sewage treatment, dairy and piggery effluent processing, dynamisation of biodynamic preparations and in aquaculture oxygenation. The systems can reduce swimming pool chemical use and improve air conditioning plant water quality. There are also indoor and outdoor ornamental applications e.g. indoor humidification.

The Flowforms mimic the aeration qualities of natural streams via lemniscate (figure of eight) patterns. This movement folds air into the water as it moves downward through the forms. The supplier states this movement also supports normal fresh water micro-organisms which, along with aerobic breakdown of organic matter, purifies or revitalises the water. The only energy use required for these systems, is a water pump, so they have a low operational energy requirement when compared to other more mechanical-based systems.

Information last verified on: 08/02/2011

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