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Echolinear is a modular and demountable patented sound absorbing system for ceilings and walls. Designed to achieve the highest aesthetic and sound quality levels. This product is made from EO, 100% FSC pure board. Suitable for public halls, sports facilities, office, industrial, health, commercial, educational and residential environments.

Echolinear can be considered as a number of resonance chambers assembled together, into which sound waves enter and are dissipated when they mixed with the air that enters through holes in the external surface.

The system includes a patented clipping device that allows installation without screws, nails or glues (making it fully demountable and re-locatable). The back consists of a layer of sound-deadening non-woven fabric.

Acoustic Panelling units are made of MDF they can contribute to thermal insulation of the room, by inserting a layer of foam or fibreglass insulation between the wall and the panel.

Echolinear is made with wood from FSC® (100% certified sources) and a durable melamine surface, which ensures easy maintenance.  

Product Certification

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Green Star™ - Design and As Built v1.2

Credit 13: Indoor Pollutants: Engineered wood products

Green Star™ - Interiors v1.2

Credit 12: Indoor Pollutants: Engineered wood products

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