Mesh Fencing [The Ultimate Guide]

Mesh fencing in Australia

Mesh fencing is a type of fencing that consists of vertical and horizontal wires. Wires can be interlinked and connected in different ways creating a wide spectrum of designs. The term ‘mesh’ represents the opening on the fence and the number of openings per linear inch.

Did you know that Australia holds a world record in fencing?

The dingo boundary fence, at 5.531 km, is the longest fence in the world. Stretching from eastern Queensland to the South Australian coastline, the main purpose of the fence was to keep the grazing land out of Dingoes and wild dogs. The material that was used for this fence is mostly mesh (wire mesh) and multi-strand electric fence.  Hence, mesh in Australia has found its usage very long time ago in a variety of applications.   

Mesh fence is a very commonly used fencing solution because of several reasons. First, it requires an easy installation process. This installation can depend on the type of the mesh and its flexibility, but in most cases, all you have to do is to unroll the mesh and stretch it between the posts. Second, mesh fencing is budget-friendly and comes at affordable prices, for more information about fence prices view our comprehensive fencing cost guide to make you buying decision simpler. 

Exceptions are some mesh fences (welded mesh) that require more labour in the production process, therefore in the installation as well. Third, mesh fencing provides great visibility and gives you more control of what is going on ‘’on the other side of the wall”.

Applications of mesh fencing are endless. Starting from the domestic use of house yards, schoolyards, sports fields that all use it. In industry and agriculture, mesh fences offer possibilities to make our living easier. However, before going on for purchase, make the planning of what you want to achieve with the fencing in general. Think about your main purpose, the budget you are willing to spend, the land that you are intending to the border, the time that you have on disposal and other issues that are meaningful for you.

One of the facts that oppose mesh fencing is that it doesn’t provide noise protection. But as mentioned before, if that is not the primary function of your mesh fence then there is no reason to exclude it as a fencing option.

Chain Mesh Fencing

Chain mesh fencing is one of the most commonly used solutions when it comes to metal fencing. It is made of metal wires that are interlinked mostly in a diamond shape making it applicable for commercial, industrial or domestic use. Chain mesh can be found as a school fence, or as a fence on the sports grounds, highways, parks, buildings, factories.

How to choose the best chain mesh fencing for you? Just ask yourself about your purpose for the fence. Based on that, select the proper material, gauge and aperture size of the metal. This type of fencing has gained its popularity because of the wide spectrum of advantages that are offered such as:

  • flexibility
  • duration
  • possibility of relocation
  • many others

Before selecting any type of fencing make sure that it is within the Australian Standard for Chain-link Fabric Fencing and Gates known as AS1725-2010 – Parts 1 to 5.

Dog Mesh Fencing

Dog mesh fencing is one of the types of fencing used to guard a dog, property or a yard. Known as a cyclone dog or puppy mesh, it has become a favoured way of fencing among the owners as a result of the great benefits for the pets and the environment.

The most commonly used steel wire mesh for this type of fence, especially for backyard garden fencing is welded and galvanized with horizontal line wire spacing. Depending on the size of the dog and its ability to jump over, there are many options to choose the size of the fence.

The major advantage of this type of fencing is that the owner has a clear view of the dog and its outdoor activity. Also, dog mesh fencing requires low-maintenance which makes it an economical solution for dog boundary.

Always check Australian Standards for chain link (AS1725-2010) whenever you decide to buy a dog mesh fencing.

Welded Mesh Fencing

Welded mesh fencing is made of strong wires that are electrically welded in order to create different sizes of aperture. This type of fencing finds its application in areas such as:

  • transportation
  • industry
  • building
  • agriculture

The main feature of the welded wires is their efficiency in holding the lids in place and maintaining the shape of the fencing. This characteristic of the material has been found very useful especially for industrial purposes. In addition, welded mesh fences can be applied on sports grounds because they can provide great protectiveness and visibility for the spectators.

Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire mesh fencing (also known as wire cloth) is another type of fencing that requires the usage of a flexible metal material that can be woven under different specifications. Such material can be stainless steel, aluminium alloys, copper. Manipulation of the material is very simple and therefore requires less labour input to be produced.

The main application of the wire mesh is in the industry especially, oil and gas, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics. Depending on the wire mesh weave type, the aperture and weight, woven wires can be used for sieving, sorting, filtration, separation.

Mesh Fencing Comparison: Mesh vs. Chain Mesh vs. Dog Mesh vs. Welded Mesh vs. Wire Mesh

There are plenty of options on the market to choose from when it comes to the mesh fencing. Once the purpose of the fence is determined, it becomes easier to select. 

Chain mesh fencing because of its flexibility can be used in both domestic and industrial areas. Dog mesh fencing on the other side is more specific, and depending on the dog’s size and behaviour can vary on the size and aperture. 

Welded mesh fencing consists of a more rigid material, making it stable and fixed. Woven wire mesh is more flexible and low-cost.

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