Cost to Build a 4 Bedroom House in Australia

Cost to Build a 4 Bedroom House in Australia

If you want to build a house in Australia, the cost may range from $230,000 to $1.2 million AUD (Australian Dollars). This is dependent on the size of the house and what type of materials are used. We hope that you can use our detailed home pricing cost to build and the average cost for homes in Australia. The property market is always changing so the cost to build is usually average for residential projects.

The cost of building a four-bedroom household varies based on a variety of variables, such as the design, specifications, materials, finishes, and fixtures accessories you select, which is referred to as “level of finish” by builders. Low/budget, mid-range, and high/luxury material levels exist for materials, finishes, and fixtures.

This post may give you a decent idea of how much it costs to construct a house. Keep in mind that if you want to have a more accurate estimate, you’ll need to obtain plans drawn up and receive at least three quotations from contractors.

How Much does it Cost to Build a 4 Bedroom House in Australia

If you want to create a four-bedroom home, you’ll need to know how much it may cost. The average cost to build a four-bedroom house is between $1,900 and $3,900 per square meter, depending on actual costs used by builders, architects, and quantity surveyors.

A per square metre (m2) figure is frequently used by builders and architects to compute the cost of a project, such as your 4-bedroom house. This is an excellent starting point, providing you with a sense of what you need to budget for your project.

You can anticipate a four-bedroom house to cost:

  • A 4 bedroom single level brick veneer house on a level block costs $1,900 per square metre when constructed with low-cost materials
  • For a 4 bedroom brick veneer single level project house on a flat block, expect to spend around $2,400 per square metre for mid-range materials and finishes.
  • The cost of installing a swimming pool for two people on an average-sized block is about $2,900 per square metre for a 4 bedroom full brick two-level home on a flat lot with top quality finishes.
  • For a full brick, two-level home on a level block with top-of-the-line materials and custom features, budget about $3,900+ per square metre.

How Much does it Cost to Build a 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom House in Australia

When you look at the average cost as well as construction costs, the final price could be broken down into:

  • 50% for materials, fixtures, tiles, fittings and appliances
  • 35% labour costs, including project management, consultants, designers and fees for engineers, direct labour and installation expenses
  • An average of 15% in council fees, permits needed and red tape.
  • There is also a 10 per cent contingency to cover any unanticipated expenditures.

The final price of your 4 bedroom property may differ based on a number of additional factors, such as:

  • Construction types, such as timber frame, brick veneer or double brick
  • Number of floors
  • Average costs for each builder
  • Material costs and type
  • Site costs, accessibility and ease of access
  • How steep the site is
  • Project size
  • Volume or custom-built home
  • The location where you’re building

Average Cost for a Four-Bedroom House Australia

A four-bedroom house is a big structure and can be custom or project built. The final price for this type of construction varies from $1,900 to $3,000 per square meter.

Costs may include:

  • Site preparation, grading, concrete base if necessary etc
  • Excavation, this includes digging the foundation and any other excavation work required such as digging in rocks and soil types which prove difficult
  • Footing and stem wall, this comprises car parks and inclusions in the main building that needs to support the weight of the home e.g. staircases, garage floors etc
  • Piling, where heavy or high loads are placed on a specific area such as corner blocks, small buildings etc

The building itself may vary from this price per square metre depending on the types of materials used. These include:

  • Brick veneer, block or concrete walls
  • Timber frame with a trussed roof and brick exterior

Four-bedroom homes can cost as much as $3 million to build in Australia. This is for a house that has been custom designed by an architect and built by a professional team working together under one company.

Four Bedroom House Building Costs

Costs may include:

  • Construction of structures including firm bases, staircases, plumbing etc
  • Electrical systems, ducted air conditioning system, landscaping and grading
  • Tree removal
  • Final painting inside and out upon completion of the home
  • Inclusions such as appliances and fixtures and fittings

The final price is subject to:

  • Size of the house, number of floors and garage size
  • Location of the area
  • Whether it’s a single or double-storey home

The median house price in Australia currently is almost 1 million AUD.

Cost to Build a 4 Bedroom House in Australia
Building of New House in Australia

Average Site Costs Australia

The average site costs are about $1300 per square metre. These are the hard costs of buying or leasing a lot of lands. This may include all the legal fees and expenses needed to get an agreement in place between you and the landowner before construction can begin. Most of the time building costs are less than site costs.

Other costs may include professional fees, council rates and permits. Council rates are an average of about $1,000 per annum in Australia. Private building survey costs between $200 to $400. Other general costs include the cost of plumbing materials which may cover pipes, fittings, valves etc used in construction. For a four-bedroom house, this can add up to about $20,000.

In addition, the cost of landscaping can increase if you choose to beautify your home with natural stones and installing additional features such as swimming pools. For this kind of work, costs may vary based on the size of your yard if it’s in an urban area or open space

Labour Costs per Square Metre

The average labour costs for building a four-bedroom house are around $70 per hour. Costs may vary depending on location, whether you’re custom building or doing project build i.e if someone else is in charge of construction there is no need to pay your own workers.

Variables that can increase the price of construction include:

  • The length of time taken to complete the construction phase may be due to limited access, weather conditions or delays caused by workmanship errors.
  • Limited space for construction due to limited access e.g steep slope.
  • Differences in cost for each state, sometimes it can be significantly cheaper to build in outer regional areas because of lower labour costs.
  • Building a custom-designed home would have the highest price tag due to an architect being involved.

The average 4 bedroom house costs in Australia may vary depending on what’s included with the package, the design and construction materials used as well as the site location. An Australian financial services licence (AFSL) is required to provide credit advice in Australia, offer financial products for sale and operate a registered managed investment scheme.

What is Covered by Site Preparation Costs?

The site preparation costs are anything that needs to be done in order for construction to begin. This may include the excavation process, including digging in rocks and soil types that prove difficult or adding footing and stem wall if necessary. The type of foundation may vary depending on whether you’re building a custom home or a project build.

For example, car parks may support the weight of the home so if there is an addition such as a staircase or garage then it may require specific foundations. Similarly, backyard structures that need to support heavy loads may also have specific site preparation costs associated with them. Each house design varies so this would depend on what’s required for each individual house plan to stand up safely over time. If there are existing trees in the area they may need to be removed depending on the size of your house.

Building a custom home may have higher site preparation costs whereas purchasing an off-the-plan property would have construction costs, but no additional labour or materials are required for site preparations or landscaping.

What are the Plans Involved in Building a 4 Bedroom House?

Some builders offer selected packages where you only have to choose some details e.g kitchen cabinets, vanity, flooring etc while they take care of everything else including the design process and all construction work done by their own team with their own company name which means that you don’t have to pay three different contractors separately which can save time, money and headaches compared to doing it yourself

Typically buyers are given many different choices. If you’re building a two-storey house then there are different roof styles to choose from, with or without parapets, front verandahs or back decks etc. Roofing materials may affect the price of your house so this may be an additional expense e.g corrugated iron may come in different thicknesses and regular steel guttering may cost more than standard guttering.

Builders usually have floor plans available to give their customers examples of how each house might look but they need final approval before construction begins so it’s recommended that you speak directly with them regarding what’s possible for your budget.

The Average Cost for an Average House

Site costs and site preparation costs vary depending on what’s required for your house to stand up safely. For example, excavation includes digging in rocks and soil types that prove difficult, adding footing and stem wall if necessary or removing existing trees. Kitchens can range from $5,000 to $20,000 but this may depend on the size of your kitchen as well as how many appliances you want to be included such as dishwasher, oven and cooktop (gas) as well as benchtops such as granite or concrete/marble etc.

Most bathroom renovations are around the same price however tiles may affect the cost of renovating a bathroom because there are so many different choices which is why some people choose to renovate their bathrooms every 5-10 years because they are constantly changing which is why it’s so popular. The living space cost can be increased by adding alfresco/decking areas to open up your living space or building a home office, extra bedrooms or even an outdoor pool etc.

Most exterior work such as veranda, decks and pergolas may require site preparation costs. If you’re having a pool put in then this may have additional costs associated with it as well as if you’re extending the house into the backyard e.g adding more bedrooms or bathrooms, laundry etc.

How Much Floor Space does a Dream Home Have?

This is difficult to answer as it depends on the style and size of the house. Most new homes now are built with open plan living areas so you can have a large kitchen, dining and living area without walls restricting your space. If you live in an older home then this may depend greatly on how much development has occurred already e.g if you own land then you may be able to add another level or more rooms onto your existing home but renovations costs may vary depending on what’s included in that renovation.

Some plans may be slightly different than what is shown however they may not include all options available so it’s best to speak directly with your builder about any specific requirements or customizations you may have so you can get a better idea of what is possible for your budget. Some double storey home designs may differ between various companies. Some builders have partner sites that sell at a lower average price and have lower cost blow outs and lower cost to build and average building costs.

A builder may always ask if they can provide you with a quote, however, if it is a large job then they might send an estimator to give you a more accurate price analysis. You can also find builders in your local area via online directories or from word of mouth which means that the builder already has someone who has built their house and spoken highly about them which is why some people decide to go straight to these companies instead of going through building applications or zoning laws etc.

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