Carpet Installation Price

carpet installation price

A carpet installation is the process of installing a new carpet into your home. Carpet installation prices may depend on the type of carpet you’re installing, the size of your home, how many rooms you’re covering, and whether or not furniture is blocking the space. Generally, the price of carpet installation can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

Carpet Installation Cost Breakdown

The labour cost for installation is usually what accounts for the most expensive when it comes to installing new flooring. The materials needed for your carpet installation like padding and staples might only account for 30-50 per cent of your total payment. If you’re hiring a professional installer, they may take care of everything from start to finish including the removal of old carpeting or flooring. You’ll also need to pay an adhesive fee if you’re installing in more than one room since they’d need more adhesive than usual.

Carpet Installation Labour Costs

According to carpet manufacturers, labour prices can range anywhere from $25 to $45 per square metre.

Unexpected Costs

If removing old flooring/carpeting is necessary before installing new flooring, there may be an additional charge for this job usually around $50 per hour or less. Another unforeseen cost might be if furniture removal or one that can potentially be moved out of the way first so it won’t get damaged by the installation crew. If this is the case, expect to pay anywhere from $25-$100 per piece of furniture.

Cost to Carpet a House

In Australia, the new carpet cost for a house depends on the size of your dwelling. A good quality, standard wall-to-wall carpet could cost you around $25 per square meter. If you’re looking for something more luxurious like extra thick or plushy carpets then expect to pay somewhere around $100 or more per square meter.

Carpet installation price in Australia is usually not too expensive since they use low VAT tax rates, so do keep that in mind when budgeting for it. Ask your carpet installer for the average carpet cost, including labour and material. Professional carpet installers give quotes based on carpet materials, current carpet prices, existing carpet removal and more.

How Much to Carpet a House?

Carpet Installation Prices are usually based on the amount of coverage you have, so if you have less coverage upfront, don’t be surprised if your estimate comes out higher than you were expecting, especially if you have a larger space.

In general, the more rooms you need to carpet and the more square footage your home needs to cover, the higher you can expect your overall price to be. The final rate is also heavily dependent on where you live. There are many different factors that affect how much it’ll cost for carpet installation in Australia such as geographical location, labour costs, availability of materials, etc. The best way to find out what it’ll cost for a complete carpet installation in your area is to contact your local carpet installation company and request a quote.

How Much to Lay Carpet?

The cost to lay carpet is typically calculated per square metre. This means that no matter what size your room is, the price may remain fairly consistent. However, if you have a larger space then you can expect it to be priced accordingly. A standard wall-to-wall carpet costs around $20-$60 per square metre depending on the type of material being used. Of course, variances in labour costs are also factors here so prices may vary depending on where exactly you live.

Carpet Ideas for Your Home

How Much to Lay Polypropylene Carpet?

Polypropylene carpets are the least expensive type of carpet available on the market. These types of carpets also tend to wear down quickest and require higher amounts of maintenance. In order to be considered a polypropylene carpet, the material may contain at least 3% of polypropylene in its composition. In Australia, these carpets are around $25 to $35 per square metre.

How Much to Lay Nylon Carpet?

Nylon carpeting is the most popular type of carpet, especially for homes. These types of carpets are easy to clean and care for, may last you a long time, and are low-maintenance. It is quite resistant to stains, fading, heat, mildew, abrasion and even insects. A decent nylon carpet can cost as low as $30 per square metre to around $45 per m2.

How Much to Lay Wool Tufted Carpet?

Wool tufted carpet is by far the most luxurious type of carpet and also one of the more expensive options. It can be quite difficult to clean, however. A decent wool tufted carpet costs anywhere from $45-$60 per square metre.

How Much to Lay High-quality Commercial-grade Modular Carpet?

High-quality commercial-grade modular carpeting is used for very high-traffic areas in Australia. These types of carpets are designed to handle heavy foot traffic and even light vehicular traffic. It is also extremely durable, resistant to tearing or shredding, and can be fitted together seamlessly if necessary. They are typically sold in rolls or tiles with 10 square metres per roll or 15 square metres per tile. One roll costs around $70, but the cost can be more or less depending on how many rolls you may need. The average carpet laying cost per square metre is between $65 and $85.

How Much to Lay Wool Woven Carpet?

Wool woven carpeting is an extremely expensive option and is usually only used in the most luxurious of homes. A wool carpet is one of the best types of carpet but also happens to be quite pricey due to its high-quality materials and labour-intensive production process. The primary material used for this type of carpet is fine New Zealand wool. A decent wool woven carpet can cost around $110 per square metre.


How Much to Add Extra Foam Underlay?

Carpet installation in Australia typically includes an underlay, but if your floor is particularly uneven or bumpy you may want to consider adding additional foam underlay at a cost of around $20 per square metre.

How Much to Add Extra Rubber Underlay?

Rubber underlies are used to reduce the noise level in your home, prevent any damage that may be caused by heavy foot traffic or furniture moving around, and protect wooden floors. It is advisable to consider rubber underlay if you install carpeting in your bedroom. This type of underlay costs between $22 and $25 per square metre.

How Much to Carpet a Room?

This is the cost of installing carpet in an average-sized room. Prices may vary depending on what you are trying to install.

  • Small–room (2m x 3m) around $550
  • Medium–sized room (3m x 4m) around $700
  • Large–room (4m x 5m) around $950
  • Extra–large room (5m x 6m) around $1150

These are estimated prices which include labour and material costs.

Cost to Lay Carpet

In Australia, carpet tiles are becoming increasingly popular due to how easy they are to maintain. Installing them also doesn’t require a huge amount of labour or effort. The cost for installing carpet tiles is usually between $30 and $40 per square metre.

How Much does It Cost to Have the Carpet Cleaned?

This may depend on whether you’re having steam cleaning, dry shampooing or bonnet/foam/groom treatment done. Steam cleaning costs around $25 per room depending on its size and the type of material being used. Dry shampooing costs around $15-$20 per room while grooming/bonnet treatments can be as low as $10-$15 per room.

How Much does Carpeting Cost?

The carpet installation cost varies depending on the size of your room, what material you’re going to have installed and the type of carpet being used. In Australia, the average carpet installation cost can be as low as $25 per square metre to around $45 per m2. A carpet installer could know the exact price before you ask him to install carpet in your home.

How do I Choose the Right Colour Carpet for My Home?

Carpet laying is easy, but choosing the right colour carpet for your home can be difficult, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t know much about carpets. There are literally hundreds of different colours and shades available to choose from so it is understandable to become overwhelmed by such a decision. However, there are some simple guidelines that can help you make the best choice possible regardless of whether this may be used in a bedroom, living area or hallway.

Colour Wheel

One tool that can give you an accurate idea about how certain colours may look together is known as a “colour wheel”. Though this may sound complicated and something only design professionals could bother with, it’s actually very easy to understand and use. This wheel has 12 segments, each one representing a different colour. Three are primary colours-red, yellow and blue-while the other nine are known as secondary colours. These include green, purple or orange.

The tones of each colour on the wheel can be divided into three different groups:

  • Warm
  • Cool
  • Neutral

Warm colours tend to pop out at you while cool colours recede into the background. Neutral colours tend to blend in with whatever they’re placed next to which is what you want when choosing a carpet for your home.

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