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blinking air con light

What is a flashing air conditioning light? | How to fix a flashing air conditioning light? | Air conditioning light is blinking green | Troubleshooting a green blinking air con light | Is a blink air conditioner light common? | What type of A/C system is a blinking light found on?

Air conditioner light blinking is often accompanied by the AC switching off causing warm air to be blown which often leads to discomfort especially during summer months. Minor fixes can be done to rectify the issue like resetting the AC. To do this, shut off the circuit breakers for a few minutes and then switch it on again, this should resolve the issue.

What is a Flashing Air Conditioning Light?

Newer air conditioners come with an outdoor unit circuit board that is technologically designed to protect the system which is why you might notice a green light flashing on and off. A sudden spike in the power supply can cause overvoltage, this might cause the ac unit to go to shutdown mode, hence the green light will start flashing. This is an auto-response aimed at protecting the unit from damage due to the increased voltage.

For a multi-split system, another reason to consider is mode settings, all the indoor units should be on a similar mode, having the units on different settings could cause shortcomings making the aircon not function and you might see a flashing green light. Other probable causes could be damaged power chords, issues with the fan or the refrigerant, all of which might require the services of an experienced technician.

How to Fix a Flashing Air Conditioning Light?

If there’s an issue with your unit, reboot it by switch off the isolator for a few seconds and switching it back on, this should solve the issue. The isolator switch is found next to the outdoor unit. If you’ve rebooted and the flashing green light still appears, call a technician because there might be another problem that requires an experienced technician’s expertise.

Air Conditioning Light is Blinking Green

Aircon light blinking green could be caused by an issue like overvoltage, mode settings, something in the fan, refrigerant or damaged power chords. If these issues happen, a reset should solve it, but if it persists, consult an experienced technician.

Troubleshooting a Green Blinking Air Con Light

To troubleshoot a green blinking light on your aircon, first, you need to press the remote control. For Daikin for example, press the cancel button for five to 10 seconds until two zeros appear on the screen and then as they begin to blink, press the cancel button until two digits appear.

Once this happens, refer to the user manual and correlate the two digits with the error code on the manual. Once you’ve figured it out, it should be easy to fix the problem. For Samsung, instead of pressing the cancel button on the remote control, press the test button and once the error code appears, refer to the user manual to figure out what’s wrong.

Is a Blink Air Conditioner Light common?

Aircon light blinking problem can be caused by several things, like low refrigerant charge, wiring connections, overvoltage, to mention but a few. Generally, it is common and can be resolved by a reset.

What type of A/C System is a Blinking Light Found on?

Air conditioner blinking light is a common feature found in many types of systems, including split system, ductless system and packaged ducted air systems.

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