IEQ-7: Internal Noise Levels

IEQ-7: Internal Noise Levels

Product is likely to assist in a project obtaining this credit by maintaining internal noise levels at an appropriate level when appropriately designed in combination with other materials/elements.

One point is available for the design of areas that have noise levels between 'satisfactory' plus/minus 3 dB. The reverberation time must meet the requirements as laid out in the standard. These must be measured in accordance with AS/NZS 2107:2000.

One additional point is available where noise insulation between acoustically sensitive rooms and other spaces complies with Dw + LAeq,T greater than 75. This additional point is applicable where the non-industrial occupied space is more than 2.5% of the nominated area of the GLA up to 500m2, and where there is a non-industrial occupied space.

Points Available