Product may assist in achieving Energy credits through the reduction of energy use and associated green house gas emissions.

The BASIX Energy target varies depending on building type and location.

  • Over 80% of all new homes will have to meet the maximum Energy targets.
  • The average greenhouse gas reduction for all building types across NSW will be 36%.

BASIX energy relates to the types of energy consumed in the home or apartment as well as energy consuming equipment and fittings used in and around the home or apartment including lighting, key appliances, heating and air conditioning, ventilation, pools and spas, renewable energy sources, hot water and clothes drying.


Product may assist in achieving Thermal Comfort credits through the improvements in one of the following three criteria:

The Thermal Comfort Index of the BASIX tool assesses the heating and cooling loads placed on a dwelling by its fabric. It does not assess the heating and cooling appliance or fuel type - these are assessed in the Energy Index. The Thermal Comfort Index of BASIX aims to:

  1. To ensure thermal comfort for a dwelling's occupants appropriate to the climate and season.
  2. To provide the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from artificial cooling and heating through good building design and use of appropriate construction materials.
  3. To reduce the demand for new, or upgraded, energy infrastructure by managing peak demand for energy required for cooling and heating.


Product may assist in achieving Water credits through the reduction potable water consumption.

The Water target ranges from 40% to 0% reduction across NSW, depending on the location of the house or unit.

90% of new homes are covered by the 40 water target, and no new home built in NSW will use more water than the current state average.

Water target includes domestic water consumption relating to shower heads, taps, flow regulators, low flush toilets, appliances, garden irrigation, rainwater tank supply, greater reuse, blackwater re-use, pools/spas and covers, indigenous plant species.