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GreenTag LCARate Gold GreenRate Level A Certified rigid 60% recycled PET panelling product which is suitable for acoustic and privacy screen applications in commercial workstation, partitioning, wall and ceiling systems.

EchoPanel® is manufactured from non-woven PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and is lightweight, low VOC, contains no adhesives, is highly durable and 100% recyclable.

The product is an alternative to textile covered metal tiles and finished composite boards used in commercial workstations and partitioning systems. These traditional systems require the use of adhesives, laminates and fabrics which increase material handling and decrease recyclability. No adhesives are required in the installation of the product and if this is followed the product is highly re-usable and/or easily disassembled for recycling purposes.

EchoPanel® can be recycled by the Australian supplier, Woven Image, if uncontaminated by adhesives, metals or other foreign substances. Woven Image has collection points established with manufacturers using their product to take back suitable scrap and used (end-of-life) fabric. Material is delivered to an Australian third party to be processed.

Woven Image have undergone a Life Cycle Assessment for EchoPanel conducted by Edge Environment and have met all the requirements for Greentag GreenRate Level A certification.

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The product is GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certified under Scheme A7.

The product is GreenTag LCARate Gold Certified achieving the GreenTag EcoPoint score of 0.44 (7mm thickness), 0.47 (12mm thickness), 0.39 (24mm thickness), and meets the following criteria:

Product triggers no ES CAP ‘Issue of Concern’ warnings due to added chemical ingredient/s post Risk Analysis.

A Gold award indicates an EXCELLENT product in its market category. 

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For other products certified by this company, a list of certified products or more information about the Global GreenTagCertTM Certification, please click here.


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