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Littlehampton brick and clay pavers do not need sealing or re-colouring, making them low maintenance when compared to render or paint alternatives. Littlehampton clay bricks and pavers are durable against adverse weather conditions, have a long life of over 100 years and are fully recyclable.

Twice the size of a standard brick, Littlehampton clay bricks allow for significantly reduced construction times. They are available in a range of colours and special profile shapes. Clay bricks have a high ability to retain heat energy when subjected to a temperature differential, making for a thermally comfortable energy efficient living environment, decreasing the need for reliance on artificial heating and cooling. For use in both internal and external walls, they are secure, fire resistant and have noise reduction properties due to denseness.

Littlehampton clay pavers allow rainfall to soak into subsoil rather than contribute to surface runoff into drains. This factor also allows the pavers to be used in tree root protection zones as water and oxygen can pass through to the soil around roots of trees. The clay property ensures a natural slip resistance.

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